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  1. Yep can see that now sneaky ******** ! Well I know I have not paid for at least 2 years to my knowledge and certainly no payment arrangement in place
  2. Okay great advice.. .looking at some of the advice online regarding DN it is stating between 3-6 months . I need to check but if I have made a random payment after this time but nothing again I assume it should be 3-6 months from last payment before a DN can be issued ?
  3. How can I do this with Cap One ? Are you saying that the account should have been defaulted after the 3 months was up without payment. Also can I force them to change this if that is the case ? Thanks....
  4. one of the OC (Cap One) has just confirmed default date as of 7.2.2014 which is surprising as I had paid nothing for about 3 years got them to confirm again and gave the same date but thought it would be before that ! Even so Lowell have put date at june 2016 so one letter on it's way plus an adjustment on credit file..
  5. Well just to update I have had no correspondence from Lowell at all in fact gone very quiet. I am still trying to get the default dates from the OC's which are holding things up. Surprisingly I have not had a 50/60/70 % reduction offer from Lowell on those accounts I am awaiting CCA information on as I expected they would at least try and get whatever they could in terms of a payment !
  6. Okay got that now no more repeat questions guys ! :0) Thanks so far for the advice
  7. Thanks for that information. Looking at the letter from Cabot it is not actually headed NOA ! It is just a letter on Halifax headed paper stating that DCA is now the owner and all rights etc belong to them. Lowell just keeps sending a breakdown of statements , no NOA not even a letter from the original OC so I have sent them a prove it letter twice now. No payments have been made for a couple of years now. Halifax were being arses each time I contacted them about the charges ,plus account fees. One overdraft is for £750 with Cabot the other is £3k with Lowell . I can see Lowell forcing this one to court for that sum so disputing the charges first off will help plus if they go to court I can dispute that they have not complied with my request for them to prove the debt. Are they breaking data protection if all they send me is a breakdown of transactions on the actual account ?
  8. Forgive the repetitive questions but making sure i have this all correct as a number of issues : 1 DCA has not sent document from OC to state they are the new owner Both accounts have charges in them The default dates for both are incorrect hence the DF questions Thanks JJ
  9. So if it was assigned in 2016 they can set the date for this ? I thought that for default dates it had to be when the OC had originally defaulted account or is that only loans and CC ?
  10. [email protected] and Lowell have sent me documents showing transactions on both these accounts but no NOA or any letter from Halifax stating they have sold the debts so should these docs not be included ? Also Lowell have stated in their cover letter that account defaulted in 2014 but funny how on my CRA they have placed default as 2016 when they bought debt so contradicting themselves !
  11. Thanks for the swift reply ! They have also included all the transactions for this account so I can at least pick out the charges etc to try and bring the balance down . Is there anyway to dispute the account apart from charges etc ?
  12. Got it thanks ! Quick update from [email protected] who have bought one of my overdrafts from Halifax. They send a letter with a letter attached from Halifax to say [email protected] have purchased the debt in 2016 and can report my data etc etc .. is this in the proper format just one letter from Halifax ? Also is there a way to find out when Halifax wrote this account off and set a zero balance or is it best to call ? Also for copy of Demand/Termination Notice (Notice served under Sections 76(1) and 98(1) of the CCA1974) do I just write to the OC ? Are they obligated to send this or will it be like a CCA request and post with a £1 PO ? Thanks....
  13. So when I have the original default do I present it to the DCA or CRA ?
  14. Sorry can you clarify comms log ?
  15. Capital One - CC Vanquis - CC Halifax 2 x bank accounts both overdrawn lots of charges etc
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