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  1. QQ have finally sent my debt on to a DCA - but I lucked out and got Gothia! Are they easier to deal with?
  2. I have the Lending Stream bank details if you need them to make standing order payments.
  3. WDA are ok to deal with but review after 3 months and want to up the payments. I managed to negotiate with them but they are generally fine.
  4. Talk to John Hegarty - the complaints manager. I blasted them about getting the Broken Payment arrangement email when I had paid and he was actually VERY helpful - and now nobody gets it! Woot!
  5. Jamie does give good advice! It depends how you want to deal with them but it is VITAL to have everything in writing so that if it does escalate to court you have proof of your contact. If they ring you at work and you do answer it, just explain that you are unable to take personal calls at work and ring them on your mobile in a break if you can - even if it's to say it's all in the email and I want to keep a written record of everything. They have no right to speak to your wife though - unless it's in both your names!
  6. Keep going - you're doing really well and doing the right thing in tackling these. Well done!
  7. Hmm... interesting... no mention of debt collection unless that is now classed as a legal activity?
  8. QQ will play email ping pong with you then go quiet - Wonga will be in touch once they realise they can't harvest funds from your card! Well done on taking the first step!
  9. based in Milton Keynes and acting for Open University. VERY quick to move to court forms apparently.
  10. It's geoffrey Leaver solicitors if that's any help?
  11. The debt is enforceable and I have every intention of paying it - just don't see why they need to know my inside leg measurement!!!
  12. Hi I have an outstanding debt to a company and it has been passed to a firm of solicitors. I contacted them saying I would be willing to pay it off in installments. In return they have sent me a 5 PAGE statement of means to fill in!!! Is it compulsory to fill this in or is there a template I can use instead? Thanks
  13. QQ are a prime example of a PDL company who refuse to entertain payment plans. If you want to pay by paypal they want your bank account details and card no and when I queried this denied everything... The best thing to do is wait to go to a DCA and then you will probably have more luck. I'm waiting for that now!
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