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  1. Hello, I got a phone call today from the DWP, this time a different woman from the first. The first woman has changed teams and is no longer dealing with my investigation. I spoke to this new woman and she told me that the investigation should never had happened. She asked me if I had been working prior to making the claim, which I had. She then told me that because my claim was contribution based the saving doesn't matter and that I had enough contributions to make a claim. She told me that she was going to speak to her manager and close the investigation. She wanted to confirm my name and that I had been working before making a claim. To be honest I can not remember if my claim was contribution based. I do remember when making the claim, they asked if I had savings. Do they ask that if you make a contribution or income based claim, about your savings I mean. This has taken a load off my mind but I have this weird paranoid feeling that maybe the first woman is claiming to be a different woman in order to get information out of me. I know this sounds weird but at the moment I am feeling off, very off. I have some serious issues affecting my mental health. . Its normal to feel dread in the morning, upon waking the quick change in awareness causes a nervousness and feeling of dread. I don't think everyone gets it. But its when it carries on and appears at different times of the day. Its particularly scary when it is a goal that you have set to achieve. Problem is knowing when. I think for now this investigation thing is gone, part of me expects it to pop up in the immediate future as a manager somewhere realises he can get my balls another way. I would like to thank everyone for their contributions, especially shoelover! Thanks Simon
  2. Hello, I did tell the woman from the DWP that I have Aspergers and that talking on the phone, with the things she is saying to me, is making me very anxious. I still haven't received the letter she told me she has sent and resent. That was a month ago. I think that her intentions are to accuse me of not getting the letter so she can go another route to get the information. I have drafted a letter that I want to send her, recorded mail, this way she should get it and know that I am willing to help. This is the letter: In response to the email you sent me on 29th April, I have not received any letter yet. Please could you send me the letter requesting the information that you require for your investigation. you mentioned on the phone that you required new information that wasn't included in the original letter. Please could you explain what that new information is. Also, I have some anxiety issues and phone conversations are not a good idea so any communication would be best dealt with either through email or letters, the former being preferred. I would like to make it clear that my intentions are to be fully co-operative and provide any information required. After looking through my records I may have made a mistake when claiming benefits, please could you let me know how much over-payment has been made and how i can pay it back. This is the draft, any advice on what I could add or take out would be great. Thanks
  3. hello, i havent heard back from the woman at the dwp. i spoke to a social worker at an autism group that i go to. she told me to write a letter, that way they have to respond. i am going to draft a letter and ask for her opinion on it and hopefully that will do something. she told me that if i write a letter they wont prosecute me as i have admitted to what i have done. i am not sure if this is correct. i read that if they can prosecute they will. it is causing me to worry a lot about it. i am worried what affect it could have on me, prison or conviction. i would have to tell an employer about a conviction, leading to me not getting a job. this could possibly affect my credit which could affect my chances of getting a loan or mortgage in the future.
  4. i contacted the woman from the dwp a few times about getting the new letter with the new information that she requires. she sent me a reply saying that she is changing teams and that it would be a while until she can sort things out, also, she sent a letter already. i have not yet recieved this and i told her that, she said that she would resend it. could she say that i am stalling because i have not received the letter? this is some thing that is worrying me now, i know that she could get the information without my help. i dont want to seem like i am not willing to sort this out. my thoughts are that i would end up in prosecution and she would say that i refused to help and refused to respond to letters that she sent. what can i do to safeguard myself against this sort of thing? thanks shoelover
  5. hello, this is what it says after her name in an email she sent recently, FES Local Service Compliance Officer. there is no appointment or interview at this time. just inquiring about my account, though speaking to her on the phone she mentioned that it could go to fraud depending on what information i was willing to give her. thats when she started making comments about me getting into trouble if i dont tell her what ever she wanted to know. many thanks shoelover
  6. there isnt really a title just, "on behalf of the fraud and error service manager". thats all. other than the name of the person. i dont know if including that would be a good idea. thanks
  7. they are investigating the fact that i had over £16,000 in my savings when i claimed. that is why i think it will go to prosecution. i havent yet had any interview or caution. just a letter asking for information about my account.
