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  1. Looking for any help at all.... I lost my job around 4 months ago and have been struggling to make ends meet ever since, I am already in rent arrears and now I cannot afford to pay any of my rent this month. I have seen that for now my only option is too be back in with my mother but I can't afford to pay this months rent and bills let alone this month and next if I have to serve my notice period. What can I do? Thanks
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. A few weeks ago a received a letter from a debt collection agency for a t-mobile contract from 2009, saying I owe them a whopping £700!!!! I was completely shocked by this and wrote them a letter requesting proof that that phone was mine and that I wanted to see the phone contract with my signature on it. They have written back saying that because it is a phone contract they do not need a signed agreement but will write to tmobile to see what information they have and will send it on to me when they get it. I di
  3. Hi, About 2 months ago I bought a musical keyboard for my little boy from argos. After a couple of weeks some of the keys didn't make any noise when being pressed but when I took it back the lady told me I needed proof of purchase to exchange it. I looked everywhere for the receipt but couldn't find it but took a friends advice to just go in and buy a new one, then take the broken one back with the receipt for the new one I'd just bought. I know this was a bit cheeky but I wasn't trying to defraud them, I had bought from argos originally and just wanted to exchange some clearly fau
  4. Yes I returned the amended move in report and was told they had received it but now apparently they have no knowledge of it. I had no permission for shelving, the match was very good but not perfect, however like I said, the walls were not perfect when I moved in.
  5. I moved into a privately rented house that is managed by a letting agents on 01.02.2012. When I first went to view the house it was in a bad way, it needed to be re-decorated throughout and the carpets were filthy. The agents explained that the work was due to be done but just hadn't started yet. Despite the property not looking its best I decided to take as I knew that it would be sorted out. When I moved in things weren't perfect, it had been painted throughout but wasn't a great job (patchy walls, odd marks here and there) and the carpets had been cleaned however were still very m
  6. Hi, Not sure if I'm posting in the right place here but I need some advice with catalogue debt. I have recently received 3 letters from lowell finance saying that I owe money for 3 separate catalogue debts, 2 with shop direct and 1 with JD Williams. But I never took these out! I recently opened a credit account with Fashion World just so that I could get the 10% off and have since payed this off in full as I don't want to build up debts and I'm assuming that's how they have found me to send me these letters. The debt is from my previous address at University
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