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  1. They do. If you look very carefully DCA is mentioned. They searhced my files too and when I complained to Equifax the just weren't interested because it was a Table 2 search which doesn't affect you credit rating. It was an Unclassified search so Equifax don't even know the reason for the search. It drives me mad that a company I've never heard of in my life can do this without any consent given. Who are they? Why is there no info anywhere about them????
  2. I have been inundated over the last week with 'robotic' phone cals from CSL (02087634575). The metallic voice says this is a message for Ms XXXXXX then instructs you to call CSL urgently quoting reference number XXXXXXX. I ignored them originally but they were becoming so annoying I called to complain. They kept me hanging on for 10 minutes then when I got through to an agent I told her I was receiving these calls for someone who does not live at my address and I wanted them to remove my number from their database. She checked the phone number and said 'so are you not Ms XXXXXX? and I said no, I most certainly was not, she then said 'Is that XXXXXX Street?' I said it was and she replied 'so is that not number 17?' (it isn't) then she said 'so what house number is that?' Fed up with her by now I told her it was none of her business, I am not the person she is looking for and please remove my number from the database. She apologised for the 'inconvenience' and said she would do that. Haven't had any more calls yet, but what I do know is that CSL are chasing Ms XXXXXX at number 17 in my street!!! Big time breach of DPA, scary isn't it?
  3. Same thing has happened to me. I sold an item on Ebay yesterday for £175 and the buyer paid instantly. Got an email from Paypal as follows; OK to send Payment Status: CompletedThe money from the payment you received is being held temporarily for up to 21 days. During this time the money will show as pending and you won't be able to access it. Your funds will be released after 21 days, providing your buyer hasn't reported any problems. We may be able to release the money sooner if we can confirm that the item was delivered or, if this is an eBay item, your buyer leaves you positive feedback. To help speed up the process, please take the following steps: Check below to see if this transaction is eligible for seller protection. For more information, see our tips on how to sell securely Send to the buyer's address as stated on this page If your item is over £150 please use a postage service which offers signature confirmation Save all proof of postage, and email tracking information I have a 100% feedback on Ebay, never had any problems with sales or purchases. Yet Paypal are telling me to post the item and they will get around to giving me my money when the buyer leaves positive feedback!! Bearing in mind that when the payment was made they immediately took their cut. What if the buyer is one of those people who forgets to leave feedback or does their feedback once every month or two? This is a great money maker for Paypal,. I have made a formal compaint and told them I am informing Trading Standards and the Financial Ombudsman. Where do I sign up for this class action against this bunch of thieves????
  4. Martin said that the FSA issued guidance on hostile responses to reclaiming charges, I have trawled through their website and can't find reference to it anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction please? I'm about to write to Vanquis and like to know what I am talking about when quoting things!
  5. Thank you for the replies. I agree their response is hostile, hiking up interest rates AND introducing an annual £25 fee for just having the account, or requiring payment in full and closing the account and I still don't know what they intend to do with the £168 refund. Should I write to them (don't want to call) informing them that this is a hostile response to my claim and report them to the FOS?? I have received another letter because I claimed PPI which Vanquis call repayment option plan which I cancelled a few months ago. I understand that you are unhappy as you feel the Repayment Option Plan was mis-sold. For training and security purposes Vanquis record all telephone calls mad to and from all departments. Having reviewed the call made on xxxxxxxx I can confirm that the agent offered to include the plan on the above account. It was on this call that you agreed to have the Repayment Option Plan set up on your account. Therefore the charges which have been applied to monthly statements since the account was opened have been correctly applied. For your information, the agent fully described the benefits of this plan and how much the plan would cost. You were also informed that further information regarding the Repayment Otpion Plan would be issued to you and therefore after reading this booklet and decided that the plan was not suitable for you, you could cancel the plan at any time. Further to this the agent did advise you during the call that this plan is not an insurance. Due to the above, I am unable to corroborate your claim that the Repayment Option Plan was mis-sold, therefore I regret that no refund is due. Brilliant!! I can't remember the call referred to. Also, All the time that I have had this account I have been medically retired on a small pension. I have had a chronic medical condition for many years. So would never be in a position of beig made redundant or losing my job. I am now retired on State Pension. Vanquis are really not pleased with me are they?