  8. what amounts make this a compliance issue. i read somewhere that it is the amount of money in my savings that makes it a prosecution. if it does go to prosecution, do you know what could happen? this is worrying me a lot. thanks
  9. the inland revenue sent them information about me having money in my savings that went above the amount for claiming jsa. they want to know how many accounts i have, how much money i had at the time and whether i knew what i was doing. they also asked me about an account number that i do not recognise. this account number that i do not recognize is worrying me as well. i dont know if someone has opened an account in my name. i went to my bank and asked them about my accounts, if that number was connected to any of my accounts and they said no. does anyone know what kind of fine i could get? i read somewhere that they could seize my money. im trying not to spend any of it as i want to pass it on to my family. i think that this shows that i am greedy but i disagree. i have had problems maintaining work, mostly because of my problems getting along with people ( i have aspergers) and my lack of qualifications keeps me in temporary agency work. i have a tendency to worry alot about money. looking at the amount that i claimed was about £2000, which i gave to my mum as rent money while i wasnt working. i am still not working and still paying rent money from my savings. so before i start hacking into the bulk of my savings i want to sort things out so i can move on. this eventual legal process is starting to get to me. the dwp woman has been, in my opinion, hostile. how can i do this? i have received an email from her saying that she sent a letter last week. she is now moving teams. should i pay for legal advice? i dont know what legal advice i would require. i dont want this dwp woman hassling me over the phone again and i would like her to send any information to the solicitors that i contacted. she seems not to want to do this. why would she behave this way if not to avoid something. this makes me think that she is setting me up. that she is doing something she doesnt want the solicitors to know about. any help thanks
  10. sorry i am not to sure i understand this comment? recently i got a phone call from the woman at the dwp who is investigating me. she started asking me questions over the phone saying that if i didnt answer them i would get in trouble. i told her i felt pressured and that she should put these questions in writing which she told me she would. i havent yet received a letter from her. she told me she would send the original letter again with the request for new information and that she would start the investigation again. i told her that i was willing to help and answer every question and that the first letter wasnt that clear. i spoke to a solicitor who said that she would speak to this woman and ask her to forward any information about the investigation. the woman from the dwp called me and asked for my permission to send information to the solicitor and mentioned that she didnt know what information the solicitor wanted. i explained that any information she had should be sent. as far as i know the woman from the dwp hasnt sent any information. the solicitor told me that i shouldnt make it easy for the dwp woman to do her "dirty work" and that she should investigate the matter herself, knowing that the dwp could get any information they required. i am worried that the woman from the dwp is going to make an allegation that i am refusing to help. i do not know what to do about this. i spoke to the solicitor again and he mentioned that there is a limit on the free advice he can give, so i think i may have exhausted that option. any help? can this woman from the dwp make me look worse. i dont want to have to talk to her on the phone as i find her pushy and a little threatening. i know i have done wrong and want this over. i am having some problems at the moment with stress and depression. i am worried about the punishment. the solicitor mentioned that i may get certain number of hours of work as punishment. i am worried that this may aggravate my back. i have a slipped disc and certain types of work hurt my back. in the past i could sit down for a while. though i dont think i woiuld be allowed to do this on some kind of punishment. any advice or help would be very appreciated. many thanks
  11. hello, i have dropped out of uni as it was getting too much. i was struggling with the work as a result of stress from this. i have been looking online for past cases to see the outcome. some people have been mentioned online. their name is mentioned and what they have done and their punishment. i am worried now about the possibility of my name going into the papers and possibly a photo. does anyone know where this could go if it went to prosecution, which i think it will. as i understand it, if they can prove me being false from the start they will go to prosecution. i am not sure if this would be a local court or somewhere else, like london. i live in hampshire. i dont want to give too much away as i am worried that someone may report this and it could be used against me. is there a site that mentions the outcomes of this sort of thing? case studies, that sort of thing. could this end up in the paper with my name or photo? i have no problem paying back the money and a fine. i have read somewhere that they could seize my assets(?) im not sure if that means they could take all my savings. i sound very greedy i know but i have worked for those savings with the idea of making something for myself. i have been trying hard to avoid signing on and the idea of further education to secure a permanent job with good income was my plan. i read about these people who are trying to live in the lap of luxury, that is not me. i give the money i get to my mum as rent i then buy my food, pay for my car and anything else with my savings. i only use my car to get to uni and shopping. i dont drink or smoke/drugs. and i really dont think that i live in the lap of luxury. this is weighing heavy on my mind. i have contacted talking change, which is a self referral therapy session. the thing that sickens me most is that ultimately i know this wont help. i have been avoiding this for a long time and i dont want to hurt my family. not sure what to do.
  12. Hello, Thanks for the response. I wanted to ask if anyone knows if a conviction for benefit fraud could affect me getting a student loan. I spoke to the woman from the DWP who sent me the letter about my claim. She was aggressive in demanding the answer to questions and I felt that she was tricking me into giving her information. Unfortunately I told her that I her how much money was in my account. I do get very anxious in situations like that and I have been worrying so much about this. I spoke to a solicitor on the phone and he told me that I was "bang to rights" because I spoke to this woman on the phone and told her these things. If I do go to court does anyone know what could happen. I was told by the solicitor that the amount of money in my account could affect the decision. I have £28,000 for University. This should hopefully pay for living and costs but I don't know how long it would last. I really don't want a conviction. I thought that explaining from the start what I had done would make things easier. I feel sick most of the time.
  13. Thanks for your response. I didn't think about all the times I collected JSA. I added up an amount that I received before going to university and in total it came to around £2050. That is over the £2000 mark. Could this change things? Thank you for your support, it is helping.
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