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  1. Thank you both. The reason for suspension is complicated, but here goes, last year summer there was a large scale investigation into three people, I was involved as I discovered the evidence and told my boss (ceo). One of the employees after a disciplinary process appealed the decision, and is now at ET. He was dismissed under gross misconduct. Since he has been abusive not just to me but other senior staff, I’m a witness at the ET in March 2020, date to be set. Part of him being abusive was to chuck out some wild claims and accusations some of which did turn out to be true and have been dealt with, this was all around August to Sept last year. He took a particular dislike to me being involved saying I was racist, and as part of the “inner circle” got away with stealing from the organisation and not being sacked (I’ve worked here 9 years). So as part of year end, and auditors coming in and there being found to be someone not getting correct sign off on their credit card expenses, lots of missing receipts etc they’ve done a full review. On a regular Tuesday after quite a senior meeting I was asked to come into an urgent meeting with the finance manager and the head of hr. They gave me a set of documents which where what they believe to be either forged receipts in a couple of circumstances and some expenses where I’ve submitted no receipts. They believe that from November to date have been six occasions, and is enough to evidence for a full investigation so from April last year to date of all my credit card expenses. That was 2 weeks ago, head of hr has checked in to ask if I’m feeling ok and how is the baby twice I’ve said I’m really struggling and making her aware of my medical appointments, I have a high risk pregnancy so seems I’m always at he hospital now I’m in the final 5 weeks. mentally I just can’t imagine my senior team sat in an investigation meeting where I have to defend myself, my mind has gone blank, I can’t remember things at the best of times but the stress of this is making it worse. I’ve not even been able to get the file out that they gave me to review it, I know it’s head in the sand, but for me all I keep thinking is I know I haven’t done this, so I get the allegations over turned which I’m sure will be tough, my maternity leave starts in 2 and half weeks, there is no way I can deal with this before then and then it’s so close to d day. I’m also being told the baby may have to come out at 38 weeks so timescales are short. i saw the doctor this morning she was amazing has referred me to speak to someone in the midwife psychologist team so at least I have someone to reassure me because I do feel a little crazy. Doctor has said she will sign me off if needed, but as I say I’m divided as to either defend myself but being selfish I’m not sure I’ve got the fight in me I’m exchausted, leave and have nothing at all, or understanding if my maternity leave still kicks in as planned? is it reasonable to ask to post pone the investigation til after the baby is born where I will feel much more relaxed when baby is here, my husband is a fantastic support. any advice so very welcomed,
  2. Hello I’d really value some sound advice with a work issue. I’ve worked where I am now for 9 years and am in middle management. On 16th April I was pulled into a meeting with HR and another manager and told that due to a review there had been an issue raised, and grounds for a more fuller investigation. I was suspended on full pay pending that investigation. Since then the head of HR who is actually really lovely has checked in with me twice, the first time to ask how I was and ask for ,me to send in my office keys, badge, laptop and phone... then again today to ask me if I had had a look at the documents and are preparing to respond accordingly to the matters presented. I’m 35 weeks pregnant due to go on maternity leave on 21st May.I am really struggling not just with my mental health due to this stressing me out so much, I’m not sleeping or eating properly. I have gestational diabetes and the baby is fine, but my body isn’t, high blood sugar levels, then real lows, getting around 3 hours sleep on and off a day I’m just exchuasted. The midwife has said due to babies size that I also may have to be induced to give birth early, 37-38 weeks due to risk of still birth.i have a doctors appointment trow to try and get aid sleeping. I have had much experience of conducting investigations, and I really do not want to be one of those people I hate who is signed off because they are stressed, but I’m not sure I could adequately defend myself as it is quite complex situation. I equally do not want to just quit a where would that leave me financially. I am weighing up up in my mind what to do, I’m so stressed out and my baby has to come first in this, we lost a baby previously and have been trying to have a child for some years. I’m so divided.my question after all the waffle, could you help me understand my options? If I am signed off work for say 4 weeks would the hearing be held when I’m not signed off? But then my maternity leave starts, or doesn’t that count at all now I’m suspended?any advice greatly received
  3. Hi - I will get the information together and post it if you think it will help others. May take me a day or two to summarise. Many thanks, P
  4. Hi All - I got the full repayment of fines from Marston and the Court! patients pays
  5. Hi All, I was wondering if someone could help me please as I am a bit confused as to Settled accounts and dates they are removed. I have managed to settle all my debts finally and I am trying to be realistic when I will be able to apply for a mortgage so trying to work out dates etc. There are 8 showing as Settled and 3 credit accounts as up to date and have't had any issues. Could you tell me how long a settled account stays on my file for is it 6 years? If so when is the date from? Is it Default date? of Satisfied Date? or any other I haven't thought of. Also if anyone knows, now they are settled does this increase my chance of getting credit or will be it once they are gone? I repaid them in November last year mainly, so its been almost a year Really value your thoughts, thank you.
