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  1. Got a bit of an update, looks like no option but for set aside , going to file it in court tomm, (sorry for the long post, but its quiet humorous in parts ) Spoke to bw legal today who acted on behalf of lowells, to see if they would consent to a set aside/suspend the warrant without the unnecessary hassle and extra expense of filing an n244 set aside application I Spoke to a lady employee after my friend had passed all his security/data protection and passed the phone to me , she wasnt very helpfull, although she claimed she was trying to help (by claiming it w
  2. Hi guys, Thanks for quick response Yes the debt would have been stat barred at the time of claim issue The warrant letter is dated 29th June and says total to pay before 13th July is £172.25 (which im guessing is the bailiffs fees) with a balance outstanding after payment of the warrant of £230 Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, Bit of an update, It appears that this is a debt from about 8 years ago for a credit card He has not acknowledged it or paid anything on it for at least 8 years, hence the reason he had forgot all about it , It turns out a ccj was granted last year as no defence was submitted , ( he never received any paperwork) The first he has heard is this warrant, The debt would have been stat barred, I have just done a few quick calculations re his income etc , and its very unlikely he will qualify for fee exemption to set aside the judgement , so he will have to pay th
  4. Hi guys, Im hoping someone will be able to help me , 2 issues really, first one is he has no idea what its for and secondly its in the wrong name These are the details One of my friends has received a notice of issue of warrant of control with a total of £172.25 to pay with a further £230 balance outstanding , The notice was issued in in the county court business centre and the creditor is lowells Does that mean its a business debt they are chasing or a personal debt ? he has never had a business and doesnt have any personal debt that hes aware of The is genuine
  5. Thanks guys The alleged debt is for just under £6k I did also receive a notice of assignment when Cabot initially bought the debt, Do I just ignore Marlin or do I start a time wasting exercise in asking for proof/documents/ cca again etc Cabot have been chasing me for 2 years on this account, do Cabot not issue court proceedings in their own name? or is it just a tactic to try and make me think its a new DCA chasing the debt ? DB x
  6. Hi, we have had a few accounts sold to cabots, This alleged debt of just under £6k is for a credit card account which was opened in 2005, it was defaulted in 2009 , it went through various dca"s before finally being sold to cabot in 2012 There is no ppi on it, last payment/acknowledgement was Nov 2008 im presuming it becomes stat barred in 5 months Cabots have been sending me letter after letter, I went down the CCA route again and they supplied a recon with no signature, no varied terms etc I have since ignored any further letters from them , bu
  7. Thanks guys, Thats what im thinking, They made enough out of the loan repayments,£120 or as citizen B points out 34% on top as a so called establishment fee is way out of proportion Any suggestions on where to go from here, Am I right in thinking cash converters have a representative on here, ?
  8. Thanks, Would they have to tell him this in advance, and is there any guidelines/regulations they have to follow, ? surely each shop cant just pluck a figure from thin air and add it to the already sky high charges,
  9. I have the paperwork here in front of me,he took it out at a cash converters on our local high street Its go all the details, ie loan amount of £350 interest rate of 150% , and frequency/date of payments etc Also has establishment fee of £120 listed , my son has no idea what its for, and says he was unaware of it until I pointed it out to him, the first figure on the loan repayment sheet says £470 owing , ie the £350 plus the £120 "establishment fee " Thanks
  10. I recently found out to my dismay that my son had taken out a payday loan from cash convertors, The loan has now been paid back in full, obviously much more than he had borrowed, his initial loan was for £350, but £120 was added for "establishment fee" This took his loan upto £470, so he was already £120 worse off before he even left the shop, let alone the rip off interest he had to pay on top. Anyway, my sons stupidty aside, is this establishment fee which was added to the loan legal, ? how can they get away with adding almost a third to the loan before he had even left the sh
  11. I had the cca looked over on here a few years ago and the consensus was it was in the prescribed format, which then only gave me the dodgy DN to fight with, , but am I right in thinking a dodgy DN on its own is no longer viewed as a strong defence. DB X
  12. I have received a letter from 1st credit with a 70% discount full and final settlement, About a year ago they sent a letter offering 30% discount, then a few months later a 50% discount, now the 70% discount, I'm currently paying a small token amount of £5 each month and have done for about 2 years, it was for an unsecured bank loan taken out in 2008 and there is approx 17k outstanding.It was assigned to 1st credit in 2011 The cca appears to be compliant and has all prescribed terms etc,but the default notice was faulty in that it never gave the prescribed days to remedy, I'm just
  13. Thank you so much ladies/gents. I will keep the thread informed of progress DB x
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