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  1. the contract itself doesnt have to be 100% correct only implied i.e. if it is reasonable to believe at the time it was taken ut that an agreement was in place to repay the debt.... i dont think you will win this one, but that doesnt mean i dont hpe you do!! good luck
  2. you dont need a conveyencer to sell a property only to buy one. a solicitor wont cost a great deal as it is a straight forward siposal of asset and any cost savings made by you doing it yourself will be offset by the time it takes to learn and carry out!! if you will not have anough equity to clear all loans you could ask first plus for a reduced settlement but in all liklihood they will tell you to clear the loan with finance from elsewhere,
  3. what you have not said, is whther your loan was regulated or non regulated or when you took it out, Nemo specialised in secured second charges so unless you took the loan out after april 2009 OR took out a loan of less than 25k ten the above wont apply as they are outside of the CCA act
  4. im not new i joined when it started with about a dozen threads (and a dozen members i think) how times have changed
  5. call the custoemr service number not the arrears number, dont give them your account number, tell them you havent got time to go through DPA. then ask them for the details to make a payment online. Also, no offence but not speaking tot hem over the phone is a little tincy wincy bit childish,espcially when the reason it is in writing is probably to document arrears handling actions rather than to arrange positive payments.
  6. you dont need a standard letter. just write and ask for a VT and they will send you the info, they will tell you any balance owing which if more than 50% will be on there. failing that you will ow money de to loss of value of the car.. HINT 1: only agree to pay monies after the sale of the vahicle or HINT 2: if you know full well the car needs a lot of work have it done yourself
  7. defaults during insurance claims are too common for my liking, in defence of these companies it is there software that is the problem and they didnt write the software!! not that that helps you in anyway, but that is almost always the reason unless they have acted particularly irresponsibly
  8. all you have to do is send a written request and ask to voluntarily terminate the vehicle. if the vehicle is in good condition for its age and mileage and provided you are at the 50% mark there will be no further payment. Please please please please trust me when i say, take photos of your car and preferebly a video film of the outside and inside whilst the inspector is there checking it over. if you only tale one pice of advice in 2011 choose that pice right there!!! and dont worry, for all BCTs faults they will not try and trick you into a voluntary surrcnder .. i know ;-)
  9. there are a number of ways here, some a bit naughty, some not so, but i would strongly advise your wife speaks to her employer and asks permission to go bankrupt, it is questionable unless she works in finance and accounting whether it would even be a fair term. Whatever anyone says i refuse to accept that an IVA is a suitable arrangement for anyone given the long term nature and the fact it still does not supersede a secured debt. so i would avoid that at all costs. bankruptcy is not joint, never is, never will be, not even if you want it to be.
  10. Hi, yes i heard of them, yes its legal and no it does not affect your terms and conditions i hope you used your FSCS money to clear some of your loan balance though otherwise you are still paying for the policy!! EDIT and you loan has already been moved from Picture Financial PLC to Picture homeloans No.XXX so this is the second move
  11. A&L = Santander however santander only took liability of existing accounts on transfer, im sure A&L still have offices and should be abl to provide you with the info you need
  12. just so you know the FSA has prescribed compensation in these cases and i know for a fact the loan company will try and get away without paying out correctly so do not accept any offer that doesnt clear the finance!!!!!!!! i cannot emphasise that enough. the fsa states repay the premium repay historic interest repay 8% on payments claims and most importantly here "to pay for any claims for which the customer would reasonably have expected to be paid under the policy" so unless on the phone call they specifically used the line" you wll not be eligble for life cover because you are too old" then screw them to the wall
  13. you need to structure your maths here. firstly refund the premium simples then refund the interest on the premium called historic interest you need the AIR for this and NOT the APR until the date of settlement then, of your monthly payments, you need to work out the proportion that was used to pay for the PPI element of your loan and add 8% on this figure to the date of settlement. Add up all figures as of the date of settlement. then work out the number of days between TODAY and the date of settlemt and use this to work out your 8% use excel to make it easier for you you would be looking at no more than about double the PPI amount in all liklihood though that is a ridiculous interest rate so you may end up with a bit more.
  14. the banks argue ( and i have to say i agree with them) that they cannot be regulated retrospectively and hence the FSAs enforcement of sales practives surround PPI cannot be enforced upon them. now i am not saying i agree with ppi here as i do not, what i am saying is as bad as it all is, the regulator allowed these products and allowed claused such as limited rebates (or even no rebate at someponts) they allowed single premiums and they allowed banks to sell products in a certain way. Now they are telling them that they were wrong and therefor so were the bannks so the customer should get their money back. the banks are saying to the Judges, whatever the product, how can we be expectd to pay for a regulators error of judgement when we followed the rules. what they are NOT allowed to do and a statemnt was released yesterday to this effect, is simply refuse to investigate a complaint on the basis that they are participating inthe judicial review. They have to investigate the complaint as review or otherwise, the sale, for want of a better phrase may have been ****!
  15. im assuming this is now resolved as it is an old thread and the FSCS should have paid you by now and you should now have realised that they pay you directly and therefore the PPI remains on your loan unless you pay your FSCS compo into the debt
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