  6. Hi All, I got the refund from Marston, just waiting on the rest from the court at my hearing on the 17th!
  7. Thank you so much. I contacted Marston and I have had the reply as below, how should I proceed now as it looks like they are saying I cannot get this back from them? I have also asked the court to refund their part to which I have not had a reply as yet. Thank you so much. As you are aware this matter relates to the enforcement of a Warrant of Control issued against you by HMCTS North East London in respect of an unpaid fine. We are sure you will appreciate that it would be inappropriate if we were to comment on matters relating to the validity or otherwise of issuing fixed penalty notices or to the processes leading to the issue of warrants. Whilst I note your remarks concerning your dispute with our instructing client in regard to this matter, I have to say that any such dispute is beyond our jurisdiction which is restricted to the enforcement of warrants. This is the limit of our responsibility. We have accounted to the Court in respect of the principle debt. However in view of the fact that our charges were validly and lawfully applied we can see no grounds on which any refund by us is due.
  8. Hi, I really need some advice so hopefully one of your lovely knowledgeable people can help me out. I used to own a car from 2005-2006, due to a guy I was very stupidly involved with in 2006 the car ended up being seized by the police and confiscated in December 2006 via tow truck and taken to Charlton car pound. I very quickly left him for obvious reasons and moved on. After quite some time trying to get the vehicle back the police felt that he bought the car so in order to just turn my back on the whole stressful experience I signed the car over to him. He then had the car as part of his confiscation order and it was sold at police auction in 2008. I know that is a bit of a long story, but to be honest it was such a stressful period of time finding out someone you are with is committing crimes and secondly having a car you paid a lot of money for taken away from you. I left the country in 2006 and came back in 2011. In 2013 I started getting letters from Collectica about a fine to do with this very same car from July 2008. After many letters and me providing proof I heard nothing. Then in October this year I had a letter from Marston stating that same as Collectica did. I contacted them provided proof and they said I needed to contact the court that they were pursuing enforcement. I went to Camberwell Magistrates court and asked to file a stat declaration to stop proceeding and was given a date of today 17th November. However in the meantime, on 7th November 2 bailiffs turned up to my property and as I was outside in my car they opened the door took my car keys and were really rude and aggressive (I am still getting over it now to be honest it was awful). After a very long debate and arguement I paid them the money some £560 because they said they would seize the car etc and I was in hysterical tears. I know now I shouldn't of paid it but I got in such a state and I have never had to deal with anything like this before. Today I attended court to file a statatory declaration which was granted by the court. The case will be reopened on 17th December. i finally got to find out what it was for, it was for the car not being taxed in 2008. I have clear proof and evidence that I did not have the car from 2006, I have all the papers to prove what I have mentioned above and that I had nothing to do with him or what was going on with him. Again sorry for the long waffle. I am quietly confident about the case on the 17th December, however my question is about getting the money back. Can anyone offer advice on how I go about this and who I need to pursue for it because I don't seem to be getting anywhere at all with it to be honest there isn't any information or no one seems to know. Thank you for listening to this long waffly story and hopefully someone can help me out.
