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  1. No, same address throughout. To be honest, I'm pretty happy to just take the payment and run, but wondered if I was possibly missing out with the interest situation.
  2. I, like many others did a number of PPI claims some years ago, much help from this forum, mostly wins but the odd loss.... However I recently received a letter in regard to a CitiFinancial account claim, this included a copy of the original 'win' letter dated 10/12/2012 offering a settlement of circa £1200, the recent letter stating that it was never paid as they had never received the signed consent form back. I have no recollection of ever seeing said offer letter, let alone ignoring payment offer. The recent letter states that due to a change in regulation they no longer need a signed consent form so a cheque is on the way within in 20 working days... So, to the question, do I bank the cheque and look at it as a bit of a bonus or do I write back questioning why it took getting on for 9 years till they noticed and ask why the 8% interest stops in 2012? Or bank cheque and then ask, I'm not certain when the interest really should be calculated to in something like this... As I say bonus, or be a bit cheeky, any advice gratefully received!
  3. Not intended as a thread hijack, but logged in for the first time in ages as today I received a letter from CitiFinancial telling me a refund of just shy of £2400 was due to me, this dates back to an original claim some years back where £1259.87 of redress was paid to me. It seems a review has been carried out and a further payment is due to me. I just thought it strange seeing this at the top of the forum with a very similar dated letter to the recipients etc. I wonder if Citi have/are reviewing historical claims etc, obviously not sure but thought it might just be worth posting.
  4. Having reclaimed the PPI on my RBS overdraft earlier this year see here It recently became aware that perhaps I had a claim regarding a miss sold packaged account as I was told that I had to have this account to have the overdraft facility that I wanted..... dropped a letter in the post a week last Friday, today I received a letter agreeing that was the case and approx £1600 in fees and interest will be in my account within 3 days of the date of the letter.... Quickest, easiest reclaim ever, one letter, 2 weeks, done and dusted.......
  5. RBS Overdraft Loanguard PPI win £15,703.12 total offer Full details here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?411334-RBS-overdraft-loanguard-PPI-claim.&p=4432452#post4432452
  6. Update, the 10 working days after the 8 week period was up on the 23/12, so again I contacted the Hardman Boulevard team by phone to check on progress, I was advised to phone again in the morning, which I duly did, still no answer and no idea of when it was likely to be resolved as they still couldn't tell me what they were waiting on. By this stage I was somewhat fed up with being told one thing and then nothing happening,so I thought I'd go straight to the top, and fired in a complaint to the chieh executives office by email, to their credit the response and help from that end was superb, I had an email back on Christmas Eve to say it would be looked into by close of business on Fri, this was done and a gentleman phoned me at quarter to five, exceptionally apologetic that he couldn't raise the PPI complaints team by either phone or email, but that he would chase it up by Monday (today). Half an hour ago I had a phone call to tell me that a final decision letter had been mailed to me on the 27th, but should I not receive it in the next couple of days to contact him again at the Chief Execs office, superb service, did what he said when he said, nice to see! Put the phone down and the mail arrived........ Well we have a winner, very pleased PPI premiums paid £3554,88 8% to eavh PPI payment from date of each payment £11655.38 Statutory Interest £616.08 Less Tax -£123.22 Total Offer £15703.12 Off to the post office to post back, might go to the pub after! I'll make a donation in the next few days, whilst I've not needed individual help, the sheer fact of this site being here has helped beyond belief, ta very much to all involved.
  7. Brief update on this. 8 week period was due up on Tuesday, so I thought I'd ring and enquire as to if a decision had been made on Monday, no was the answer but 'we're expecting it to be on our systems tomorrow,' give us a ring in the morning', fair enough comment so quick call Tuesday morning, 'no decision as yet as we've got till the close of business today' again fair enough. Approx an hour later I received a call to inform that no decision was going to be made as we're still waiting on information, on asking what they actually needed I was told that they didn't actually know and I 'could possibly' get a decision in ten working days, then on the other hand I might not. I'll be honest and say I've no idea what they're waiting on, my only guess (and it is purely that) is because it dates back a good distance that getting information from pre 2000 etc could be the problem, I really don't know how good the RBS are at records. I have all of this stuff from a SAR in 2006 re bank charges (won and paid out). So do I give them time or is it a case of get the ball rolling with the FOS as they've overrun their designated time limits etc? The only other one that I've no had a decision on within the time frame was Cardif Pinnacle and to be honest they were pretty good at keeping me informed as to what was going on and why. (That was quite a convoluted reclaim as they were the underwriters to First National who didn't want to know as they loan was arranged through the defunct Freedom Finance, that in the end was a pretty easy win.)
