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  1. Massive thanks to ericsbrother, antone and reallymadwoman, much appreciated x
  2. Hi guys, I was hoping that someone would be able to help me. I currently claim carers allowance for my disabled adult son. I was thinking about doing a part time course through the OU. The course is pay time and I could apply for a part time study loan to pay the fees. I don't claim any out of work benefits but I do claim child benefit and child tax credit for my 15 year old son. My question is can I continue to claim carers allowance and apply for a part time study loan to pay for the course fees? Thanks Me x
  3. Hi, have you thought about maybe setting up an online shopping account from one of the bigger supermarkets? They store shopping lists and if you set it up for him, obviously with his shopping choices, then you would only have to remember to do the order once a week from anywhere you happen to be. Good luck bx
  4. Hi, That's really great news. Like your little one my son also has autism and associated learning difficulties, I am pleased that sense has prevailed it's a difficult and frustrating road you are on, prepare to stand up and fight for your little one. Always keep in mind that your little one deserves all the help and support you can get. There are many support groups, full of people who know exactly how you feel, I found them invaluable, especially on the bad days. Bx
  5. Hi, have you applied for jobseekers and housing benefit yet? If not, you really should apply asap.
  6. Hey all, I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to every single one of you who replied, it's much appreciated I managed to get my son's note for the 14th, even after the doctor queried why because the first one should have lasted till May 2014. I did end up calling DWP and they explained that for the first 6 months of a claim they only accept notes for up to 3 months per note. The doctors were not impressed and couldn't understand why the DWP don't inform them. So my hubby and I take the note to the same JCP we took the first one to, and surprise surprise they can't accept this
  7. Hi all, I am hoping one of you kind people can help me if possible. My son has been claiming ESA since November 2013, I am primarily dealing with his claim because he is unable to understand fully the process and deal with all the forms, calls, letters, doctor etc...anyway his doctor gave him a sick note (med statement) from November 19 2013 for 6 months, we received a letter saying it was only valid till March 19 2014. My first question is, can they do this, shave 2 months from the doctors sick note? My second question is I called the doctor to explain the situation and they told me to c
  8. Hi, Thank-you both for your replies. Hopefully all will be well but it's still a worry. DX, I do get carers allowance and my son receives his DLA. He gets low mobility and medium care rates. His DLA was first awarded when he was 6 and then we had to reapply once my son reached 16. Take care Bx
  9. Hi all, after many months of putting it off I finally got my act together and sent the application for my adult son's ESA claim. My son has autisim and learning disabilities and is not capable of completing these forms himself because he does not fully understand his disability and he can't cope with what needs to be done. Tbh I found the form horrendous to fill out because I found I had too much to say about the issues that my son endures everyday and the questions have nothing to do with real life. the ATOS form was sent last week so now we only have to wait a
  10. Hi, my advice is to start gathering all the information they have asked for, this will help you get back the feeling that you are in control. Be proactive and get everything in order, I promise that you will start to feel calmer when you have the proof in your hands. And remember you have nothing to hide, your proof letters prove that. Good luck and phone or call first thing Monday
  11. Ok, thank you for the links, I will have a read through. I cannot ever remember getting a default notice. Thanx again
  12. Hi all, can someone please explain what is meant by a compliant default notice?
  13. The stupid thing is that if Satans had just let you pay £200 per month, like you offered, you would have paid nearly £2000 to them by now.
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