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  1. Council tax benefit will ask for his last 5 weeks or 2 months payslips. Tax Credit does take into account the amount worked out over the year but again, it's still worth applying if his income is low. I always say to people that all you can lose by applying is a few minutes of your time completing the forms. In respect if his reduced ability to care for himself, he may be eligible for disability living allowance - this has nothing to do with earnings, people can get it in or out of work if they meet the qualifying criteria. I'd strongly urge you to advise him to visit a welfare rights of
  2. Sounds like he's on company sick pay...one of these schemes where it's full pay for a period of time, then half pay, then SSP. In addition to tax credit, he may wish to submit a claim for council tax benefit; this is means tested, so whether he is eligible will depend on his income/capital. It would also be worth speaking to his mortgage provider, to establish if there is anything that they can do to take the pressure off such as a mortgage holiday for example. If he has internet access, he can visit http://www.entitledto.com and input his details. It will generate a result of
  3. Don't be; it is quite often the case that certain aspects of the work are migrated or temporarily transferred to other offices depending on estates and workloads.
  4. That's it sorted now, sequenci - my apologies, I must have mistyped the link
  5. There was talk of this happening earlier on in the year. A memo has now been released to DWP staff and I've been able to obtain a copy which is in the attachment. The gist of it is that from 1st October, there is to be a civil penalty at the set amount of £50 applied to all DWP overpayments where the claimant is at fault. Local authorities can also apply the penalty for HB/CTB overpayments. The relevant legislation which comes into force on 1st October 2012 can be linked to by clicking here
  6. I bow down to id6052 here - I know no better on this one.
  7. Some passported benefits require only underlying entitlement to a benefit. Some require the person to be in receipt of the benefit. To be eligible for the CCG or the BL, the person must be in receipt of an income related benefit payable by the DWP. Underlying entitlement does not cover eligibility. It is true that a person can be in receipt of both CB and IR ESA simultaneously (and CB or IB JSA) - however this is only the case where the contributory element of the claim is insufficient for the amount the law says a person needs to live on. For example, if a couple were to claim JSA, him
  8. Where is the cover letter from. PM me the address if you prefer it that way. I'll check it out tomorrow for you.
  9. My advice would be if he needs it now and should be entitled to it now, then claim it now.
  10. What is the reason that ESA have given for the overpayment?
  11. The work related group requires you to take part in work related activity. It cannot force you to take up a job and must take into account the health issues for which you have been awarded ESA.
  12. Yes, it's not the easiest site to search. The info is all over the place, some of it is out of date - typical government run website really!! I much prefer the databases I use, the info is much easier to find with a few key words.
  13. 45002, Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, I was at after school activities with my children. I see that id6052 has very kindly provided information which answers your question. I am happy to provide direct links wherever possible however on this occasion, I am unable to link directly because the source I use is a legal database that is for legal professionals/academics and requires a paid subscription fee. As a fee charging website, I am forbidden by the forum rules to provide it. However the information provided by id6052 will also enable you to perform your own search for pu
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