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  1. Exactly the same as me too, I was an Orange customer for years, upgraded to 4G and my account was migrated to EE, all details & phone number exactly the same & bills paid on time but I have a Default registered by Orange for the amount of £60?? Unbelievable.
  2. Just a bit off topic but do you have the email address for EE? I have a wrongly applied Default also and have written numerous emails but have had no response. Thanks
  3. I've had the same response. When I asked PDE what the issue is I just got a standard reply "you are free to contact the FOS etc"
  4. Just to update I emailed my complaint yesterday and I've had a reply today saying they are removing their entry! Just seemed too easy!
  5. Thank you The MMF default has been lodged with a date of almost a year after the original default! Both are still showing as active and there is no mention of anything being debt assigned.
  6. I submitted a complaint to OFT and MMF stopped the harassment. I did not realise they have done this to my report, I am almost debt free so requested a full copy of my credit file and I have been scrutinising it. I am frightened to deal with them again as they're such hard work
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could have some advice on tackling Motormile for lodging an incorrect Default on my credit file? I am not disputing the debt, however this is for a 1monthloan (think finance) debt which is also defaulted on my credit file, so I have 2 defaults on my report for the same debt. I understand this is common practice for motormile, so any info on how to proceed would be much appreciated!
  8. Anyone have a working email for portfolio recovery? I've emailed the customer service address a few times but getting no response whatsoever but they still continue to harrass me by phone!
  9. I have an agreement with Mackenzie hall paying them £1 per month. Now I'm being chased by Portfolio recovery for the same debt, I understand that portfolio acquired MH, but surely this means agreements still have to be honoured? Any advice?
  10. Hi all, I always suspected I had missold PPI from RBS but my accounts with them were from approx 17 years ago so I never sent a SAR. I don't have any paperwork or account numbers or anything like that as all accounts are closed. However, a letter has just dropped on my mat today with a cheque attached for £11 for some loanguard insurance interest anomoly?! Obviously this means they still have my details from all those years ago? Do you think it's worth trying a SAR? They have not stated any account numbers on the recent letter....
  11. They're all for payday loans (can't remember which off the top of my head) but it was bpo collections that have notified me. I told them I had set up the £1 per month which they wouldn't accept but I basically said its tough nuts, that or nowt!! Haven't heard back since - this was about a month ago
  12. Hi everyone, I have 3 accounts that are being managed by equidebt (paying £1 a month forever for each of them) however I have had notification that one of them has been passed on to somebody else as Equidebt are no longer. This is fine and I have transferred my payment over but what should I do about the other 2? Should I just cancel my Standing Orders and wait or still continue paying?
  13. Just to update, santander have reduced my balance to 218.39 and are refusing to remove my default :-/ as "they have not acted inapproriately"
  14. Just to update, never heard a peep from motormile since this & just received a notification from equidebt that they are now dealing with this *roll eyes*
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