  9. Hi All, I really hope you can help me. I've been repaying my payday loans over the last 18 months and I am almost there except 1 now (hurrah! ). I had 2 debts with Motor Mile Finance which are both now zero balances, and dispite reading loads of posts here they have always replied to my emails, until now that is. I was speaking to someone called Amir, would literally get replies within minutes sometimes. As soon as I paid the balanes I have had nothing. So on my credit file it only showed 1 of the debts from MMF, not the other. I paid the one on my credit file first for obvious reasons then a week later cleared the other one. 3 days after I cleared the other one, MMF then put that debt onto my credit file as outstanding. They also left the other debt outstanding. Neither are outstanding. I have constantly emailed them, they are ignoring all my messages and ive had no reply. Can you give me some advise on what I can do now please? I would like to complain but how and to who? Thanks everyone, you have helped me get into the position where I am now with only 1 PDL outstanding!
  10. Hi - I called the court and they have put a further hold on the account for 28 days (it has taken me so long to get through to them) They gave me lots more information which was useful; this is for a car I sold in 2006, it was involved in an accident on 15.12.2008 and the court had me as the registered keeper still and said I failed to give information and brought a court case against me on 20.07.2009. The person I spoke to was VERY helpful she said I am better attending Thames Magistrates with proof I was out of the country and proof I sold the car; so I am going to go there t'row. Is that the best thing to do????? I since this recieved another letter from Collectica saying it is a pre removal notice and they are adding £200 to it - I do have the 28 day hold at the moment so the pressure is off slightly Still super stressed out...
  11. Hi, Letter sent to Thames Magistrates Court 58 Bow Road London Bow Greater London E3 4DJ After numerous calls a year ago the Fines department said it was a parking ticket, and that I had to put it in writing and provide proof which I did, and they gave me that address.... How do I complete a Statutory Declaration? Also what do I do if the bailiffs turn up? All help greatly appreciated! Massive thanks, Penny
  12. Hi All I have a really urgent situation; I will run through the history. I had a letter from a debt collection agency called Philips a year ago saying I owed £550 for "notice failure to give information" I emailed them and said what was it for and they said it was something to do with a vehicle violation in Waltham Forest in 2009; I wasn't in the country so know it wasn't anything to do with me I had no car. I stated this to them and they never got back to me. I did follow up with 2 letters to the court in question which I was told ws NE Magistrates, I never had a reply to either letter. About a month ago I got a letter form Collectica, stating the same basically so I again replied with the letters I had sent to the court and also the information I had sent to Philips. They asked me to prove I was out the country, I did this, and they said the account was on hold until 9th September while they went back to there client. I contacted them on 9th to say what is happening, heard nothing and then on Monday (23rd) I get a debt collector at the door with a Notice of Attendance. I explained the situation and he said he understood as he has read the notes and that I need to contact the court. I explained I had blah blah; anyway he went away. I emailed Collectica again stating this was ridculous it isn't me I can prove it and they said there client rejected my proof of not being here and not owning the car for whatever violation it is! So my question is this What do I do now? Can Collectica legally pursue a debt that is in dispute; I 100% have no idea what this is, someone must of had a car registered in my name or it is a mistake, whatever it is, it isn't me and I am now worried someone else is going to turn up because I am not going to be giving them a single penny. REALLY appreciate any help with this as its super stressing me out! Thanks in advance.
