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  1. hiya all happy easter to all,, , im back like an old penny,,,,,, with easter upon us, and forgetting postal days,,, ,,im on my last day today to post 1st class to arrive by 7 April 2015 the Directions questionnaire as I did have a letter saying the clients wished to proceed,..... I have received their copy too unfortunately, im always running around like a headless chicken and this is now become urgent as usual,,, ,, I must organise myself from today!!!! so apologies,,,, I know done one of these before , ,,, but also need to serve a copy to all other parties,,,is that just B W legal ,,, ,,original copy goes to the Northampton Bulk Court,,,,? I don't have to send a copy to Lowell Portfolio ltd do I too?# I say yes to the mediation service,? Give the my full info and contact number? C1... is Track,,do I just agree yes? D.. hearing I put my local court name and do I say town court of my address or something? D3 witnesses,,,, do I say what? D4 hearing,,,, any days in the next 6 months,,,i give any holidays already booked? no interpreter needed,,,, and just sign it.... many thanks for any help,,, , I apprecieate any help or I will just go from my past attempts and memory,, ,,, lol,,,,now that could be dangerous,, , my humour is the only thing I still have in the face of adversity,,,, I will log in in an hour as I have children to pick up, ,, cheers and then will get it all posted 1st class guarrenteed delivery on Tuesday now. cheers angel xxxx hiya looking around other threads I think ive done it ok, ,,, just wanted to clarify it s just the original to the court and a copy to the sols only who are bw legal,,,,,,? anyone pls cheers so I can get off to the post office before 5 pm thanks angel xx hiya all,,,im off to the post office, orig to court and a copy to the bw legal, as like other threads, that should be okay Im hoping, catch up laters angel x
  2. hiya all, im just going to get it done , thanks for all your info and I will send. cheers angel x
  3. thanks dx100uk I had got it all ready to send ,,, but then I found some threads about inputting the statement of truth info, I understood on mcol, just the statute barred defence would have sufficed on an email, surely I need to draft it in a particular way as it will only be an email they receive from me,, hence my hesitation now,,,sorry to ask again, angel x
  4. hiya all and coming back just to clarify that I am unable to send via mcol, as the password is not recognised thus chatted to court who advised can send in my defence via their email [email protected] and in the subject line, put,,,,Claim no xxxxxxx and Defence what im now asking of course do I need to then on the email,,, Particuluars of Claim The information they have fully put on their claim, here xxxxxx 1. How much of the claim do I disupute? I put as answer I disupute the full amount claimed as shown on the claim form 2. Do you dispute this claim because you have already paid it,? I put as answer No, Then 3. Defence and here just the Statute Barred defense on previous post no ..... or do I need to write a statement of facts and put more information of any kind in there anywhere? have noticed previous defences I had put info that I had requested cpr and cca and had no information to date ,,,, cheers angel x,,
  5. Haha thank you dx 100uk....for the kick up the bum ..i will do. I needed that directness today and made me smile after the week ive had . Motivation right out of the window but feeling positive to tackle stuff today .cheers angel x bless you ...have a fun day.
  6. Thank you dx100uk yes i understand what you have explained ..that post is very clear. Before i hunted again for the last statements i re read my thread from start to finish and post 34 says i had stopped payments for the last 3 months s o my memory was right sept 08 last payment just really want that statement and the next few statements after ..but if i cant and also cant find the default notice neither i suppose irrevelant as statute barred is a stronger and absolute defence on this occasion. Dont you all think? Im off a hunting but will catch up in the morning nite all x angel
  7. Hiya all many thanks for all your replies . . i have some statements and looking to find the last few ones regarding my last payment to ensure the date would confirm 100% its statute barred. Howver.... i thank you re your advice not to send a second cpr letter only going by past claims i was helped last year and recommended to send a 2nd reminder cpr request. The poc i agree is i think a part copy and paste bybyhe claimant and made a pigs ear of it .as its referring to a mobile contrsct as a non regulated agreement but who knows what they really are on about...only thing the 16 digit ref looks like a credit card number. So.. i will continue tonight to search the last part of the statements to satisfy ourselves it is statute barred and can then use the info you have all provided to get my defence sorted. I will first draft it and get the glance over by you lovely caggers to ensure im doing it right. I cant think of anything else i wanted to ask but as always im indebted and will.sort out my paypal account to send a donation. If i quickly find the last statements i will be back on later this eve if not will check in again in tje morning .. cheers angel x
  8. Thankyou DonkeyB.. .. i thought it looked strange.. how can it be to my benefit.. . no reply to cpr letter or cca request to date ..shall i send a second request of the cpr again ..and allow them a few more days . .. due to my depression i dont feel confident to call them and speak on the phone at the moment ... also looking at the start of the thread its a card document that was sent as a cca.. . previously so many years ago. im still looking at old statement but pretty sure it was sept oct 2008 that last paid.. . but on credit files recently received the default date shows like since months after around middle of 2009. I feel they havnt really got anything but i wish to proceed and put in a defence. I hope to know from you all what really i need to do now today please cheers and can i use the poc wording as part of my defence in my positive way... got a meeting i need to attend but hope to be back by 4pm will log back in then cheers for looking in DOnkey x angel
  9. hiya guys here is the link to the new one but looks like an interesting project....lol good job my humour is still with me http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?440741-lowell-BW-claimform-old-monument-card-debt hope to catch up tomorrow x nite all angel
  10. hiya any more updates on this please.. intresting to see if came to a final success ..... angel x
  11. hiya citizenb well reading back to the begining of this thread where admin kindly merged it today, , quite honestly had forgot id ever started one on this monument query, ,,,it does say and i recall around oct 2008 was possibly the last payment but tomorrow going into my famous garage to locate paperwork re 2008 fingers crossed... . will let u know tomorrow. been a bit of a moment for me today.. ..my past efforts may be helpful now. cheers angel x
  12. thank you dx100uk ive been having a few unknown calls past few days not answered but will await my credit files and let you guys know if it is still showing on the files or not.. . if it is statute barred what are the options for me now pls? will keep looking at other threads cheers angel x
  13. hiya all many thanks to the admin team for merging my threads gosh i was right scary to think i remembered stuff from 2008,,, ,,so if my memory and what i wrote in the early part of the thread i stopped payments in oct 2008....surely this is now possibly hold my breathe ....over 6 years and could it be statute barred? that would be so cool but i could be not so lucky can i? off to see what other info paperwork i can find in my garage,,, , will wait for further info and advice please thanks angel x
  14. are BW [part of Bryan Carter then? interesting. So now I will look at other threads and see what I can find myself in my heap of paperwork as this one seems so long ago,,, I need to refresh myself what happened in the past. thanks guys, will log off now anything I need to view as a matter of reading matter would love to have any links cheers and off to do dinner but will be back later angel x
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