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  1. Have rec'd postcard today from link - please call helen urgently on ..... This shows Link Financials co name and address. Now can someone tell me if i've seen somewhere on cag that they are not suppose to do this or am I mistaken?
  2. VERY POOR 0-560 POOR 561-720 FAIR 721-880 GOOD 881-960 EXCELLENT 961-999 Thats the rating explained in experian. I am rated as fair but couldn't open a current account, have 1 default, so to be honest I think getting these credit scores are a complete waste of money and I believe the banks have there own way of scoring.
  3. How many other test cases are to be heard and when? Hopefully they won't be like this one, surely it will be a different ball game when dealing with an unenforceable CCA.
  4. Not all applications - some only state sharing if they discover fraud of the application and if there is insurance applied for. They do not state on how your account is handled;). Therefore if there is only an application form without prescribed terms and the sharing on your account handling they surely can not process.
  5. Yes lee32uk, it would be useful to know who you would forward a complaint to, as the ICO told me only 6 years required:x Your not barging in lee, the more we learn the better for us all;-)
  6. Thank Cymruambyth & ukaviator - At least now I can point the bank in the right direction when they insist they only need to keep 6 years.
  7. Can someone point me in the direction of where it states banks have to keep all your data upto 6 years after close of account. What does this data cover, is it just agreements or does it cover everything, statement, tel com records etc. I have looked on the Information Commissioners website and it just state financial institutions have to keep 6 years but doesn't state after close of account. Actually spoke to someone at ICO who informed me that banks only need to keep 6 years, I commented "that's 6 years after close of account" his response "no I don't think so, just 6 years". Aaahh - like trying to get blood out of a stone whenever you speak to any of the so called governing bodies. Anyway, if someone could clarify this I'd be grateful:)
  8. One of the tricks is partial or short settlement then they sell the rest on, they never to seem to agree to full & final - this is one of the reasons experienced caggers always recommend that you get in writing that its full & final settlement and that CRAs are shown as F&F. Short settlement unfortunately doesn't mean Full & Final.
  9. Yes I noticed that too, hopefully will be educating him/herself on correct regulations;)
  10. From my experience with NastyWest I wouldn't bother contacting them. They will not respond anyway. Wait for them to contact you.
  11. Hi Massamum, I've responded to you PM. Have Link or MBNA sent a letter at all stating that the agreement has ended. My understanding is that if sold to a dca then the agreement has terminated - but I maybe wrong. Hopefully someone will confirm if it's the case. Glad to hear everything has been quite for you with Link. Hope you have recovered from you Op:) Take care Joemay
  12. Hi Carp so sorry to hear what's happened - hope you recover quickly. As all have already said take very good care of yourself. Best wishes Joemay
  13. Thats a smart move Vialli. Glad to hear your feeling well:D. All the best. Joemay
  14. Hi vialli69, I hope you are well. Firstly I don't think you will have all your debts written off due to illness, you think they would consider it, but not sure if they do. OH's health worker wrote a letter which was sent to all creditor's but no offer of write offs i'm afraid. They should however take into account your mental state of health when dealing with your case, but again this isn't guaranteed. My advise to you would be go down the CCA route; are they in the prescribed terms. Once you receive the CCA's scan to your relevant threads and let the experts on here have a look. If they're not compliant you will get great advise and support to fight them. Now about you: Do you have a health worker who is supporting you? If not get one, speak to your consultant. Regarding your financial situation, I've looked at your other thread which states your are receiving JSA. Are you receiving all the benefits you are entitled to. Are you receiving DLA - disability and careers allowance- your health worker will help you with this. vialli69, you maybe able to get your debts declared unenforceable if the CCAs aren't compliant. But if they are compliant they can't take anymore than you have. If they take you to court a judge would probably only allow £1 pcm to your creditors considering that you are on benefits. Take care of yourself and don't forget get the CCA request off and get them checked out on here. All the best Joemay
  15. Manc, start saying that out loud - but don't forget to buy your ticket
  16. Hi Manic, Have been reading your thread with interest. Have there been any further developments?
  17. Yes this seems to be common practice, was actually told this by the CAB.
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