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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all In the Autumn of 2017 I moved into a new property. Both Gas and Electricity were provided by Npower on a PostPay meter. I immediately contacted them to advise them who I was and they set up new accounts for the property in my name. I then went to a comparison website and ended up switching both fuels to Iresa. Npower did not object to the Gas being switched but did initially object to the Electricity being switched. I contacted Npower who said that they no longer objected and Iresa should apply for the transfer. I subsequently received final bills from Npower which I promptly paid and closure of the accounts and commenced paying Iresa by monthly Direct Debit. I continued to receive bills for Electricity from Npower, some were issued and cancelled and they appeared to have some confusion, then re-issued with different amounts. I ignored the lot. However, it got to the point where Npower were threatening action including adverse credit reports. I wrote a letter of complaint and this was duly investigated, if that is the right word. Npower claimed that Iresa had not requested that the electricity be switched over the second time and that I was still liable for it. To complicate matters Iresa has gone bust and the new supplier is busy absorbing the accounts into their own operation. I believe having contracted with Iresa, paid my final bill with Npower and been notified of account closure by Npower that I owe them nothing. This is currently out with Face2Face, their field agents which is likely the last debt collection action before an application for Disconnection (or a prepay meter) is made. Anybody got any advice? Thanks in advance for reading and contributing.
  2. As usual, not looking for anything, just posting this so that others can have a giggle at Highview's expense. Since my last update on these clowns, I've received another 7 NTK's from the Muppet Show, all for different parking events. Date of Parking: 05/05/17 - Date of NTK: 03/07/17 - Received: 06/07/17 - (62 days after event) Date of Parking: 03/06/17 - Date of NTK: 04/07/17 - Received: 07/07/17 - (33 days after event) Date of Parking: 16/07/17 - Date of NTK: 10/08/17 - Received: 15/08/17 - (29 days after event) Date of Parking: 22/07/17 - Date of NTK: 27/09/17 - Received: 30/09/17 - (69 days after event) Date of Parking: 28/07/17 - Date of NTK: 02/10/17 - Received: 05/10/17 - (68 days after event) Date of Parking: 01/09/17 - Date of NTK: 15/09/17 - Received: 27/09/17 - (25 days after event) Date of Parking: 25/10/17 - Date of NTK: 09/11/17 - Received: 11/11/17 - (16 days after event) - Close, but no cigar! Various threats of "LEGAL ACTION PENDING" from Highview, but I'm still waiting and still looking forward to them taking me to court. Oddly, absolutely nothing from DR+ on any of the above. I think they (at least) might have learned their lesson on wasted postage Also, a windscreen ticket from Highview's mates UKPC (who also operate on the same site), this one for "not displaying a permit" (despite the fact that their own 'evidence' pictures show a permit in the windscreen) Date of Parking: 07/09/17 - Date of NTK: 23/10/17 - Received: 03/11/17 - (57 days after event) - D'Oh!
  3. Hi thanks for the advice. The other is from Barclaycard signed in 2000 . I have the credit agreement with a signature but this time there are no terms and conditions enclosed with the agreement nor on the actual application form . I do once again have correspondence from Barclays and Link regarding the sale of the debt. I have attempted with both original lenders and with Link to settle the debts on behalf of my partner as she is stressed with the situation Link require around 60% of the outstanding sums and i do not have the money available to do that and support us both and pay all the household bills. Many Thanks Andy
  4. A process server was looking down the wrong end of a gun and machete for giving papers to a person whilst on Court business.. This could easily have been an EA in this situation... "An enforcement officer was shot at twice through a letter box after trying to deliver a court order. The court officer escaped unhurt in the incident in Adswood, Stockport today. Armed police then swooped on the address in Newsham Road but a man later walked into a police station and was arrested in connection with the incident." For the full story see here http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/court-officer-shot-twice-gunman-9859309#ICID=sharebar_twitter
  5. On 8th November 2013 Hastings debited an unauthorised £93.61 from my account. It was finally refunded with the help of this forum. I have recently received a renewal notice for the same policy for which Hastings will debit my account automatically unless I contact them to cancel the renewal. Here is the problem: today I called their 0844 number on three occasions for over 15 minutes each time with a 'you are in a queue' voice over music (15p connection and 7.62p per minute from my TalkTalk line). The Hastings website does not show an email address for cancellation. It does not show a postal address other than the complaints department. Can anyone please help me to cancel my automatic renewal.
  6. Citigroup and Bank of America Merrill Lynch reported disappointing fourth quarter profits on Thursday, as the sub-prime mortgage crisis that unravelled more than five years ago continued to hinder two of the country's biggest lenders. Citigroup, the third-biggest US bank by assets, reported earnings of $1.2bn (£750m) in the final three months of the year, or 38 cents per share. That compares with $933m in the same period a year earlier. Excluding one-off factors, related to restructuring and accounting for outstanding debt, the bank earned 69 cents per share, well below the 97 cents per share analysts had expected. In his first set of quarterly results since taking over the role of chief executive from Vikram Pandit in October, Michael Corbat said the environment remained "challenging" and that the bank continued to deal with "legacy issues". "It will take some time to work through the challenges of the current environment but realizing our core earnings potential, as well as improving our returns on assets and tangible equity, are critical goals going forward," he said in a statement. Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9808807/Citigroup-and-Bank-of-America-profits-hit-as-mortgage-clean-up-continues.html
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