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  1. yea it doesnt seem right, however, i guess the lesson to learn is to pay what you owe Thank you for all of your help - id be happy to send you a copy of my reponse if it would help
  2. sorry it took so long to reply back i went to the hearing about three weeks ago. Arrived and signed in, the solicitor heard me and seemed to look dismayed that i had turned up. I waved and said hello poiltely. Sat down - unfortunately the only free seat was near him. He leaned over and asked me if I needed to know anything, I politely said no thank you. He then said, there are a few more cases before ours so we probably would be waiting about 2/3 hours. I felt like he was trying to psych me out, I could be wrong - maybe he was jus
  3. Hi again, I have rewritten my response and intend to send it off tomorrow. I wondered if you would be prepared to have a read before \i do? No worries if not! Thank you
  4. Good morning, Yesterday received my hearing date so now I am re writing my statement to send to restons. Is it a continuation of my original witness statement that I used to defend the claim? Also am I ok to set it out in bullet point like I did with my original witness statement? Im not sure exactly which points to use to defend myself, I guess I need to go through the points on their statement? Getting really worried and expecting to lose but I will do my best Thank you
  5. Hi again, Hope i am ok to ask another question? Do I send this reponse now, while im awaiting correspondence from the court or do I wait until I hear from the court? Many thanks for your help!
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