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  1. I would hazard a guess he has been around for longer, prob gets referral clicks directing others to other websites and has the site to poss sell
  2. Not sure if it is the same person Andy as have not looked at all the other threads on the "original" cash for phones. This one has been registered for some time (4 years) and is owned by Rhys Huitson. He has had a directorship of a company and lives in Sunderland and is 28 years old. Looking at the site, it doesn't actually buy the phone.
  3. There is no requirement for a solicitor at this point until he is formerly arrested
  4. Is there a legal requirement to pay your council tax before the end of that tax year? How are charges applied by a 3rd party collector namely collectia when the householder has not them had served on? My Nephew works as a contractor, he probably works 8-10 months per year, claiming Council Tax benefit (or whatever it is called now) He prefers paying it at the end of the year when he knows what he owes because over the course of the year he pays the full whack minus single person discount and other times he gets council tax relief. His council are really quick in bringing it to cour
  5. Agree with the above having worked out there too. Also other places in UAE he is likely to get nicked. Only optuion is to pay it off, but that is hard work in itself and I am surprised they haven't chased you already even back in the UK
  6. My sister does this in her role as a carer and only gets paid the time she is at a residential address and not the time travelling between nor the waiting time between client appointments. Some people just want to work because that is the way they are and some dont.
  7. I am aware of that HB, was just replying in response to the OP.
  8. a moot point but it costs nothing for the company to take this to court as it is a criminal matter if they report it Data protection does not come into naming the company here
  9. Yes I read up on the greivance procedure, he has sent them the complaint today and will await their response. Many thanks one and all again, he is a happy chap at the minute
  10. Spoke to him this morning, the money has gone through and taken by DD. I instructed him to call the back and get it back under the DD guarantee and instruct not to accept no more DD's from them. He just called back and said they said the money will be in within 24 hours. I am going to construct a further letter for him to email and send recorded to WDA stating that the CPA is cancelled and DD removed and they are not to submit anymore DD's and to communicate and enter into a repayment letting him suggest what he can pay back. Thanks all.
  11. Thanks mate appreciate that, I know they have been law for a while and they have been reminded recently of that fact. I will see what he says tomorrow and come back to you. Once again much appreciated.
  12. He is with the Nationwide renegade. Will catchup with him in the morning now.
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