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  1. My contract is nothing other than a written and signed letter from the company stating the above requirements. i.e. that I would be available on Monday and Tuesday and any other days should the need be. I do know that he is trying to sell the company and it is on the bones of its backside but in my eyes, an agreement should be kept to.
  2. Hi everyone, I started doing work for a company in August 2015 on a self-employed basis (this is the only company I was working for). In January 2016 I had a meeting with the M.D. and the admin lady and it was agreed I would take over her role of processing orders, picking and packing, and despatch of orders, because she was leaving to work from home. This was in addition to my role as the sole production operative. I have it agreed in writing that I would be available for at least Monday and Tuesday of each week with additional hours should there be demand for so. La
  3. Thanks for your input folks. Why I should try to explain to Universal Credit until I am blue in the face is beyond me; it's as clear as daylight. Civil Servants who are supposed to be 'Professionals'. I shall persevere. Thanks again
  4. My son's mother is the only claimant for my son.
  5. Yes antone, his mother claims his child benefit.
  6. Hi all, I have recently made a claim for UC and received an advance due to the time it would take to process my claim. I then received a call a week ago from the Jobcentre saying there was a discrepancy on my claim form. To claim UC, you musn't have any dependant children, to which I answered NO on the claim form online. There is a drop-down which explains what a dependant is; 'For Universal Credit, a dependant child is a child or a qualifying young person who normally lives with you' At the Jobcentre appointment I stated to the advisor that I wasn't available for work on weekends as
  7. Illegal in that my father's wife persuaded him to withdraw the cash over a period of time so she wouldn't have to pay rent on their flat after he passed away. Before his illness, as pensioners, they were entitled to a reduction in rent but because my father had the compensation and illness related benefits, they had to pay full rent. My father's benefit now obviously stops and if the £30,000 was in an account, this would put her over the savings threshold thus making her liable for full rent. How do I find out if there is actually a will and what is in it, if anything.
  8. Thank you for your reply steampowered. Because there is £30,000 cash sat in his flat, is this to be declared to HMRC or any other related body because as i see it, this is kind of illegal money. How would i find out what is in the will and if there is one at all?
  9. Hi all, A sticky/tricky situation I have which requires your clever minds for advice. My father recently passed away (1/5/14), and I believe he has made a will, according to my younger sister. My sister has told me that herself and my fathers' wife are named in the will although I do not have any proof of this and also have no reason to believe otherwise. The thing is, prior to his death, my father had expressed his wishes that he would like to leave money to his five children (including myself). This money is what is left after he received compensation for contracting mesothelioma (asbe
  10. I have just checked and the notice is section 21. What is the difference?
  11. , I have tried and tried to explain this to my sister but it appears previous tenants have lost in court against said LL and she is afraid it will happen again. I cannot put it any plainer to her that nobody can force you to pay something you do not owe and if you do not owe then how can you lose. I have done some research on said LL and I am not the only "victim" of theLL. They were outed as rogue landlords in a panorama program in 2009 and others have complained of their tactics. Because I have stood my ground on this, the LL has now served a notice of possession for next month. I'm sure t
  12. I moved into a house in Sept 2012 and I receive housing benefit as I am on JSA. 4 months after moving in the landlord said I was in arrears. I emailed my proof of payments but landlord said I owed one week. On the tenancy agreement it states that one weeks' rent is payable on the moving in day but I queried this on the signing day because the council only pay 4 weekly in arrears. The landlord understood this and said that particular paragraph only applied to working tenants. This landlord only lets properties to DSS and so is well aware of the process.
  13. Hi everyone, I joined TalkTalk broadband & phone in November 2012 and TalkTalk mobile in May 2013 and all was fine, until recently! For the last 3 months there have been problems with talktalk taking payment by direct debit despite direct debit being set up on my account. Their excuse has been that there is no direct debit set up! After numerous phone calls, emails and also a charge for non-direct debit payment, I hopefully have it sorted. (time will tell). The new problem is with my talktalk mobile plan. When signing up to a talktalk plan, whether it be small, medium or large, one
  14. After my call to LL, disputing the arrears (which do not exist); I phoned HB and explained the situation. I then gave them consent to speak with LL. I then phoned LL again to let them know that I have consented. LL then started being arsey and said it wouldn't change the "fact" I was in arrears as the computer says so! I have looked at the LL reviews and they are negative. It appears that my situation is not unique as it seems to be a snidey tactic they use. The LL claims that, all tenants, whether working or on benefit, sign the same agreement but they initially make exceptions for HB cla
  15. Hi everyone I moved into a private rented property on 24th Sept 2012. I am on JSA and so I get housing benefit although I have to pay a top up of £10 a week . The landlord that I rent from offers a "No deposit" and "No rent in advance" gimmick which was ideal for me as i was homeless at the time and didn't have a pot to piste in. Many of the tenants who rent from this landlord are on benefits and so I assume were in my position at some point. My weekly rent is £96.54; of which £86.54 is housing benefit. On signing the agreement, I queried the "Rent is £96.54 per week payable in ad
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