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Found 3 results

  1. Good evening one and all. I have, over the past several weeks received several emails from these companies chasing a debt. As I have never heard of these companies, nor received any letters, etc. from the original creditor I have told them that I will not deal with them as I have never signed anything with them, no contract, nothing, indeed until the emails started arriving I had never even heard of them. The Zinc Group emails are pretty straight forward, however the CRS ones come with an envelope in the email to click, like opening an attachment. I do not open attachments from anyone I do not know. Can any of you give me chapter and verse on where I stand with these companies legally as I will not provide personal details to anyone I do not know. I appreciate that these two companies have been mentioned in the Health and Fitness forum but that doesn't really cover my issue. On another note, when a company rings me up and asks me to confirm details I tell them to tell me what they have, and if correct I will confirm. This usually results in "data protection" getting mentioned by the call centre operative, and an ending of the call. Where do I, indeed any of us, stand in such a situation? Do we have to provide details and what can happen if we refuse? Again chapter and verse if you have it please. Apologies for the long post. Best regards The Teacher.
  2. Hello, I had JSA for about four months total of £840 (approx). I knew at the start that I had around £28,000 in savings in a separate account. The savings are for university. full cost of course and living for three years. This was my plan. I was off work for 7 months with depression, still receiving an income. I went and signed on and received one week (£71) and never went back. I was off work at this time. I had an argument with HR at work who were complaining about me not being there. I told them that I quit and didnt want to go back. I assumed that I resigned there and then. I went and signed on, then a week or so later I got a call from my union rep who told me that I hadnt resigned, he spoke to them about my problems and I could come back. He told me that they were giving redundancy soon. I returned, a few months later I got redundancy. Fell a little more into depression. I had over £10,000 in my account. I transferred £5900 to ISA and then signed on. I took a few weeks, then quit. Then I went back again and got a few weeks more. This was a few years ago. I got a letter the other day asking for more information as inland revenue flagged up that I had more money in my account when I made a claim. They are asking for my financial situation of that time. I ncluding statements covering two years. I looked at my statements online and saw that the money transfer was maybe a week or two before applying for JSA. I am worried that I will go to prison for this. I am going to send the statements with the letter and answer the questions honestly. I have read about how they will try to prepare a prosecution if they could prove that I knowingly didn't tell them of my finances. It will look that way on the statement. I don't know what is going to happen. Could this lead to prison? I haven't told my parents, I am 35 and still live at home. I haven't been able to get a diagnosis for aspergers but believe that I have it. I am still struggling with depression. A result of my aspergers is that I really struggle to get on with people, I have had some very bad experiences at work and I am terrified of returning to that sort of situation. I have had threats of physical assault and have had fights with people. My things have been damaged/vandalised. I dont know what I can do, any help or advice would be appreciated. I have made a self-referal to talking change. My uni course is going down hill, I dont think I will be able to go onto year two. That is if I am not in prison. So much failure. Does anybody have any advice, I could really use some right now! Thank you
  3. My partner has been on JSA for quite a while now, its harder for him to find a job than others because he cannot read and write very well (though is currently learning but it will take a while) This weekend we found out that a friend who owns a furniture shop has fired his delivery driver, and would be willing to give my partner the job if he had his license. my partner currently has his provisional and has done 10 hours worth of lessons, but both being out of work right now, he hasnt been able to afford to finish the lessons/go in for the test. A while back, the jobcentre told him that if he was guaranteed a job at the end of a course or whatever, they would be able to pay for the course, if given proof that the job was waiting for him. We mentioned this to our friend and he said he would be willing to write a letter stating there is a guaranteed fulltime job waiting if my partner has his full driving license, and to sign any necessary documentation if needed from the jobcentre. but he doesnt know what to actually put on the letter. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience of doing one of these letters, or if theres a template anywhere that can just be altered to obviously change the job description/hours worked/etc to tailormake it for this particular job offer.
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