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  1. Do you know how that applies to income drawn as dividends if the salary is below the student loan repayment threshold?
  2. Hi, I trade through my own limited company. My accountant has received a letter from HMRC, addressed to my company, stating that student loan deductions must start next month. My position is that any alleged debt is statute barred. Reading through other threads on this forum has confirmed this. What is my next step? The letter says that a penalty can be charged to my company if the deductions do not start next month. I would send the standard statute barred letter. However since this has gone through my company is there any other action that I need to take to avoid incurring penalties?
  3. Had an RTA on Sunday. I will be contending that fault lies with the other party. If I go through insurance and my insurance company finds that fault lies with me do I automatically loose my NCB? Or do I only loose my NCB if I proceed with the claim after that point? Thanks!
  4. Should the seller not have refunded the OP then made a claim with the courier themselves?
  5. Some good news, I got my money back Bad news is I still have the breach of eBay policy violation on my account and the neg feedback. I have exhausted eBay's appeals policy now too.
  6. Thanks Steampowered Do you have any thoughts on the info I provided in posts 19 and 20?
  7. Just had a typically useful email from a manager at eBay customer support: 'Crime reference numbers are not something we can accept.' Well then.
  8. Just discovered something interesting about this guy. He is trading on eBay under a company name - and has a few selling items active. The company name he is using - and the registration number displayed on his listings - relate to a company that is registered as dissolved according to companycheck.co.uk. Does the fact that he purchased the item from me using his business account and had the item delivered to his business address change things? I'm wondering if this means that he purchased the item as a business? And since that business is dissolved does that make the fraud more serious?
  9. Thanks guys! Can I add anything into that LBA regarding having his negative feedback removed?
  10. Yes I have copies of all correspondence and the buyer's full name and address. It's looking like small claims is going to be the best way forward I think. Hopefully someone will look in soon with some pointers for the LBA.
  11. Hi, I contacted Action Fraud again today. Since the buyer has now stated that he did not return the item (contradicting his statement to eBay that he had returned the item in person) they have taken a report and issue a crime reference number. They said someone will be in touch if they need any further info - I'm not sure what will happen next. I've also passed the crime reference number to eBay together with a copy of the buyer's most recent message. No response from them as yet. He's left feedback questioning the authenticity of the item and sales have completely dried up since. So really need to get this sorted ASAP.
  12. Thanks Citizen. Yes I have copied the message to eBay. I'd be very grateful for some pointers on putting together an LBA.
  13. The guy has just messaged me to state that he has sold the item on for a profit. Despite previously telling eBay that he had returned the item in an attempt to gain a refund.
  14. I've had eBay buyers attempt credit card chargebacks for payments they have made via Paypal. It is definitely possible. Their chargebacks were on the grounds that their Paypal account had been used without their permission - so a different issue to yours.
  15. Hi, I operate a shop on eBay (pretty much my sole means on income). I recently sold an item. Buyer complained that item was not as described and opened a case in resolution centre. I agreed that the item could be returned for a full refund (buyer has acknowledged that the information in the listing described the item accurately but that isn't the main issue ATM). Buyer then has to enter tracking details for the returned parcel. They buyer enters 'returned in person to seller address.' This categorically did not happen. The buyer actually lives nearly 200 miles away. When I called Ebay customer services they advised me to speak to a different department and have the case 'escalated' I Was told that as the buyer had not entered valid tracking information for the return that the case would be decided in my favour. So I spoke to the relevant department. They decided the case in the buyers favour. I called eBay customer services again. This time I was told that since I can't prove that the buyer didn't return the item the buyer's payment would be refunded. So now I am stuck with a breach of policy report (arising from losing the resolution centre case), the buyers negative feedback and will most likely be out of pocket for the cost of the item without even having it returned to me. I have spoken to the police who put me through to 'Action Fraud.' They stated that although they have many reports of this exact issue their policy is that it is a civil matter. I'm open to any suggestions to get this resolved!
