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Found 3 results

  1. Having endured months of disgusting standards of customer service and making multiple complaints resulting in 4 separate compensation payments totalling £160 and £150 of refunded fees, I have now had the final insult. After a long spell of unemployment, earlier this month I managed to land a job offer in the financial sector. I was informed at the end of the interview that a formal offer of employment would be pending a CRA check. To my utter surprise, a few days later I received a very apologetic letter from the employer stating that I had failed the credit check, and therefore regrettably, the offer of employment would be withdrawn. I was stunned. The last time I saw my credit file some 18 months ago I had a blemish-free record and had worked hard to maintain that good track record After the shock and upset had subsided, I decided to take advantage of an online 10-day free trial service offered by CallCredit, and discovered that HSBC had made 3 separate entries of 'Payment late by one month' against me According to the file held by CallCredit, my account overdraft facility hadn't been exceeded, and as was a Student/Graduate account, wasn't due to start making payments on the overdraft until mid-October this year when it converts to a standard Current Account. Upon cross-referencing the dates of these 3 entries with my statements and notes taken whenever have had to deal with the bank, found that they all fell on the same dates when I had had fees overturned (and in two instances, compensation also credited) The first entry on June 2009 related to an account-status error where I was due to be charged £50. I had gone into the branch prior to the charges being applied and spoken with staff who noticed the mistake in my account records and made the amendment, informing me that the fee would still be taken as was an automated process, but then immediately re-credited. The second entry on December 2009 related to an overdraft arrangement fee of £25 that I successfully challenged on the basis of incorrect information given by callcentre staff, and a few days later was re-credited the fee amount, but not before being sent £25 over my OD limit and then brought back to its limit of £1000 with the re-credit, but no letter was sent to this effect, or 'informal overdraft charge' applied There was also an odd entry on 25 December 2009, a credit and then an immediate debit of 10pence debit interest...an xmas present Mr Scrooge would approve of! The third credit file entry was on February 2010, and the only event to have happened then was two credits of £25 as compensation payments under the heading 'Correction formal OD arrangement fee' I've read through the Data Protection threads here, and also have documentary proof of the tangible damage these entries have caused, in my losing a job offer that would have gotten me out of a financial hole I'm sending off my SAR letter in the morning to see if there are any other internal notes that could shed extra light on this. I've not made HSBC aware of any of this as of yet, as I want to hit them with a broadside out of the blue if I can I'm not sure what sort of case I may have, or how I could bring it, and would appreciate any advice.
  2. I have a disputed account that was passed among various lenders over the years as one bought from another. On each occasion as and when I was contacted I responded repudiating their claim. None of the companies involved attempted to prove their claim in court and now the matter is statute barred. Upon receipt of the latest letter I responded to the current holder of the alleged debt in writing advising them that as this had been in dispute for over 5 years that under the terms of the Prescriptions and Limitations Act (Scotland) 1973 that the matter was now time barred and any further attempt at collection could be construed as harassment. They have responded acknowledging my obligation to pay is now extinguished but highlight that they will continue to report the matter to Credit Referencing Agencies. Now I know that a debt becomes Statute Barred in England at 6 years and this corresponds with the maximum time a bad debt is listed with Credit Bureaus, but I thought in Scotland that it was 5 years for both. Can someone please clarify?
  3. I am looking for a solicitor who specialise in credit consumer act and the ICO guidelines. Must have experience in application of default notices and credit reference agency. I would prefer someone in London, Watford or surrounding areas. Thanks madtergee16
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