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Found 9 results

  1. Having endured months of disgusting standards of customer service and making multiple complaints resulting in 4 separate compensation payments totalling £160 and £150 of refunded fees, I have now had the final insult. After a long spell of unemployment, earlier this month I managed to land a job offer in the financial sector. I was informed at the end of the interview that a formal offer of employment would be pending a CRA check. To my utter surprise, a few days later I received a very apologetic letter from the employer stating that I had failed the credit check, and therefore regrettably, the offer of employment would be withdrawn. I was stunned. The last time I saw my credit file some 18 months ago I had a blemish-free record and had worked hard to maintain that good track record After the shock and upset had subsided, I decided to take advantage of an online 10-day free trial service offered by CallCredit, and discovered that HSBC had made 3 separate entries of 'Payment late by one month' against me According to the file held by CallCredit, my account overdraft facility hadn't been exceeded, and as was a Student/Graduate account, wasn't due to start making payments on the overdraft until mid-October this year when it converts to a standard Current Account. Upon cross-referencing the dates of these 3 entries with my statements and notes taken whenever have had to deal with the bank, found that they all fell on the same dates when I had had fees overturned (and in two instances, compensation also credited) The first entry on June 2009 related to an account-status error where I was due to be charged £50. I had gone into the branch prior to the charges being applied and spoken with staff who noticed the mistake in my account records and made the amendment, informing me that the fee would still be taken as was an automated process, but then immediately re-credited. The second entry on December 2009 related to an overdraft arrangement fee of £25 that I successfully challenged on the basis of incorrect information given by callcentre staff, and a few days later was re-credited the fee amount, but not before being sent £25 over my OD limit and then brought back to its limit of £1000 with the re-credit, but no letter was sent to this effect, or 'informal overdraft charge' applied There was also an odd entry on 25 December 2009, a credit and then an immediate debit of 10pence debit interest...an xmas present Mr Scrooge would approve of! The third credit file entry was on February 2010, and the only event to have happened then was two credits of £25 as compensation payments under the heading 'Correction formal OD arrangement fee' I've read through the Data Protection threads here, and also have documentary proof of the tangible damage these entries have caused, in my losing a job offer that would have gotten me out of a financial hole I'm sending off my SAR letter in the morning to see if there are any other internal notes that could shed extra light on this. I've not made HSBC aware of any of this as of yet, as I want to hit them with a broadside out of the blue if I can I'm not sure what sort of case I may have, or how I could bring it, and would appreciate any advice.
  2. Please can anyone offer me some advice, I owe 12K to welcome and I am paying them back at a reduced rate, however everytime I get a phonecall off them they ask for date of birth, so I give it to them and some will say that it is fine and other people will say that we have a different date of birth for you, but then go one to talk about my account. Am I right in saying that this is against DPA as if I give a different DOB to what they have on their records they should not continue with the conversation? Also how far back can you go to reclaim PPI I believe I took the loan out before 2005 so I may not be covered by normal SAR? can any one help or point me in the right direction with these questions????? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello. I've been reading many posts about reclaiming charges/fees/interest added/mortgage exit admin fees from mortgage lenders including accounts that were settled some time ago so I thought I would send a SAR request for this mortgage account which was settled early switching to a remortgage with another lender. The only details I have are; the account number, the settlement figure paid (I do not know if MEAF or if early repayment charges were included in the settlement paid) and the date it was paid. I do not know the date the mortgage began. I can not find any address for Platform Home Loans for me to send the SAR letter to? Can anyone help? I don't even know who owns Platform? Thanks for any help or information.
  4. Hello I requested SAR on NatWest credit card - they sent me copy statements for the last 6 years and a few typed notes going back a couple of years. That's all. I have been making nominal payments. Trouble is I want to see older information to clear up some queries I have in my mind - namely PPi and why I was paying a fixed amount each month some 5 to 6 years ago - e.g £40 per month - BUT they charged interest of £26! I was in financial difficulties at the time. NatWest say I did not have ppi when i TOOK OUT CARD - but cant provide copy of application form. How can I trust them? Are they obliged to provide this older information? Or can I raise specific queries? Any advices greatly appreciated.
