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  1. If you have started getting calls from this number it is Vanquis Bank.. Seems to be their lastest pest line number
  2. If there not addressed to you why are you even reading them, its an offence to open others mail. If its not your post just bin it or mark "Not At This Address" and stop getting in a flap about it. The more you write to them the more crap they send out. just ignore the planks
  3. Well its been over 12 months since anybody contacted me about this account. I thought Mukies would have been the end of the trail, but alas not, there is a lower form of life after all. SNOTCALL They emailed me before, don't know where they get my email address from though. Not had visitors for a while, I must get some earl grey and a sponge cake. LOL scotcall limited Spectrum House, 3rd Floor 55, Blythswood Street, Glasgow, G2 7AT Tel: 0844 257 8555 Fax: 0141 248 6616 Email: collections@scotcall.co.uk Opening hours: 08:0
  4. Sometimes totally innocent transactions such as EBay or a cash withdrawl can trip the banks anti-fraud software and freeze an account. What I find hard to believe here is that the bank will not discuss the reason with you. Have you been in to your branch to see the manager?
  5. Did you record the call? If not get their acceptaance in writing or they will just deny ever agreeing to anything.
  6. Do you have this refusal in writing? Are you dealing direct with SLC or Thesis (Link Financial)?
  7. Catalogues are not priority debts. If you have offered an afordable amount and are paying it regulary then keep this arrangement up regardless of what they say. There threats are all hot air, they will go no where near a court if you are making payments, no matter how small. NEVER EVER speak to any of them on the phone. If they ring refuse to answer their security question and tell them in writing only. Their tool is your fear. There is nothing to fear, if they don't like what you offer, tough, just pay it. Also get all the late payment over limit charges credited back to th
  8. Do people actually write to these fleecers? I wonder if the increase will work in the detors favour as the cash strapped DCA's struggle to make ends meet, so no money for stamps
  9. All hot air. Usual DCA cobblers to get you to make a payment. If I rang you and said " its alf from alf's collection service, give me all your personal details." You would tell me to bugger off. Do the same to Crapyquest. You don't have to tell them anything. personally I wouldn't pay them anything either, but thats up to you.
  10. Paypal did there own years ago don't know if they are still available https://www.paypal-press.co.uk/content/detail.aspx?releaseid=117&newsareaid=2
  11. The person selling the vehicle must complete section 6 'new keeper or new name/new address details' of the V5C. Both you and the seller need to sign the declaration in section 8. It is the responsibility of the person selling the vehicle to send it in to DVLA. They should then hand you the V5C/2 section appropriately filled in.
  12. eBay are a law unto themselves. You are flogging a dead horse trying to get them to listen. They always find in favour of the buyer. Wrong I know, but had this many times with chargebacks through Paypal.
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