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  1. Thank you again so much. I have been paying every month I have not missed a payment this year so yes that will have a good impact on the overall arrears. There are two figures on the above sheets one is near the apr and it mentions accural 5843.6224 what is that? And the other is additional interest mentioned in the small print in of the statements which on 8th April 2011 was £889.77 and has now risen to the tune of £4857.31 which equates to another £99 per month???? Now this scares me and I have never seen this before on the balance sheet. Once again thank you I was truly desperate and I thought I had really messed up. 2me2u
  2. ims21 They have never ever mentioned an increase in the interest rates and that is reflected in the incomplete SAR.
  3. ims21 you are a star... How you calculated that I will never know and I have to say I am in awe Thank you 2me2u
  4. [ATTACH=CONFIG]53070[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]53071[/ATTACH] Hopefully this should do it. Once again thank you 2me
  6. once the arrears were paid off my payments stayed the same and they should have changed and gone back pre PPI payments. [ATTACH=CONFIG]53064[/ATTACH]
  7. Thank you all again!!!!!!! I am typing all the figures off the computerised sheet but it is taking some time for me to type out. I have attached a sheet of the figures that I am querying [ATTACH=CONFIG]53063[/ATTACH]
  8. ims21, thank you so much for you help. Please see posting above for the letter that I sent in, informing them of my reduction in arrears payments. Just looking at the figures above they are from the statements sent to me, but I have the computer printout which I will type out this morning and they present a very different story. Once again thank you. 2me
  9. [ATTACH]53068[/ATTACH] Here is a copy of my letter. In case it can't be viewed Dear Sir/Madam I am writing with reference to my account that I have with First Plus and its current status there are a number of issues that I wish to address. Firstly, after a period of severe depression for which I am currently receiving medication for, I find that I have now been diagnosed with another illness, type 2 diabetes The ramifications of this is that I am tired and feeling very poorly all the time and until it is controlled I am unable to do overtime, hopefully this is a temporary situation. The consequences of this for my loan with you are as follows; I was paying in the region of £55 per month off the arrears that I have with you. Because I am not receiving overtime at the moment I will have to reduce this amount to £35.00 per month off the arrears. My budget shows that I am still able to make my normal monthly contractual payment of £195 per month and £35 off the arrears which totals £230 per month. I appreciate that this not ideal for us both however my hands are tied. Looking at my calculation on the sums above I will have paid off my arrears in May 2018 which is before the loan has fully been paid up. I can assure you that will pay this amount each month and tell you when my when my circumstances change when they do change I will prioritise clearing these arrears as quickly as I can. I enclose a copy of my household budget to confirm my situation. Secondly, I have had a look at my credit file and despite the fact that I have paid you £215 per month for a long period of time you have put default after each payment date. As I am sure you can imagine this has had a damaging effect on my credit file. I would be grateful if the payments that I am making are recorded on my credit file. I am aware that my illness, my financial status, and my lack of understanding is not your problem and that you are only there to service my account but I would be grateful if you could accept this explanation of my current situation and process these details as soon as possible.
  10. [ATTACH]53058[/ATTACH] Here are the figures again in a better format
  11. Oh and I do have a copy of the letter sent which they claim they have not recieved
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