  5. In 2009 I requested a CCA from Barclaycard and SAR. No response. I put the account in dispute until I received relevant terms and conditions applicable to me at time I signed Barclaycard in 1998. They kept sending me current terms and conditions. At this point I no longer had use of the card and had not made payment for some years. in 2010 unknown to me Barclarcard has entered a default for the same credit card twice. What should I do? Do I dispute the default? Any advice appreciated.
  6. Hi All, New to the site and very impressed by what I have read. Great support from the site team who appear to be more knowledgeable than the advisors at Gladstone Brookes:-). I am just starting down the road of reclaiming what was wrongfully taken from me, MY MONEY:-x. I have a couple of questions that I hope someone might aswer for me regarding the very start of the claims process and who I should be sending SAR's to. I have just today sent off a SAR to my bank, RBS, to find out how many financial institutions have been doing me over the years, I like many do not have paperwork for any of the debts I have had so thought that doing a SAR on my main bank account would be a good place to start. I have had various loans and credit cards from RBS so would like to tackle these first. I have also had my mortgage with Halifax and various other lenders for the past 14 years and wondered if I should wait to get as many details as possible on these accounts prior to sending these lenders a SAR or wait until I receive the banks information before I proceed. I am also concerned that I may get something wrong in the process which would waive my right to claim so I am thinking of trying to follow one claim through to completion before starting the others which could be as many as 7 or 8. Should I wait until the first one is over or go after them all at one time? Your help is worth thousands:-D Your support is priceless:-D Thanks
  7. Hi all, I recently did a data protection request to MBNA, as I wanted to prove the had harassed me. ( 14 phone calls in one day! ). They sent me a copy of their call log, but it makes no sense to me. The comments section is full of statements like "...Calling frm monile edu req until ver sec ..." ( The word monile wasn't my typo by the way! ). Obviously there is no way I could understand this. Are there any rules regarding the information they send? Or are they just allowed to send something which means nothing to anyone outside MBNA? Thanks all. xxxxxxxx
  8. I have sent a SAR to Capital one which has been ignored by them proabbly as they know they now owe me money due ppi charges etc. They complied weith my CCA request on the same letter. Now can anyone advice if i should go to the Information Commisioner or to the county court to compell them to copmly. Whichever action i need to take i know i will need to send a letter telling them what will happen and giving them seven days to comply before i take further action.
  9. Hi guys, hope you guys can give me some advice, basically back at the end of last year my mum received a letter from JB Recoveries about some alleged debt. she had no knowledge of this so i Sent them a CCa Request with a cheque for the £1 fee. she got back a photo copy of some old credit agreement from 1998 but nothing else so we sent them a Subject access request with a cheque for the £10 fee. since then we forgot all about it as we have not heard anything from them. Then my mother receives a statement from cl finance for £10,000. A statement nothing else. we sent them a cca request and heard nothing, then two weeks ago she gets another statement from them so again we have sent them a cca request, a subject access request and also a statued barred letter (because if she did owe any money its from back in 1998-) today she received a letter acknowledgeing receipt of the letter but they say that "we have been advised that you made a £10.00 payment towards this account on 08/01/10 by JB Recoveries who are instructed to act on our behalf. We therefore do not agree with your comments that this debt is statute barred and request that you contact us with your payment proposals by return." Now the only £10.00 that has ever been sent was for the subject access request to jb recoveries. they seem to have sent nothing but used the money against the account. The £10.00 was sent by cheque from my account (not mothers) solely for the purpose of the request. Any ideas what i can send to Cl finance and JB recoveries to try and settle this matter. My we have done a SAR request to the bank that the loan was originally taken out with, my mum is still with that bank so surely if she is meant to owe this money they would just take money from her account. any help?
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