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  1. It's not Very is it? (4 asterisks in your e-mail and they have been mentioned recently in the media for a complete hash of handling Mothers Day flower orders / deliveries).
  2. And you have had confirmation from the prospective employee that these three 1 month late markers were the ACTUAL reason you had your job offer retracted? You do realise CallCredit only show selective credit history, you would need all your credit files (inc. full Experian and Equifax reports to get your complete history, and 6 years worth of addresses). I cannot really see (though obviously cannot definitively comment on behalf of the company) on how three 1 month late markers would lead to job offer being retracted. A default, CCJ's, CAIS, CIFAS or strings of 2 or 3 months arrears then perhaps. I would suggest that you contact the company who declined you and ask them some further questions. I have been in situations like this plenty of times, mortgage applications, credit and loan applications, job referencing etc. and like many of the population have missed an odd payment here and there purely through oversight, these have never stopped me obtaining employment or financial services. So I would suggest further investigation as they may have had access to, or seen information that you have yet to see (whether it's been placed correctly or incorrectly is an entirely different matter).
  3. To cut a long story short, I moved address end of August this year, all my credit card companies / banking accounts were happy to accept change of address via their website / online facility. Excepting 1 company whom would only accept COA in writing. Duly sent letter confirming new address and have since received statements at my new address. I have in the last few days requested further finance from this company and only during a telephone conversation this evening discovered that they did not receive, or more likely did not correctly process my change of address. This meant they were not willing to offer further finance products to my new address as according to them it is still unverified. I have, however been receiving postal statements with personal financial information from this company to my new address. I am dealing with them and sending for a second time the requested confirmation, but surely if they are saying my new address in unverified, they should not have been sending personal information to an unverified address? Can anyone with any knowledge on this advise if they have been contravening the Data Protection Act by sending statements to an address they consider as unconfirmed, as I am due to send them a harsh e-mail in the morning with regard to this.
  4. Is this account in arrears? As txtloan only offer £100 fixed loans for 1 week as a rule.
  5. British Gas do - and others are set to follow suit.
  6. I believe 'Service Charge' is their way of making 'Interest' sound much nicer! I opened a JD Williams account and within 5 months my credit limit was £900. I have not purchased anything since my initial small order. Slightly O/T but I'm amazed at some of their prices on high street lines, sometimes over double other retailers selling price and then their extortionate interest on top!
  7. I stopped at a Travel Lodge with a partner about 3 years ago, we were out for the afternoon and on our return the television was on with a static almost teletext looking page stating that smoking had been detected in our room and we would be charged as per their t&c's. Neither my partner or I were smokers. What we did notice though was that the fire detector / alarm had been covered over with a dust protector and a solitary cigarette butt in the bin in the corner. We never did work out if they were there on occupation of the room or mysteriously appeared over the course of the day we were out. However we flew down to reception and gave them a few stern words. Their response was not far from the lines of 'oh, that was probably the cleaners......'
  8. Refer them to their own Fair Fees policy which states that no charges are incurred if your account is brought back within it's OD limit (or back in to credit if no OD limit) by the end of the day the transactions occurred.
  9. Refer them to their own 'Fair Fees policy' which states that they will not charge a fee for any request of £10 or less. I'm not sure how or why they have charged you £25 for each £10 transaction. They also state they will never charge more than you are over limit by (which means if you were less than £134 OD in the month they are also breaking their own rules).
  10. I recently noticed an account for 'Santander Cards' on my credit file too. It was only when I looked at the credit limit that I realised it was my store card (Topman in this case) which used to be run by GE Capital but now seem to have been taken over by Santander.
  11. Having watched other stories about non-payment of cashback through Quidco unfold, I am certain that there is no comeback if your cashback is not validated or declined. The offer of cashback is not part of the 'contract' you have had (in this case) with Virgin trains. Cashback is an incentive but is never a guaranteed component of a transaction with a merchant who offers cashback through Quidco. Better put, it's a bonus that is subject to availability. They do state that they promise to give you 100% of the cashback that you earn (minus the £5 annual membership deduction) but they cannot guarantee that a retailer will pay the cashback to them (for them to pass on to you). Have you raised a 'ticket' with Qudico regarding the declined payments? They quote that they will look in to all disputes and raise them with the vendor / merchant but again cannot guarantee to reverse / reinstate declined cashback. I recently had £10.50 cashback due from an on-line purchase declined. I was a bit ticked off but not a lot I could do so just wrote it off. Like I put it above, it's a bonus not an entitlement. On the other hand I have just had £150 cashback from Sky validated and £50 from o2 - and would have hit the roof if these had been declined, but thankfully they're due to be paid the end of this month. Good luck if you do decide to pursue this. EDIT: From their website: We will not be liable to you or anyone else, whether in contract, tort (including negligence, breach of statutory duty or other tort) or otherwise: for any loss of revenue, business, anticipated savings or profits
  12. Pathetic claim. What if a child had a bad accident and needed immediate attention to a deep cut or ressucitation or similar? The trained first aid staff the nursery should have would not be able to touch the child and possibly leave them to die? Can't have it both ways.
  13. As I've had a previous interest in autographs I have just checked this website and I must say some of the 'authentic' autographs they are stocking are a COMPLETE JOKE! There is one in particular which is NOTHING like the artist's signature, more akin to a 4 year old's scribble. I can't comment on many so I'm sure they do carry some perfectly legit items, but please if they are so called experts in their field surely they would compare some of their stock to widely available examples of the celebrities actual signature. I personally would avoid any site like this. The best way to obtain a genuine autograph is in-person.
  14. I've never encountered a Letting Agent that undertakes a fresh credit check on renewal of a 6 month tenancy so I wouldn't worry about that. They may ask for a further 6 months rent though again if you've been a good tenant and kept the property in good order and not had any bad words with the Agency I would think they may just offer a renewal (if available) under normal terms. My last tenancy began with a Guarantor being required but after the first 6 month term this was no longer asked for. I would recommend contacting the Agency and asking what the renewal conditions are likely to be - at the same time pointing out that you would really like to remain in the property as a good tenant. I'm sure it's primarily up to the landlord who may well consider that this option is better than looking for a new tenant (my latest rented property - due to commence on the 26th was referred due to a CCJ from 2004 but all they did was add £150 on to the deposit I needed - and this was the landlord's decision, NOT the Agency's).
  15. I know this won't really be considered help, but I would seriously consider changing banks when this is all resolved! I know these charges are technically not legal however there are banks where you would have been a lot better off in this situation. For example I bank with HSBC and for those 4 transactions occuring where there were no funds available, HSBC would have charged me £0.00. Any amount £10 or under is not charged and any above is never charged at more than the amount itself, up to £25 max per single transaction. There are more lenient banks out there (while we wait for these practices to be reviewed for once and for all).
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