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  1. Was very shocked and sadened when I recieved the email regarding Martin3030. I had many conversations with Martin some years (2007) ago when I first started fighting about PPI, Was always a great help and great for digging up the little snippets of very useful information. Martin will be a huge loss to us all on CAG, My thoughts and prayers are for all Martins Friends and Family at this very sad time. RIP Martin m8
  2. Hi, Just recieved a letter this morning stating that a letting management company have now taken over looking after this property on behalf of my landlord. And all rent has to be paid to them. They have stated that they are to come and Inspect the property on wednesday afternoon and have stated that if that is not convienent for me they will carry out the inspection by using their management access keys to the property. Can they legally just turn up and enter the property withoput me being present ? Quick response would be good as need to sort this out quick as I work away often Ian
  3. Hi, Been long time since Ive been on here..Fighting PPI..lol (ahhh the good old days..) Just looking for some advice on behalf of a very good friend who works in a Cafe / Resteraunt. Just in case it makes a difference this is in Scotland.. If at the end of the day the till is short, the boss takes money from their tips to make up the till, Last week people sneaked out without paying and again the £18 bill was taken from their tips. In my opinion the first step there should have been the local police to report it. Like today 2 staff were on but the boss was on the till at lunchtime, the till was short of around £10 and he took it from their tips, surely he should have paid a share too. Up until now there has always been enough to cover shortages from their tips and there is nothing at all in their contract of employment referring to till shortages.. Any Info greatly apreciatted.. Ian
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13317391 The above may be of some Interest to you in your fight with Lloyds ...
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13317391 Think Lloyds have finally admitted defeat here now, And how I remember their comments on how the did nothing wrong with selling PPI on the Tonight with Trevor McDonald Program (Which I was Part of..lol) many years ago now. A long fight but Justice has been done.. 8-)
  6. Ive not been on here in a long time due to personal matters etc , Long story, nearly as long as this thread..lol, I was a bit overwhelmed with the 87,000 views of the thread. I hope it is still continuing to help other in the fight over PPI. Actually just looked back the Tonight with Trevor McDonald DVD, Thank god Ive lost weight since that was filmed nearly 4 years ago now. I have myself had many calls from the paracites, oops claim recovery companies for which I normally have a couple of kind words for.. Second word is normally OFF and I refer them to CAG if they want to reclaim their own PPI for free..lol I was right way back those years ago when I made a comment that we may have started something Big with the PPI Rip off.. Hope all my old Buddies are well and have a wonderful Christmas.. Ian
  7. Ahh so you admit it then ,, That will be £147.50 thank you very much Cash preferred as method of payment..lol:rolleyes:
  8. Speaking of Office Cut Backs.. Some &%**^% has Nicked my Scissors
  9. Have already complained to Halifax (wi Bookies masterpiece..lo) and the OFT and have had the same bog standard replies from both parties.
  10. Hi, The refund for the Mis-Sold PPI is your money, you have the right to choose how you want to use the refund, Ie Cash or go to lower your outstanding loan. Lloyds tried that line with me and surprise surprise they ended up sending me the refund by cheque. One thing to check with them is how they have calculated out the interest owed to you for the PPI, No doubt the APR on your loan will be variable. Ian
  11. Nice to see a straightforwards open and shut case so to speak..
  12. Well said m8, Totally agree with you there, Youve done a great Job for Brighthouse Customers on here. What some folk seem to forget too is that all the Time, Effert and Research you have done on this company has been done in yor own time for no personnal gain etc, Ive done a similar thing with the issues on PPI and I know the time spent on research etc can be enormous. But you are probably like me , If your research even helps one other person to get Justice over the bad parctises of the companies then it is all worth it.. Great work m8 .. Ian
  13. Its been a while since I fought with Firstplus re their use of the rule of 78 which was to calculate early settlement figures. The rule of 78 is no longer used in new agreements as it was in fact considered by the OFT etc as being unfair to consumers. I fought their settlement figure on the grounds of being unfare and after a bit of fight they gave in and refunded the extra when I raised a summons. I will look through and see if I can find all my notes on that one, I have moved house a couple of times since then and may not have the printed notes but I should have them archived on PC somewhere. Ian
  14. Hi Amber, Can you post a link to your posts and I will Have a look through it for you . Ian
  15. Its good to see that PPI is being refunded a bit easier these days too, Bit of a change from 2 years ago. Well done to all who have continued to battle over the big RIP off PPI Ian
  16. Recieved the same Fob Off 2nd letter, I have 2 Accounts with the Halifax which I am going to close tomorrow. Only way they will take any notice is if people vote with their feet so to speak.
  17. That is a trick of Lloyds, Reduce the loan period with the refunded PPI premium, They tried that with me few years back. Though I told them that was not an acceptable solution and that I wanted the refund paid back in one lump sum cash. They paid trhe full amount back into the account they were taking my loan payments from. Any refund is your Money so you Decide what you want to do with it. I did originally have all my Lloyds PPI posts on here but removed them due to legal reasons.. Long story..lol they didnt like being spoken about on Tonight with Trevor McDonald.. Ian
  18. Now what if my home address was to get muddled up with that of a DCA..lol
  19. Halifax Does not charge to investigate your complaint..lol Well not yet anyway, Just think how much they would make out of that [problem].. considering the amount of complaints that they are getting.. Now Im meaning this as a Joke if the Halifax are reading this... But nothing would surprise me , And if you do introduce it Halifax I hope I get at least 50% cut of any profits so I can donate them to CAG...lol Ian
  20. Can you post up the recipe / Instructions to make fire brick?, I shread loads of stuff daily (Mainly Bills..lol) , I have coal fire so could make some savings on fuel this winter.. Ian
  21. Damm..lol Missed the fun again..lol
  22. 12 Pages of A4, Damm I would need to do that in 2 parts as my Shredder only takes 6 pages at a time..:D. My Income , NIL My Residence - Large Cardboard Box, Few Mice Live here too and Im Skint..lol My Suggestion is to Bin It.. You will have Guessed who I am Lynn.. lol Hope you are keeping well and behaving, well at least trying to behave..lol Ian
  23. Scotland Doo ??.. When and Where.. If it is close enough I may actually manage to it this year.. Now that I am Single Again 8) Oh and Im technically Minded HC.. Sort of work in IT but Im no a Geek..lol Ian
  24. This lot are bunch of clowns.. Not very professional either S.R.J. Debt Recoveries PO Box 1173 Woking GU2 2BS They will not give you their full address and always hide behind a PO Box number, I asked for their full address they state that it is PO Box 1173, It must be a bit crouded in the PO Box..lol. Ive again complained to AOL over this bunch and AOL will be investigating the company. I hold AOL responsible for the action of this bunch as they are contracted by AOL. Ohh The mumbled telephone calls, Thats just standard for them. If they call again asking any information from you tell them to do one, and any letter you recieve from them ( Identified with the Return address on the back as PO Box 1173 Woking, Just return them to sender if they are not addressed with your name etc. Do some research on google and you will find that the same mob have traded under a good few different names too.
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