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Found 4 results

  1. Hi thanks for the advice. The other is from Barclaycard signed in 2000 . I have the credit agreement with a signature but this time there are no terms and conditions enclosed with the agreement nor on the actual application form . I do once again have correspondence from Barclays and Link regarding the sale of the debt. I have attempted with both original lenders and with Link to settle the debts on behalf of my partner as she is stressed with the situation Link require around 60% of the outstanding sums and i do not have the money available to do that and support us both and pay all the household bills. Many Thanks Andy
  2. Asked for a copy of agreement, a CCA. A Santander credit card, being chased through Robinson Way, solicitors. They have sent a reconstituted agreement. This has NO date, nor my SIGNATURE. In fact, it is just a normal looking letter. I thought it should be at least a photocopy of something I would have signed. Is this a valid response to my request? Should a CCA request mean they send something with a datestamp, and a signature? I can upload their letter if it helps.
  3. Hi all, I am looking for a bit of guidance. I have attached Photos of all letters. I will start from the beginning.... once upon a time- On the 7th of April I received a letter from "Hamptons Legal" saying they are the pre-litigation department of "Lowell". They were asking for an immediate payment to "Red Debt Collection Services" please find a copy of the letter bellow - As you can see I have 3 different company names on that I replied with a request of CCA to "Hamptons Legal" on the 15 of April please find copy of letter bellow- On the 23rd of April I got confirmation from Lowell of the request. And they informed me they were contacting my original lender. On the 24th of April i got 2 letters from Lowell; Said was exactly the same as the one i received on the 23rd of April Said they had been in touch with Barclaycard and they were trying to retrieve the document from their archives On the 6th of May i received another letter from "Lowell", saying exactly the same thing as number 2 letter i got on the 23rd of April. Copy of letter bellow On the 12th of May "Lowell" got in contact again with me with another letter this one saying they are still waiting on Barclaycard, though this letter was slightly different to the ones i received on the 23/04 & 06/05. As this one said under the We're Here to Help heading - they won’t write to me again until they have a copy of the agreement (helping my filling situation defiantly). copy of letter bellow Then on the 5th of June "Lowell" contacted me saying that Barclaycard couldn't get a copy of my credit agreement due to the length of time since the account was opened with me. So they were closing my account and not making any further contact unless a copy of the agreement is produced by Barclaycard. copy of letter bellow I then didn't hear from Lowell till today 17th of July. This is what i received - I won’t short hand any of the document as i don’t want to mislead anyone and get the wrong advice so il take a couple of key quotes out of it and you can find a copy of it bellow. "Your Original creditor has provided us with the attached reconstituted copy of your credit agreement" "which they confirm you would have signed prior to the granting of credit to you" "we are not obliged to send you an exact copy of your signed agreement" "we are also enclosing copy of statement for your perusal and retention" "the outstanding balance show on these statements does not match that of the outstanding balance. This is due to the fact that they are only up until 15th December 2011 and our account was opened on the 2nd of May 2012." "As we have now fully satisfied out obligations required follow your request under section 77/78 of the consumer credit act 1974, we look forward to receiving your proposals for settlement of the account within the next fourteen days" Ok so the document Barclaycard have sent me - To start with the documents are dated the 12th of May 2014. So Lowell should of had them before sending me letters saying they where closing my account unless a copy of the agreement was found. It is then a cover letter then a contract followed by copies of statements. Photos of the documents are attached. The cover letter is attached - The contract has the right to cancel paper with it bizarrely an other than that it is blank tho in small print at the top it has my name and a old address. i have taken photos of it and attached them. The statements are card statements from Dec 2010 to Dec 2011 --------------------------------- Sorry for the bombarding of information i just figured i would rather get it all down in one hit then keep uploading a document here or there. So what do I do now? In my eyes what they have sent me is a complete load of rubbish? But I am no expert at this so I am hoping you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance for all your help!! If i have made any silly mistakes please let me know David
  4. Hi, my oh has two accounts with LINK , i have been a reader of the forum i did a CCA for both accounts . I was supplied with a copy of the CCA and in my mind they may be unenforceable through reading other threads. Therefore i sent them the write off letter i found on a thread here and stated that they had not supplied me with the relevant information adn requested they both wrote off the debt and that i would receive a reply in 14 days. That was 6 weeks ago and no reply despite the recorded letters having been signed for. At this stage is there a next move i should make , currently i pay them £1 pcm Many Thanks
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