  13. Can you share there details please? at least I can start paying what I can afford - thanks!
  14. My issue is that they say in there email back to me that if I dispute the amount THEY can't deal with it it HAS to be passed to the DCA? surely that can't be right, if the debt is disputed with the creditor how can they say they can't deal with it? I will only repay £400 plus orginal interest, but I am not paying £1836 that is ridiculous. Any advice on what to say in an email back to them? Thanks
  15. Hi, I am in the same position with them. I borrowed £400, I couldn't afford to repay and i've been asking for a repayment plan and they are just really horrible, they ignore my emails and call constantly. Ive refused to speak to them on the phone, they have now started calling my office and lying about where they are from to get put through to me, so then I jsut hang up. I've sent the harrasment by phone letter 3 times which they've ignored. they now say my £400 loan is £1839!!!! I finally got this back from them today: ________________ A MiniCredit Claims Department member has replied to your claim, #597880 with the following response: The Following Response is being sent to You according to the Formal Complaints Procedure. If You are requesting a payment plan then this option was already provided to You in the e-mail and also in the letter which was sent to You on the 3rd of January 2013. If You are disputing the balance then this is Your right however we would then need to send Your account to our debt recovery and legal partner with the default balance of GBP1839.00. Unfortunately they will not be able to decrease the balance after we have forwarded the account to them. Microcredit Ltd has provided our customers with unforeseen financial difficulty the option to fill in the Hardship Application on their http://www.minicredit.co.uk online account. With this option we would require proof of their claims of the financial hardship as we need to be certain that the loan was taken out in good will with the intention of making the full repayment on the due date. The first contact we received from You was on the 30th of October 2012 which was 46 days after the due date when You sent us a letter claiming that You want a repayment plan. All the charges until the first contact has been made by You are justified according to the Loan Agreement. The balances provided to You are realistic as You are using our funds for a longer period then originally agreed on. Please bear in mind that Microcredit Ltd will only calculate the interest until the 120th overdue day. After that period the interest calculation stops. This means that even if it takes You a few years to repay the Loan then You would only have to pay four months of interest on top of the original due date balance. The penalties of GBP80.00 are also justified as You broke the Loan Agreement and did not repay the Loan on the due date. The debt recovery fee will remain as You did not contact us befire this penalty was added on the 30th overdue day. Bear in mind that we are willing to waive all of the failed debit attempt fees (currently GBP625.00). Please let us know by the end of January 2013 if this offer is acceptable so we could also amend the balance before the account is forwarded. Please bear in mind that if we do not receive a reply the balance will not be changed. We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email. Kind regards, Minicredit Claims Department
  16. Well it says London NE Magistrates, the number they told me to call is constantly engaged, I goggled the phone number and it is this court Thames Magistrates Court, 58 Bow Road, Bow, London, Greater London E3 4DJ, T: 02082711239 Could you please tell me how do I file the stat declaration? Thanks
  17. Hi, I recieved a letter out the blue last week from Philips Baliffs, all it said was "failure to provide veichle information" I email them and I have had this back: We have noted your account with the information you have provided. Thank you for your email, Please see below all the information we have been provided by our client London NE Magistrates. Philips ref number: xxxx Client ref: 09047388R Offence details: Keeper Of A Motor Vehicle Fail To Give Information Offence date: July 20, 2009 Fine amount when issued to Philips: £250.00 Outstanding balance at present: £335.00 Admin Fee 2012: £85.00 If you require any further information please contact our client directly. ____ I replied again as I was out of the country at that time from 2006 until 2011, and they said I should call the court. I did this today, I spoke to Waltham Forest Magistrates Court enforcment which were VERY unhelpful and said that I would need to call the convicting court and I can't get through to them. The advice I am seeking is, I have no idea or clue what this is, as I say I wasn't in the country and can prove it. Firstly I dont know if this is real, are they a dodgyu balliff company?
  18. I haven't had this one but Marshall hoarse have sent me a letter informing of a date they are visiting my house..
  19. Sorry to jump onto your thread but I had this email just now. Surely these people can't access my wages through my employer? Dear X Final Notice - Urgent action required! We have sent you numerous correspondence over the past month asking you to contact us to discuss how we can help you to pay off your loan with us. Unfortunately you have ignored all these requests and therefore we have no option but to apply to the courts for an attachment of earnings. This means that they will contact you employer and instruct them to pay us back from your salary. We may also pass on to a Debt Collection Agency. Both these routes will incur additional charges that will be added to your debt. In an attempt to stop these proceedings you must call or email us now to discuss a solution. Regards Collections Team Monkey Dosh Ltd T/A Monkey Dosh The Tube Business Centre 86 North Street Manchester M8 8RA
  20. I know it's so shocking, ill be reporting this trow. I've actually paid back the loan just £260 in interest I agrees to pay, however if they carry on like this they won't get a penny It's just legal robbery isn't ir
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