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Last year I rather stupidly took out a log book loan from these guys whilst I was going through a rough patch. I now unfortunately am in the situation of being on benefits hopefully only short term. I have emailed them several times asking for advice on this situation to no avail.


During this period my car broke down and was towed to the audi garage for repairs. The bill at present is 2500 which on jsa I cant afford with a further 30 days @10 per day storage charges. The repo men came round today no court order just to repossess I told them the situation with the car and the garage is holding it pending payment.


When I signed for the loan the agent came round and as stated on other threads no witness was thyere to sign bar the agent so common thread here with the BoS.


Really where do I stand with regards to the repossession ? are the garage allowed to release the car without my consent.


To give you some idea its an audi A6 57 plate loan for 3000, the fault causing the breakdown was a design flaw but not acknowledged fought to get audi uk to reduce original bill of 4500 to 2500 as a gesture of goodwill (succeeded)


Stupid move originally but cant change the past any advice please.



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Hi all


Gettin desperate now garage has been contacted by Easylog book and they are looking at settling the invoice to recover the car. The baliffs have contacted them but they are agents of Easylogbookloans.


Been in touch with garage bottom line is they are a business but could help if I have documentation to prove wrongful or incorrect documentation.


Bill of sale was signed by agent who called and witnessed by the same.


No default notice was served under s87 since last payment was due


On JSA informed loan company asking for advice on what do I do re repaying loan no response


No offer to return car as settlement.


want to pay dues but strugling till new job starts 03/06


baliffs knocked door but told situation.


car in garage due to mechanical breakdown not malicious damage.


Questions Can they reposess the car from the garage and as the loancompany are the temporary owners of the vehicle is the garage allowed to release it ?


Can they legally pay the garage invoice and then charge me without my consent and can they legally slap this on top of the loan amount


Is there anything whilst on JSA I can do to stop this bearing in mind the failure to provide a default notice, bill of sale signatures etc



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It is very unscruperlous (I know I cant spell) for them to try and repo the car from a Garage. As I understand it and I am nowhere near 100% on this. If its secured on a BOS the repo guys can repo it from anywhere they can, this includes entering your property to do so, that being said the Garage is not your property and in doing so they would be trespassing against the Garage if they gained access. Now the S87 should be issued before any action can be taken to recover the car, it gives you 14 days to settle the outstanding amount, then they should terminate and give you 7 days to pay the account in full. Problem is if they are prepared to break the rules to get the car then your going to be landed with the legal costs of fighting it. The garage has a duty of care to look after the car while its in there possession, that includes not handing it over to a 3rd party but be warned, in siging a BOS you have signed over ownership to the loan company while the loan is outstanding so your not the legal owner

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You could try and surrender the car and full and final settlement, to do that you need to hand the key to the loan company, its upto them then to try and get the car back, problem is the garage may then take you to court for the outstanding bill, also the loan company may not let you surrender the car as its broken but you have a good chance, speak to the CCTA if the loan company is a member, also see my other post against yours - good luck

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