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  1. Perfect Home - CC Claim in process from JC International Got a claim form through relating to a Perfect Home agreement. Items for that agreement had been returned and I was notified the balance had been written off. Need to dig out docs for it. Just one question; I know some loans were written off as such for having unlawful PPI added etc. Is this the same for HP agreements which had those protection policies on?
  2. No... two PCNs for two separate offences on the same "stretch" literally minutes of each other
  3. They are all debts from 2014. No DCA contact yet. She's been keeping her head above water with them but as she fell pregnant 10 weeks ago, we're combining finances to some extent and some hard truths are hitting home. She is one month behind currently but there is no realistic way to pay once she is on maternity leave etc.
  4. Pay £30 for both? Seems excessive to charge literally within minutes of each other?
  5. Ok thanks. Tried doing it at work too but it's still essentially using the input box as a hyperlink. POST: My wife has £20k of debt from 2 HP (car) agreements, a bank loan, store card, 2 credit cards and a laptop. She has gone over her capacity for paying this back. We haven't been married for long so the scale of all of this was kept hidden from me for some time but hey, it's one of those things. My credit was shot to pieces by companies like Turnbull Rutherford (blast from the past) but over the past few years has been getting better. I'm in a position to apply for a mortgage in my own name etc. Anyway, my wife earns £1100 after tax etc. Her debts, on a monthly basis, equate to around £600+ per month. I'm thinking at this stage she is best declaring bankruptcy. She has gone way over her head with this. No idea what kind of finance institutions were carrying out credit checks to allow her to be in this much debt but it's the situation she's in and one I have inherited because I love her and don't want for this to affect our relationship. Does anyone have any advice on whether this would be a positive step for her bearing in mind she has no assets, no career which would ever require bankruptcy being a problem and cannot afford to repay the amounts they are demanding per month. All other attempts at negotiation etc have failed with the finance depts of the respective companies and, to be honest, I already have a lot of maintenance payments to make and my education fees to cover so it's not realistic for me to take on these debts. Thanks in advance. V
  6. Hi, I'm trying to create a new thread in Formal Solutions: Bankruptcy, Administration Orders, Debt Relief Orders and IVAs Can someone please look into it? Whenever I try and click on the Title thread; it returns me to the sub forum. Same when I try and click on the area to create the main body of text. Thanks,
  7. Hi, Two bus lane contraventions 3/4 minutes apart. No choice but to lead into the second one as the only right turn available is into the bus paddock/one way system (in the wrong direction). No PCN received initially. Sent email once a demand type letter was sent. This is what I've managed to scan for both at the moment. I can obtain the other letter and scan for Friday. Can anyone assist with this or should both just be paid? Seems disproportionate to me in any event. Thanks,
  8. Personally I think they will hold me at fault judging by their attitude. Could just be an expensive lesson. I just don't see how my current company can justify raising a premium based on something that "might" happen in the future. Not precisely sure what risk they are opening themselves up to regardless but hey, it's a screwed up world.
  9. Ok great stuff. I'll see what I can do!
  10. Hi I told them I was in between addresses and they said as long as my work address was ok, it would all be fine. My ex wife cancelled DDs without me knowing and when they tried to take a payment they gave a notice letter which, again, she did not pass onto me. It's been a nightmare of a divorce. Anyway, they cancelled insurance and refused to reinsure. I was pulled the day after it was cancelled. So I went to another company, they agree to insure me and the premium was £1200 based on the IN10 I am going to get in the future (I still don't have one 5 months later - no idea what the courts are playing at but there we are).
  11. I was caught without insurance. The company wrote to me cancelling the policy at my ex-wifes house and she didn't notify me (I was between addresses at this point - no fixed abode). I have still not been through any court process and while it is likely I will be getting an IN10 in the future, my insurance company want to charge me from the date the incident occurred despite no court process yet finding me guilty. Is this correct? Have insurance companies suddenly become Judge, Jury and Executioner? My insurance went up from £385 to £1200. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Vin
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