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  1. Hello, Hoping someone has experience here... I recently moved house within the same region and having for the first time checked my UU bill online (previously used paper and didn't pay that much attention) have noticed that my account is more than £200 in credit. UU are still taking a monthly amount... so question is, is this money mine and are UU obliged to refund it? Thanks!
  2. No they won't because they (DCA and the bank who is the original creditor) confirmed in written letters and a recorded telephone conversation that the alleged debt is written off. The terms they accepted in my F&F letter were: "This offer is made on the clear understanding that, if accepted, neither xxxx, xxxx, or any other associate company or debt collection group will take any other action to enforce or pursue this alleged debt in any way whatsoever and that I will be released from any liability."
  3. I have a letter signed by the DCA confirming F&F settlement of a specifie amount stating the account is now closed would be marked as "partial settlement" on my credit file.
  4. I settled because 1. I owed the money and 2. I want to get a morgage in the next couple of years. All the bases were covered and it's written off with all the correct procedures and paperwork in place. Your site team? Wow. If anyone wants to chip in with anything helpful or constructive please feel free.
  5. Hello, I cleared a long term debt several weeks ago but the DCA hasn't informed CRA's ... is there any way I can make them do this or speed it up? Thanks.
  6. I just called Halifax and they tranferred me to Blair, Oliver & Scott. They say the account is scheduled for "write off" but they are way behind in updating accounts. Huh?? Anyway, the lady at BOS claimed she would email someone about this.
  7. Hi all-- Finally settled a long-term (alleged) debt with Halifax for 50% of the principle via IQOR. Please see attched letter which confirms. How do I now go about improving my credit score/file as I want to start applying for a morgage with my partner next year. I settled 7 weeks ago but it doesn't appear any CRA has updated their records. I use Equifax. Thanks...
  8. Bump. Anyone any idea how to address this. Thanks.
  9. If you Google map GPB it's a farm house in the middle of no where.
  10. UPDATE: Letter today from Moorcroft "accounts dept" asking me to provide I&E, proof of income, list of creditors and balances owed, a reason for the offer, and where the funds are coming from. Should I answer these Qs? Thanks.
  11. Yup--I think for me partially settled will improve my credit file enough to be more appealing to a lender. In this case, I feel I may be better off to settle, unless anyone has any ideas?
  12. Dodgy defaults is still a hazy area, Mould. The bank/DCA has never responded to my letters stating the breech, they simply continue to send me the standard threat-o-grams from time to time. I think I am now at the stage where I want to settle as dragging this out any longer isn't going to repair my credit rating, even if this eventually becomes stat barred. I understand when writing a F&F letter that there needs to be a sentence with doesn't admit the debt. Perhaps a "without any admission of liability" type line?
  13. Most of it--based on the banks repudiation of agreement.
  14. I have an debt in dispute to RBS for £3600 and I am thinking about attempting to settle. The debt was for an unsecured loan which I fell behind on payments when I lost my job back in 09. There have been no payments since the dodgy default letter was issued that year. However, I need to improve my credit file now as I will be applying for a joint mortgage in the next three years. Moorcroft and Robinson Way have been chasing me for months--sometimes at the same time. Has anyone any experience of settling, what steps should I take, what is important to state in the settlement letter, any template letters you would recommend. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. The maximum I can raise in a lump sum to settle is about 1200.
  15. Thanks--can anyone suggest a clever letter I can fire off to them too? ;-)
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