  16. Do you have any contact details for the CEO please?
  17. Hi Caggers, Quick summary. I previously had a BT landline and broadband from BE. Sky have acquired BE. So I was told that if I migrated from BE to Sky early and moved my landline to Sky I would get a large discount on broadband. I did this a couple of months ago and paid for 12 months line rental + 12 months broadband in advance. The line rental transferred without any fuss on the 30th July. I was told that a MAC code was not required to switch the broadband over since BE was now part of Sky. So I assumed that all had gone through smoothly and I was now connected to Sky's broadband network. So I was surprised to receive a bill from BE a few weeks ago for the period in which I believed I had been swapped to Sky broadband. Sky customer service confirmed that I had not been on their broadband network. Numerous phone calls and hours on the phone have solved nothing as everytime I get close to having the problem resolved I am transferred to someone else and cut off. I wrote to Sky Complaints Dept 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing back. Where should I go from here?
  18. Hi, I am currently in receipt of DLA (no other benefits). I used to claim ESA. I have just had a letter from ASOS which states that if I am claiming 'ESA, Income Support or Severe Disablement Allowance' I need to fill in their questionnaire. I'm confused as to whether Severe Disablement Allowance is the same as DLA? Do I have to complete the questionnaire for my DLA? Or have they just sent this in error as I used to claim ESA? Thanks, hope someone can help
  19. Hi Coniff, Thanks for looking in. I'm unsure what to say in my reply to BT's CEO to get this sorted?
  20. Hey Caggers, Currently have BT Landline and BE (02) Broadband. Recently changed my BT phone number. I was told categorically by BT that my broadband would be unaffected by this. Since the change my broadband has not worked. BE have stated: "Please let me inform you that I have BT/ Openreach's confirmation that your new number (01*********) has not services on it. It will be visible with the correct marker for a clear line soon. As discussed, a re-provisioning should be started. Let me remind you that we would need to arrange a BT engineer to go in the exchange and physically reconnect the cables. This order could take up to 7 working days and BT will charge us 25 pounds. This is the reason you will see this charge in your next invoice." BT's CEO has just stated this in reply to my email: 'There is no reason why a change in phone number would affect your broadband." Which is correct? What on earth can I do?
  21. Spoke to the OFT. They stated that whether or not Capital 1 have to honour the balance transfer depends on their terms and conditions. Section 4 of the credit agreement - balance transfers: Did they grant approval by accepting the application with details of the balance transfer attached? Does the balance transfer become an integral part of the contract? When they offer a promotional rate on balance transfers is it implied that the primary reason for the application is to undertake a balance transfer?
  22. Hey Caggers, Applied for a Capital 1 credit card in order to transfer a balance onto a promotional 0% interest. On the application I put in the details of a balance transfer I intended to undertake. Received the card today, and the credit limit is not high enough to accommodate the balance transfer. (Transfer amount is £1500, credit limit is £500). Where do I stand? Do I have any recourse here? Surely by accepting my application with details of the balance transfer on it they agreed to supply a credit limit high enough to accommodate the transfer?
  23. Placed an online order with Superdrug a couple of weeks ago, paid with Paypal. Accidentally selected the wrong house number when entering my address so cancelled this order and re-ordered. All seemed fine. Received an email stating that my order had been blocked and I should call them. Called today. Apparently it was suspicious that I'd ordered 8 tubes of toothpaste. It was on offer, BOGOF, so being a savvy consumer I was stocking up. I was then asked to confirm the email address on my Paypal account. I've got 3 email addys registered to the Paypal account I used. Logged onto Paypal whilst on the phone to them, and read out all 3. Apparently I tried too many times, and she was 'not prepared to follow through with the order.' *Bangs head against wall* Being disabled on a low income I can't afford a car, so shopping is a real pain in the bum for me. Online shopping is a bit of a lifesaver at times, so this is a massive inconvenience.
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