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  1. Hi again, I have rewritten my response and intend to send it off tomorrow. I wondered if you would be prepared to have a read before \i do? No worries if not! Thank you
  2. Good morning, Yesterday received my hearing date so now I am re writing my statement to send to restons. Is it a continuation of my original witness statement that I used to defend the claim? Also am I ok to set it out in bullet point like I did with my original witness statement? Im not sure exactly which points to use to defend myself, I guess I need to go through the points on their statement? Getting really worried and expecting to lose but I will do my best Thank you
  3. oh sorry, I though i was meant to - sorry im easily confused! I mean ill wait until I get a letter
  4. Hi again, Hope i am ok to ask another question? Do I send this reponse now, while im awaiting correspondence from the court or do I wait until I hear from the court? Many thanks for your help!
  5. One other thing. Is it resonable to request the court to stirke out the claim on the grounds of Restons not offering anything new from when the cliam was stayed due to them not responding to my defence in time and on continuing to waste court time.
  6. ok, do i do this now before i hear anything from the court? Do I send the statement to both the court and restons? Sorry for all the questions!
  7. Ahh ok, thank you. So do I just sit tight and wait for the court to send me another letter? Thanks again
  8. Thank you for your comments so far. Can I ask how do I object to the paper only hearing please? Thank you
  9. Hi dx, Did you remove the pdf file my partner posted? Should I ask my partner to remove all cases no's, adress etc and upload once more?
  10. Hi, That is the full POC on the claim form: The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the defendant(s) under a contract between the defendant(s) and New Day dated on or about Jun 22 2015 and assigned to the claimant on Oct 05 2017 PARTICULARS a/c...…... Date Item Value 26/01/2018 Default balance 2003.26 Post Refrl Cr NIL Total 2003.96 The Restons WS is 105 pages long including letters etc. There are a lot of marbles statements in there plus letters from marbles, cabot and restons. Are you wanting them all minus the statements from marbles? Can I screen shot them and upload them? Thank you
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