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  1. Hi. It has been automated apart from the first time and they quoted my name and a reference number with which I was to quote when I phone them. So a letter is the best way to communicate with them? Should I ignore their calls? Thanks. Emma P.S Also meant to say I have moved house so should I inform them of that when I write using my new address?
  2. Hi. This is my first post on this particular forum so please bear with me. I received a phone call the other day from a Newman & Company who left a voice mail asking me to call them. I checked out on the internet who they were and realised it was probably to do with my ebay selling fees and paypal negative balance, the total of these outstanding debts being £55. At once I paid these and this restored my ebay account and my paypal balance is now in credit. I have spoken to them and advised them of us but they keep phoning. What can I do? Thank you for any help or advice.
  3. Hi. I am trying to find out how to get hold of old credit card information. I had a credit card with Alliance and Leicester back in 2005 which I now longer have but I cant remember any details about it, think it may have been a MBNA card. I want the details of it as I want to see whether I was paying PPI on it so I can claim if necessary. How do I find this information out? Thanks in advance for help. Emma
  4. Hi. I've been a visitor to this site for a short period of time but have taken the advice on PPI. I had a loan of £4,000 in September 2006 with Lloyds TSB with loan protection payments added thus totalling £5,209. I wrote to Lloyds last week to complain about the loan protection payments and have today received a letter telling me they have upheld my complaint and will A) Calculate a refund of the PPI monthly payments I have paid to date and B) calculate simple interest at 8% per annum on each of the PPI monthly payments. This is my offer. However I am instructed to sig
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