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  1. I agree. But I think maybe a thread should be opened to prompt people to donate. How many of us are willingly to put a pound in a box/bucket when someone is collecting for worthy charities such as Cancer Research, Children in Need etc, etc. Open a thread, (with the link for donations in so that people don't have to go searching for it) and also ask for suggestions on other ways to generate donations, that way you'll always keep up the discussion and prompt caggers to donate.
  2. If the asked to use the toilet I would point them in the direction of the nearest curb or bush:D
  3. this made me chuckle (does chuckle count here, or is it just smile:confused:) You're doing it wrong, cat! - Animal Antics videos from MEview
  4. Hi Desigaand, If she's not an additional card holder, you've got no worries they can't touch her account. But if she is....... I had the same question, but being an additional card holder on OH credit card. I have posted below quote from my thread. I haven't managed to speak to anyone at FSA to confirm if they can or can't take money from a wife/husbands account, if they are an additional card holder on a credit card. Don't want to spook you but if the FOS are stating as below, who knows what the banks will or will not do:eek: One thing I do know is the credit card company in question are trying to claim that the credit card is a joint account:eek: which it certainly is not. I will try and get the FSA's take on this and i'll be sure to let you know. All the best Joemay
  5. Hi sussex1, It has been suggested on other threads that until you receive notice of termination or a letter confirming agreement has ended/terminated, then you shouldn't just assume that it has, they (banks/DCA's) can always state that the account wasn't actually terminated. Have you had a letter confirming termination?
  6. Original default, can't have 2 for same account. Did OC place default & then later DCA?
  7. I suggest you contact your OR and ask him to explain this. Sounds a bit odd though, if banks can still chase for debt then whats the point of bankruptcy. It would be helpful to others if you could post his explanation of this change in legislation.
  8. The way situations are with banks at present, it seems people who haven't ever requested SAR, CCA's are having their overdraft limits reduced. Can't see why they would get upset just because you have requested something that you are entitled to for all they know you may have mis-laid all your statements and need copies of them;)
  9. Just wanted to wish you good luck. I personally find this bank useless - they never responded to any letter which were sent from CAB or myself. They make me laugh with their slogan "Helpful Banking" they only seem to help themselves. On one of my statements there was a default charge, but at no point did I receive a default notice, and I don't honestly believe that they every issued it. I hope to be challenging this in the not to distant future. I'm sure you'll get all the help you need, so that one day you'll get the opportunity to rub that cake in their face:p All the best Joemay
  10. Don't thank me Spam, thank you - your the one that's been extremely helpful and supportive. Yes I did get it up and running, that's a hugh weight off my shoulders. Thanks again.
  11. Sorry Vint I can't tip your scales again need to spread around first:?
  12. Thanks Vint always there when I need you, you too Spam, consider your scales tipped:D
  13. Hi Vint, No actually, they haven't sent any letters or text's addressed to me, everything address to OH. To be honest haven't responded quickly as I can't see how the hell they could make me a joint account holder, because I'm not I know I never applied for credit card with them, application form only has OH details. As far as I know credit cards aren't joint accounts they only have additional cardholders. Anyhow, I know I've been told not to bother responding to their complaint letter, but I kinda want to - I'm fed up with banks pointing out to us that we are mis-informed or are wrong - I'd quite like the satisfaction of sending a letter telling them they are wrong and are doing the mis-informing. Thinking of sending letter from OH saying although helifax have stated they have done a THOROUGH INVESIGATION they clearly haven't. 1. Not joint account - refute this and tell them they are trying to misguide & confuse which goes against OFT guidlines:p 2. **Revolking license under english common law doesn't apply to debt collection - They need to provide written evidence, Until then it still applies that OH has revolked license:p ** can someone confirm that only a judge can decline this revoke of license and that there isn't something somewhere where it states "doesn't apply to debt collection"* want to end the letter stating that all of the other points in OH original letter still stand, but don't quite know how to word that. Obviously if you guys think this is a big mistake then just yell. Thanks:-D
  14. Should the letter come from OH or should the letter come from me, considering that they are stating Joint Account, therefore suggesting that I may be liable, which we all know they can't as I most definately have not signed a CCA with them!
  15. OH rec'd a letter from Halifax informing him that the common law quoted doesn't cover debt:eek: Yeah right:rolleyes:
  16. Sorry Diddy, but shouldn't the letter state unlawful rescission, not unlawful repudiation as posted by pinky69:
  17. Hi mikexlr8 OH has had a similar situation, dodgy DN. Sent a CCA request of to them, they returned a copy of an unenforceable "application form" with a cover letter stating that the agreement has ended, which in my eyes is confirming they have terminated the agreement. I have had some great advise from caggers and have acted by making a complaint to helifax, even pointed out that they have unlawfully rescinded the agreement their response: they can't find any record/confirmation on their file??? Take a look here it's a little long winded but may be of interest to you. All the best. Joemay
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