  6. I hate it too, it was fine the way it was. Pleeease make it the way it was before, it was so much more user friendly.
  7. Exactly Alf! I was wondering myself what would happen to that. As I say, I wanted it paid off my balance but the two options really have me baffled. Neither sound like what I want to do.
  8. I claimed my default charges from my Vanquis Credit Card and have received an offer of £168. I wanted this refund to be applied to my credit card balance but the letter they have sent says I have 2 Options. Option 1 We will vary your account to ensure that in future you do not incur the following fees: Late payment Charge Over Limit Charge Return Payment Charge Returned Credit Card Cheque Charge Tracing Charge As part of the variation to your account, your annual cash interest rate will be 59% and your annual purchase interest rate will be 54.9%. Your account will also be subject to a £25 annual fee. Full details will be provided by way of a Notice of Variation that will be issued once our offer has been accepted and the refund processed. Your account interest rates are currently at 47.89% for purchases and 53.95% for cash transactions. OR Option 2 Pay of the balance at your current rate of interest. You will not be able to use your card in future and it will be closed when the balance is repaid in full. To confirm your acceptance of this refund in full and final settlement of your claim in respect of default charges levied on the above account, please sign the enclosed acceptance form and indicate your choice of the two options. Is this their normal MO??? and is there anyone else who has had this experience with Vanquis?
  9. I tried posting this question earlier and have absolutely no idea why it came up with a blank page, sorry I have a current account with Natwest and so does my husband, both accounts are in good standing. We needed to open a joint account for bills etc and went to the branch to apply. I came home on Friday to a message on the answer machine from the Bank Manager. He said ' your application for a joint account has come back only offering a basic account, this is a result of our credit report checks, perhaps you might want to check your credit report and call me back, I am on holiday next week so just speak to Ms *******' I know this is for an old account which is in dispute and I have a default on my credit report which is due to fall off in September. As this is from a previous marriage, my husband doesn't know about it. I hope I am not over reacting, but anyone could have heard this message as it was on the family phone. The Bank Manager had my mobile number. Surely this is a breach of confidentiality at least and breach of Data Protection at worst?
  10. Agreed dx, they are 'speaking in tongues' is there anyone who has come up against this 'excuse' before???
  11. I am trying to get two Linked Addresses removed from my Experian credit report, one I have not lived at for 10 years and the other for eight years. I cannot for the life of me understand what they are on about.... This refers to the 10 year old address; they have asked me to add this old address to my profile????? I note you have not resided at this address for some time. You have, however, lived there as you registered yourself on the Electoral Roll at this address. Whilst you were there you closed one of your accounts. As it was no longer active, the details of this account were not transferred to your new address when you moved there. This is why we have advised you to add this address to your report profile. If you wish to see the details of this settled account, this is what you will need to do. This refers to the 8 year old address; FURTHER INFORMATION: Please can you confirm if you have ever lived at ********** I reiterate that you (or someone you have had a financial connection with) should have had a financial connection to an address for it to appear on your report. You do not ever have to have lived at the address for it to appear. I am demanding that they remove these addresses because I have not lived there for 8 and 10 years, longer than a CCJ for heaven's sake!!!
  12. I am having a similar dispute with Experian about this. They have addresses on my file I have not lived at for 10 years. I got this response; A linked address entry may appear more than once if there is more than one address in your CreditExpert profile. Although you may see the same linked address entry several times when you check your report, there is only one entry on our records. These entries are retrieved when we search your current address and again when we search each previous address. So please don't worry. Although you can see the same link more than once, when lenders look at your information they can only see the entry once at each address that they search. We keep linked address entries on your report for up to eight years from the date of registration with us. This is to ensure that any relevant financial information at your previous addresses is made available to lenders. They still haven't removed the addresses I complained about......ongoing
  13. The default has been recorded on my file for 6 years this month, although it is not statute barred, so it is due to expire. I have had the account in dispute for more than two years and that's when I stopped paying. I don't see how Mackenzie Hall can update on an expired default??
  14. Thanks guys, I've been reading about them on here and they seem to be the bottom of the feeding chain. They are searching the CRA's on my previous married name and on my old address. I'm thinking of complaining to Equifax as this bunch are searching without my knowledge or permission, and Wescot have sold them an account in dispute ..... Am I right in thinking that as Wescot's default will fall of my credit report at the end of the month that Mucky Hall can't register another one for the same debt?
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