  8. Long time since I posted anything, but searching out information brings up a few results on here, so thought I'd add this thread, might help someone in the future if it all goes to plan. Approximately 7 weeks ago I received a letter from the RBS PPI team (Hardman Boulevard M/cr address) regarding PPI on my current account with them, I'll be honest and say I'd completely forgotten about it and the variable monthly charges show up as a charge on the account. Obviously I was shocked that a) I'd forgotten all about it and b)I'd already inquired about any PPI with the RBS previously. Having the majority of paperwork regarding to this I sent in the FOS questionnaire, I upped my overdraft in 2004 and was told it was compulsory to have the PPI in place on a facility of this size, similarly when it was originally taken out in 1997, that coupled with my self employed status were the basis for the miss selling complaint. To say I was kicking myself for being so stupid to get to this point was an understatement. As stated I have statements dating back to 1997 so I'll know what has actually been paid (so far I've only sat down and done 6 years and that's showing PPI paid as approx £1300, months vary considerably but I'd say average is £18-£20 per month). So, decision date is approx 1 week off, I'll update this thread if and when anything happens, seemingly several have posted success stories up, so if you've had PPI on your overdraft or even if you're not sure it's worth investigating
  9. Is my argument that the charges are a punitive charge that doesn't reflect the cost of administrating the refused direct debit payments? Or is it a case of 'here's most of your money, we'll call it square'?
  10. To cut a long story short my wife bought a new car late 2007, I think originally the finance changed from GE Money to Santander during the period, as she's been made redundant I'm sorting the payments, the balance is negligible and will be cleared shortly as such I asked for a statement of account. Over the period of the loan there are 3 instances of charges where direct debits were refused (normally for a period of days) the charges are listed as 'charge' £30 'charge' £15. So in total £135, before I settle the account are these figures a valid charge for a refused direct debit, I may be well out of date on this but I thought that they'd been limited to around £12? Thanks in advance.
  11. They seem to be completely inept, I had a similar letter off them regarding PPI, the difference being that I managed to get rid of these parasites years ago, so they owe me a cash refund, which as of yet has failed to appear, and is of course over their stated time frame. For those who need to phone Welcome a couple of numbers 0115 984 9200 Mere Way no, avoiding 0845 nos, ideal if you have to pay for them, 0845 3730341 Direct no for 'Brideshead Team' these seem to actually know what they're talking about, if they're dealing with your claim/problem, it'll avoid you queuing for ages on other numbers, Welcome seem strangely reticent about putting their contact nos on their letters.
  12. Sorry for the thread dredge, I was looking for my last post which was 16/1/2007. I have ot been on this site for at least 2 years! I made a complaint about PPI with this lot around the time stated above, and again a little while later, getting the usual knockbacks. To be honest, I didn't really pursue with claim and had virtually forgotten about it. However, after not hearing from Welcome for years (got them off my back in 2004), I was quite surprised to receive a letter from them yesterday. On opening, it turns out to be a final response to my claim, the relevant part reading "my conclusion following this investigation is that I am unable to be sufficiently sure that the PPI policy was suitable or affordable for your needs, I have therefore upheld the complaint. I would like to offer you compensationfor the cost of the PPI policy and any interest that you have paid. In total, my offer is £2184.44. This includes £100 compensation to recognise that the initial reponse to your complaint was unsatisfactory" RESULT! Absolutely amazed, this is totally out of the blue, suppose the advice is don't give up you may get there quicker than me! Good luck to anyone else in the same boat.
  13. I'm slacking and I'll admit it . Need to get my finger out, I've had a knock back letter to my initial request for repayment of charges and ppi, what I did find 'amusing' was the confrontational tone of the letter, something along the lines of 'we will pursue you for costs...blah blah blah'. Well I really couldn't care less so I'll be drafting a letter before action and continuing.
  14. Sandra, I've just had a letter back saying that they're paying me nothing back on similar charges. LBA due out tonight, should have gone before but been busy. Will get that out and if no result will go MCOL straight away.
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