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  1. Has been 4 years since my last post on this thread, and tonight I got a call from Argos Card Services. I told them I would not discuss anything over the phone and they would need to write to me, so they said, we will write to you and tell you to phone us. I said "no, I will be doing everything in writing" This is easily Statute Barred by now
  2. I believe it is 6 years since your last payment/acknowledement of account with them
  3. I cant see her applying for credit for a few years, so at least waiting until it is SB'd is probably the best idea, Thanks
  4. As mentioned on another thread. Upon checking my wife's credit file, Barclays have changed her status to deceased ???? This seems to have been done back in 2009 The account will become SB'd in May next year, so not sure if I want to rock the boat
  5. Upon checking my wife's credit file, Arrow Global have changed her status to deceased and the account settled ???? This seems to have been done about a year ago, how can they do this without evidence? Barclays have also done this to another account on her credit file
  6. I would estimate around April 2014 to be on the safe side
  7. Fast forward almost 3 years and I now get a letter from DLC acting on behalf of Hillesden Securities (Formally Lloyds TSB) offering £10 a month or pay 50% and write the rest of it off. Am still waiting for my CCA request from over 4 years ago !!!!! Also there is no trace whatsoever on the credit reports????
  8. Apparently my wife is dead !!! That is according to the latest letter we got from Phillips & Cohen on behalf of Britannica Recoveries S.a r.l- Arrow Bunch of numpties probably think we will phone up and say she isnt dead, but will let them think what they want!!
  9. 3 Years later and this has now been passed to Arrow Global
  10. Hi CB Yes we are bound by a confidentiality clause Thanks
  11. Hi The only comment I can make about this thread now, is that the case has been dismissed. Thanks for everyone's help on this thread and of course the existence of CAG
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