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  1. amber

    Amber -v- MBNA

    Hi Sorry Dotty, I did not clarify, they may not be from MBNA at all, I just didn't know where to post this. No letters in the post, no knocks at the door, nothing posted through the door. All creditors have reluctantly agreed to the lower payments on the DMP, council tax etc all up to date. The policeman mentioned he could have been sat there drawing up a valuation on my home and car, checking out what assets I have and what they are worth. It has really spooked me. I have been quiet of late because I have not heard a peep from any of my creditors at all except for the monthly statements.
  2. amber

    Amber -v- MBNA

    Hi Everyone Not been on here for a while now, been very poorly. A very strange thing happened to me this morning which left me feeling very threatened and intimidated, so much so that after 2hrs, I rang the police. However the keystone cops turned up just 5 minutes too late. When I got up this morning and opened the blinds in my living room I noticed an unfamiliar car parked right outside my house with a man sat in it, with the window wound down on the passenger side (so he could have a clear view into my house), he gave me the most awful intimidating looks (and feelings I hasten to add) that I ended up closing the blinds again. Every 10mins or so, I would look out the window and still he would be sat there glaring at me. I took his registration and rang the police and reported him for hanging around suspiciously. The police turned up just 5mins after he decided to move and when he did move, he sped off like a bat out of hell, really revving the engine, like some silly boy racer. Anyway, after going over the formalities with the police, they ask me do I have any financial problems because they have traced the car and the owner and all they can let me know is that he is a debt collection officer!! Now he never knocked on the door/rang the bell/posted anything through the letterbox, so I find this quite scary. We are up to date with our DMP etc, and not defaulted on anything. Any one shed any light on this? It has really scared me. Thanks x
  3. Just come across this on MSE: BBC urgently looking for reclaimers with charges on hold - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums BBC urgently looking for reclaimers with charges on hold BBC News is doing a story on The OFT's decision to give up the bank charges fight (read the MSE News Story) The BBC are urgently looking for a reclaimer with bank charges on hold to come into the studio this afternoon and talk about what’s happened to them. You would need to be available at 4-30 – 6pm today. It would be at their studios in London, Manchester or Birmingham (or if you know you're near another BBC studio, they might be able to work something out). If your interested, please send me a private message (to MSE Jenny) with your name, phone number and where you’re based. Thanks **I don't have anything on 'hold' at the moment myself or I'd go for it. Good luck if anyone takes this up.
  4. Bumping this - any advice please guys regarding what my next step should be?
  5. I think they ought to supply the missing pages of said agreement and on the basis of this alone (at the moment) is this enough to send them the account in dispute letter? Not sure about the F&F offer somewhere down the line, would be good to get to that point but no money at the moment to agree to one if it was offered.
  6. http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz94/Amber007/Natwest-SARDelaytactics.jpg http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz94/Amber007/NatwestLoan-TerminationPg1of2.jpg http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz94/Amber007/NatwestLoan-TerminationPg2of2.jpg Hi Caggers This one is a Natwest Loan, they have still not replied to a SAR and they have sent the letter in the first link above. On the same day I received the letter attached in second and third links above. In the body of the letter they are now demanding that we pay back £15k in full, like NOW in the next 7 days. They say that they have defaulted us (but we have not had a default letter regarding this account). Advise please? How do I respond to this? Can they make demands like this whilst still not providing us with the SAR documents for the loan (nor have they actioned the CCA). We are already on a DMP with the CCCS and so far Natwest keep telling us that they have not heard from CCCS but they have been accepting token payments yet in the second page of the letter they are referring us to take advice from CCCS and the like. Can they demand this payment in full knowing full well we are on a debt managment plan. Thanks Amber
  7. No, no other pages. Then there was 12 pages of current T&C's attached underneath this and attached the back of the T&C's, this was underneath them: (see first post on this thread for URL link) so it looks like they are trying to say that THIS (jpg) is part of the front page of the CCA they sent me. Hence my questions: 1. Top right-hand corner says 'Page 3' - page 3 of what? Of how many? Where are the other pages? Why haven't they sent them to me? 2. Your information "Please read carefully clause 14 headed 'Your information' in the accompanying Terms & Conditions. They have not sent the T&Cs from the date of opening the account, they have sent their current T&C's, which are not good enough and do not tally up. 3. There is no credit limit stated. 4. There is no APR stated. 5. There is no cancellation box. 6. Paragraph titled 'Declaration' - "I confirm that I have read and agree to be bound by the Conditions of Use enclosed (including the abridged conditions set out on the previous page). I don't have the 'previous page', this is the only page they have sent me. I don't have a copy of the Conditons of Use they talk about, so I don't know what was in them nor have they sent me a copy. So I sent them a template letter from here, informing them that the CCA was illegible in tiny font and that many of the terms where blurred, no list of all transactions/statements etc, just a current statement - giving them a further 7 days to respond. Well, they responded with a letter dated 1st Dec 09 which I recieved on Sat 5th Dec 09. Here is the copy: (see first post on this thread for URL link) And this is where I am up to so far and I do not know what to send them in response and I am aware that time is passing and christmas upon us/shutdown, so I really need to get something in the post to them.
  8. amber

    MBNA Agreement!

    Well, my thoughts are that it looks like its an enforceable agreement as all the terms seem to be there. Please wait for a second/others opinions before writing this off tho, as I am still learning the ropes myself.
  9. When did you apply for it? I can see it has the applicable APR. You also state that the credit limit is on the back (you need to post up a copy for people to validate), however all the prescribed terms seem to be there. And to me it looks like it is an enforceable agreement BUT please wait for a second opinion. Do not take my word as read as I am still learning the ropes. The only discrepancy I can see is in 3b 'Details of other service charges are set out in Section 4' - but there is no section 4 listed. Best to post up the back of the document see if it ties in.
  10. I think I've finally done it right! This is for a Mastercard Credit Card Agreement. So are the terms correct, is it deemed enforceable? I'm thinking its not, ref: my reasons in post 1.
  11. I think this could take off: BBC News - Bankers 'whacked' in arcade game
  12. http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/zz94/Amber007/NatwestMCCCA_sent.jpg Which '3' prescribed terms are you referring to Vint?
  13. Yes Nick, you are correct in either way as it is only a delay. Can't remember which thread I read it regarding this 'delay' or why for that matter. LOL Back to the drawing board for me! Please do as you see fit Steve, I'm still quite a novice although I'd now be inclined to go with what Nick is saying as reading Desparettes thread, the chap knows his stuff. x
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