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  1. HiI would like some advice on bank charges, in 2006 roughly I successfully reclaimed bank charges from HSBC. I remember that after I agreed my payout I was asked to sign a document which said basically I would agree to all further charges and I would claim again.I have still been charged £25 a pop for going even £5 overdrawn. Am I able to reclaim again is the question
  2. ive rang the ombudsman and im left a bit confused. Without even looking at the offer, i know i wont accept it and so rang to confirm that. The lady replied to me that i have to sign the settlement form regardless. is this correct it states the following ' i confirm acceptance of the offer made by HFC bank outlined in your letter, in full and final settlement of my complaint' confused,
  3. yeh sorry, it is to do with that thread. ah ok il wait for letter from hfc
  4. all it states is that hfc are defending the claim for accident, sickness, and unemployment. i havnt actually worked it out, as ive misplaced the credit agreement but the loan was roughly 7000 plus interest on top of that. not sure whether to accept but they dont tell me how much they are offering, i guess the whole point of me applying was because i told hfc that in my current role i get 6 months full pay long term sick etc
  5. Hi the financial ombudsman, have sent me a letter with a offer hfc (beneficial finance) have made. They have offered to refund all premiums, interest relating to life cover but not relating to accidents, sickness and un-employment. Is this normal, the ombudsmans letter states if i reject this there is a chance il not get anything back obviously Regards
  6. i agree that strictly speaking they arnt priorty debts. But i know when i was in big trouble i was more worried about not paying my dad or my mates etc.pdls can take a wide berth in my opinion, as long as you show you are trying to pay (setting standing orders of £5) when the above has got himself in a situation where he has sorted his family and mates out then he can tackle the sharksthats my opinion,
  7. yeh at one stage i had nearly 9/10 chasing me at one time.only cash genie have had success taking to court. the rest ive paid in my own time which has took nearly 3 years but ive stil lived a good life
  8. i know this wont go down well, but i would honestly set a new bank account up and get your wages in there. sort your priorty debts out eg family and mates. then work out to pay the loan sharks ie payday companys. when they pass to dca they normally offer you a reduced figure anyhowdont panicits taken me nealry 2-3 years to get my finances on back on track. i only have 2-3 to pay off considering i had nearly 9 at one stage.make sure you dont give them your card details if you cancel
  9. i was paid today and ive paid some debts off some payday loans off which only leaves me with wageday and cpo to payluckily they havnt dipped into my bank and the lost card trick worked.Setting up a new account with a different company for my wages then il start to pay off those two with my old account within my means and within my pace
  10. oh well, ive reported my card as losti bank with hsbc and when ive reported it lost in the past nothing comes out. But just reading things on here im concerend CFO will raid it somehowIm just gona stay up and keep refreshing my balance online then transfer it out asap
  11. thanksOn another note, what time do you think they would try to take there cpas out or create these transactions. Just wondering if ive got time to tranfers funds or withdraw cash before they try to empty me account
  12. also i contacted bank they state never heard of CPAS
  13. payments are due out monday so i wouldnt have time to get letters off. oh well lets hope they dont
  14. Dont know if this helps but ive been chased by quickquid from mucky halli just kept asking for things ignoring them and they didnt do anything. this was 2 year ago and ive still not paid it, (i will pay when other debts are sorted)they passed mine onto motormile finance who are doing the same but they are a bit more threatening and when i tried to arrange a payment plan they abused my card details and took money out without permission. luckily my bank claimed the money back. i wouldnt worry too much yet
  15. HiIf ive told my bank (HSBC) that i have lost my card detailswill this stop cpas from payday loan companie, wagedayadvance and capital finance 1 are the companys
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