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  1. They are for a couple of loans that I couldn't keep repayments up on. I am not disputing the loan but I am not going to provide any details to companies I have no knowledge of so need to know where I stand when dealing with these. Regards The Teacher
  2. Good evening one and all. I have, over the past several weeks received several emails from these companies chasing a debt. As I have never heard of these companies, nor received any letters, etc. from the original creditor I have told them that I will not deal with them as I have never signed anything with them, no contract, nothing, indeed until the emails started arriving I had never even heard of them. The Zinc Group emails are pretty straight forward, however the CRS ones come with an envelope in the email to click, like opening an attachment. I do not open attachments from anyone I do not know. Can any of you give me chapter and verse on where I stand with these companies legally as I will not provide personal details to anyone I do not know. I appreciate that these two companies have been mentioned in the Health and Fitness forum but that doesn't really cover my issue. On another note, when a company rings me up and asks me to confirm details I tell them to tell me what they have, and if correct I will confirm. This usually results in "data protection" getting mentioned by the call centre operative, and an ending of the call. Where do I, indeed any of us, stand in such a situation? Do we have to provide details and what can happen if we refuse? Again chapter and verse if you have it please. Apologies for the long post. Best regards The Teacher.
  3. If they have an online contact form can that be used instead of using a letter? Thanks The Teacher
  4. I have had contact with these people, and told them, that due to my work situation, I cannot deal with the matter until the end of September at the earliest. I have told them that I want no more calls, no more texts, and no more e-mails from them. If and when I can afford to pay the debt then I will contact them myself. However the texts, etc., continue. Who do I complain to? Is it the OFT or is it the Financial Ombudsman? Also I looked on the FSA website for this company and the details on there don't match the details on their website. The address is wrong, and the web address for them on the FSA website takes you to a different web address for the same company. Also the FSA website has them as "unauthorised", http://www.fsa.gov.uk/register/firmBasicDetails.do?sid=113045 does this mean that they are no longer allowed to pursue debt? Many thanks The Teacher
  5. Ta. I will look for the templates. The Teacher
  6. That is nice to know because I have CapQuest demanding £600 from me for a 3 mobile phone bill. I haven't had a 3 phone for years, and have had no demand from 3 to pay any outstanding balance, which I would dispute anyway. I will write to CapQuest asking for a CCA and telling them I will not pay unless they can prove I owe the money and I will then tell them I will ask for a set aside due to 3 not contacting me. If you have any advise contrary to what I posted here it will be gratefully recieved. The Teacher
  7. Can anyone help please? I have looked through the fora here but nothing seems similar. I keep getting phone calls from Cabot in relation to a Halifax account, an account I haven't held for nearly 10 years. Cabot call me several times a day, despite saying I will only deal with them through the post. Can anyone advise on the legal standing of debt, if indeed it is genuine, from so long ago? After reading in other places about Cabot I am not sure that they are genuine, and why has it taken so long for them to chase any money owed? Again something I am not sure is genuine as I closed the account. Thanks The Teacher
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