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  1. Hi Massamum, It's been a while since i've been on CAG, and I was so sorry to read this thread, it's sounds like you've had a really hard time and yes these companies are always out to make a fast buck - a very large fast buck! Just wanted to say, having to give up your home isn't easy- it's stressful trying to keep it and heartbreaking to hand over to someone else, but believe me life really does get better when all that stress is no longer on your shoulders. Enjoy your new home and take care of yourself. Joemay
  2. Yes well said Diddy - if the creditor says that a debtor has breached their contract they terminate without discussions or giving you a truly realistic chance of putting it right - so rules is rules and that works both ways.
  3. Never going to have a mid life crisis, refused to have any more Birthdays after my 29th:rolleyes:
  4. It's not a previous address its one we moved into after application date, I suppose it's irrelevant really, what's important is it's the incorrect address - Am I correct in thinking this.
  5. Fabulous, I shall keep it well and truly under my hat;) As always DD thanks for looking in and helping with OH situation. So now do we wait for the claim to drop on the door mat? Looks as if Robbers Way are going to start to get heavy with the letters, do we: 1)Ignore 2)ask them to refer back to OC 3) or something else?? All comments welcome:D
  6. Hi darlo tom, Yes Triton are a nasty bunch. Although unbelievable I did manage to speak with a pleasant woman. If you're looking to pay it off, and your Dad can help I suggest you let them know that your father is willing to help you. But he needs time. Get your father to transfer the money from his account, that way there will be a third party involved and a paper trial, it's to ensure that they never come back trying to claim that it's not been paid.
  7. Gosh what's happened, have you all been that naughty that you've been banished to the cellar:eek:
  8. Take a look at my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/197540-bos-halifax.html, if it's of a similar situation to ours, then you should take a look at the letter which DD kindly provided, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/197540-bos-halifax-11.html#post2738145 you could adapt and send to robbers way. Hope it helps
  9. Don' want to hi-jack your thread mikexlr8, so nks22 will post on your thread.
  10. It's http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/197540-bos-halifax.html
  11. Hi Natalie, Can I ask where all the debts with DCAs or still with the OCs.
  12. Update, Have rec'd a reply from Helifax, they've sent a copy of the Application form and 2 sets of T&C's (reconstituted). Interestingly, the T&C's which I presume are the historic ones have our last address, not the address which is on the application form. Does this help in anyway?? There is a lot of waffle in the letter but don't feel I need to list these as we've heard it all before, you haven't disputed before, blah, blah... But would appreciate comments/help for the following: They state: "The prescribed terms are present in all of the versions of the agreemen
  13. Bump - Good for you not rolling over and making them work
  14. Hi Mikexlr8, just bumping this for you. OH rec'd a response from Helifax and I will be posting it later on my thread, can't really work out if they are going to be seeking legal action or if they're just going to continue chasing and marking CRF. Anyway, hope someone comes along soon to give you some advise. Joemay:)
  15. There are gifts specially for teachers. You can get plates or mugs with the teachers name, class name and a message printed on, they also supply a special pen so that all the children can sign the item. I know a good site that sells them but not sure if I can post it on here.
  16. budge up Elsa Oh cocktails lovely, luckily I have straws (which I was going to make a model out of if I was alone on the naughty step) but now I can put them to better use. Sorry I forgot my voddy but promise to bring next time.
  17. Thanks DD - yes it's absolutely ridiculous the naff judgement:mad: So do I not respond to "we need to hear from you with your proposals ........... within 10 days" and just sit tight 'til proceedings commence:(
  18. OK Update, DD kindly posted a response letter requesting copies of documents (Civil Procedure Rules 1998: Pre-Action Protocols) in response to robbers way letter. Have now received a copy of a credit card application (signed) with no prescribed terms or terms & conditions attached from robbers way with letter "we need to hear from you with your proposal for settlement". No mention of any other documents that they would use as evidence in court. To go over again 1. No CCA 2. Defective DN not enough time given with DN 3. Letter confirming account has been terminated (but no t
  19. Mikexlr8, I've sent the same letter to Robbers way, we've now rec'd a letter from Halifax saying their Customer services are looking into it and will get in touch soon? I recommend you send the letter at least if it goes to court you can show that you have acted correctly and they just ignore you;)
  20. Hi DD Thanks for posting the BANK OF SCOTLAND -v- ROBERT MITCHELL case, I have been racking my brians to remember this one, because OH's situation is exactly the same, and this will no doubt be useful in the not to distant future, robbers way appear to have handed back to HBOS:p
  21. Do not worry too much, and certainly don't let debt ruin your life. You may feel confused & mixed up now, but in time with some reading on this site and the help you will get, you'll feel a lot less stressed. You've come to the right place for help.
  22. Wrote to OC accepting unlawful recission, they wrote back stating they have checked their file and they can't see that it's been done:confused: and would I be kind enough to send them a copy of their letter:mad: (er no - I have much pressing matters to deal with). If you are making any payments to the OC/DCA's, you should stop, this will also be confirmation that you have accepted their UR. If they come flying back at you (at a later date) stating that you'd made payments after termination, you just point out that you didn't really understand at the time, but once it was pointed out to yo
  23. Are you sure its "REAL" might be an idea to post here (removing identifying info) so it can be checked out.
  24. Elsa, Yeah battling on! I'm not bad. How you doing honey, I haven't been around for a while, so haven't had time to catch up on everyone's threads hope all's going well with your battles. Noticed your still wearing the dark specs;)
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