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  1. As I said the relationship ended on bad terms and this included violence. The arrears arose after the break up. I want to appeal it as I fear for my safety it's really that simple. The amount owed is £499 from last year and £1400 from this year including charges. I informed the council of the separation when arrears started but he is still apparently named on the account.
  2. I am in desperate need of some advice please. Up until Christmas my debt was in control but over Christmas I split with my husband and things have become hard. Today I received 2 attachment of earnings orders from the council applied to my estranged husband. This is going to cause me a whole load of issues with him and none pleasant. Can I appeal this or even have this attached to my earnings. He gets paid in 3 weeks so I don't have long to sort this out. I am petrified as the relationship ended on bad terms.
  3. My husband had a debt which was taken to court a CCJ given and an attachment of earnings put in force. The first payment has been taken from his salary BUT he cleared this debt 3 weeks ago in a full and final settlement with the solicitor. How do we get this money back as it is not owed and stop further payments being taken? Solicitors have said courts have been informed but not sent anything to us confirming any of this as of yet
  4. Also will I be informed if they apply to tell courts to have the possession order enforced and will I be able to fight it. What really annoys me apart from getting into this situation again is that I can clear all arrears and payments which will become due in 29 days!
  5. Looking back I believe it was June 2010. My arrears were cleared for quite some time in 2012 until the last 18 months where things have been difficult.
  6. Sorry I have been inundated with getting the kids back to school but will be talking to my mum on Saturday so will start the fossil complaint. I now have my own issues with them so any help on my other thread as well would be great
  7. I have been so busy trying to help my parents that I forgot my own mortgage. I am currently in arrears by £1095. I will be making a payment of £700 tomorrow bringing arrears to under 1 month. Today I have received a notice of change of legal representation from the courts with a case number. Am I being taken to court for repossession. This is all I have received and I am worried. On 1st October my arrears will be £795 and I can pay this off on 15th so I know I can sort this out in the next 4 weeks. I have not called them but am panicking that they have got a court date that I don't know about and I could lose my home as I will not know when to attend. Any advice greatly appreciated. My monthly payment is £401 and interest only.
  8. Thanks for your reply, they have advised her that their solicitors have now issued court proceedings and that the paperwork should be with them within the next few days, this is the first time she has been told this and has asked on many occasions. As far as I am aware there have never been any court proceedings issued at least I know she has never been to court for anything ever! I have told her that she should continue to make payments towards the arrears as well as maintain current payments, but not to kill herself doing so, she has gone from 37.5 hour weeks to 62 hour weeks and at 62 its making her ill. One thing she is really worried about is when the hearing will take place as she has to go away for a wedding which was paid for a year ago and is worried it will be when she is away. How long do courts usually give between issuing proceedings and actually having a court date (hope that makes sense). I am hoping its at least 3 weeks that gives us time for her to get back from this wedding she is dreading and to make her next payment that's due, plus more off the arrears. I don't like to be too hopeful but feel that she would be in safer hands going to court than leaving her fate to Acenden!
  9. I am writing for some advice on behalf of my mother. She has been struggling to reduce her mortgage arrears down to a level where Acenden would make an arrangement. Her arrears were initially at the beginning of August around £5,300 and now stand at £3500 approx. Her mortgage payment per month is £863. When she first started talking to them they advised her that she would have to pay £2200 plus her monthly payment in order for them to consider an arrangement. Now she has paid her monthly instalment plus around £1800 and she called them to see if they would come to an agreement and they have now decided to up the ante and tell her that she needs to pay a further £1500 plus the monthly instalment before they will consider and that they have issued court proceedings. My dad is retired and my mum has been working extra shifts and nearly killing herself to get the extra money. There mortgage only has another 7 years to run but should be paid off when my mum claims her NHS pension in 3-5 years. Acenden are being completely unhelpful and really starting to get to her and make her ill. Any advice would be very gratefully received as to what she should do please as she is now panicking about the court papers dropping through her door.
  10. Thank you all. I will certainly be checking when I receive my wage slip. If I am right and they have paid over the odds from the 2nd order which knowing my luck I will not see again, how does this order get stopped? Do the council notify my employer that only 1 order now needs paying or do I have to do anything? I suppose looking at it in a positive way at least by April the whole thing will be done
  11. Thank you I had a feeling that it was the 2nd one causing the issue. I should have my wage slip tomorrow and am guessing that the 2nd aoe has been paid in full now plus some! If this is the case can I apply to get this overpayment back and the 2nd aoe stopped as it is now clear? Would I contact the LA for this? Thanks again your replies have given me some hope!
  12. Thanks Andy I read the thread first but couldn't see the answer to my question. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you see it I know how much they are going to take as they have done so. I had based my budget on all the info I could gather and just about found a way to get by but with the extra they seem to have taken I literally feel sick which is why I want to know if I can appeal or do anything about the amount as it is far greater than 17%
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