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  1. I do 12 hour nights but as far as I am aware training is a duty commitment which would mean when the training ends on the day so does your working day?
  2. Just after a bit of feedback please. I work nights 4 nights on 4 nights off, the company requires me to attend a 3 day First Aid course, I have no problem with this but these would be on my rest days which are sacred to me due to family ill health at the moment. I work 12 hour shifts on nights but the course is daytime as already stated, I would be attending the course on 3 days that I would be on nights, however, I would start my 4 nights the day previously, the assistant manager has suggested that I come off nights and work 4 12 hour days in order to do the course, I
  3. Hi Diply, I got the same letter, " Contractual Obligations" So they think a contractual obligation means they can flout the law?? Correct me please if I'm wrong but I thought the LAW has the last say not a contract ;-) Just a thought, if thats the case could these contracts be deemed as unlawful???
  4. Hi Sparkie, I tried that with Experian, what a bunch of T***ers, heres the reply I got from them!! Thank you for your email, which we received on 10 August 2008. I have clarified our position in connection with your ongoing dispute. I am sorry if this has not resulted in these entries being removed from your report. As we can only amend or delete information at the request of the companies concerned I would suggest that if you wish to pursue this matter that you take this up with them. Alternatively, you may wish to take up this matter with our regulator, the I
  5. Hi and thanks 2Grumpy, in the process of firing off a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office now so hopefully they will see whats going on and get them to stop processing and publishing incorrect data on my behalf and hopefully leading to the Default removal.
  6. I have the same problem as Mackembulldog, I had a reply from Experian saying that a default by Cap One is shown as satisfied but LOWELLS placed another one on my file for the same thing, ( obviously bought the debt ) but CCA'd LOWELLS no documentaton sent back but stated in a letter that although they cannot produce a signed copy of the CCA, deed of assigment etc the default is placed correctly. Experian say that The Cap One is a seperate account and wont remove Lowells even though I've informed them that no documentation exists to show I have an account with Lowells!!
  7. Hows this for a reply??? Dear Mr Falcon185 Thank you for your email, which we received on 01 August 2008. As previously discussed, we have complied with our legal obligations regarding this matter and confirmed that we take what the Information Commissioner considers 'reasonable steps' to ensure the accuracy of our data.( STEP not STEPS, got electronic reply for LOWELLS stating correct, no documentaton to confirm ) I understand that Lowell Portfolio I are unable to provide you with a copy of the original credit agreement. The letter you have provided from them states that t
  8. Hi all, I'm in the process of trying to get a default removed from my credit file placed on there by Luverly Lowells. Its an old Cap one alleged debt and Cap One already placed a default on my file which is showing as "settled", I've been in contact with Experian and got the usual drivel in response I have pointed out to them that only ONE default can be placed on my file for this alleged debt not two and want them to remove LOWELLS. This is a response I'm thinking of sending, any thoughts additions etc would be gratefully received. Dear Mrs Proctor, further to my previous e-mail in r
  9. Standard response from them, what they are saying is "We dont have a copy of your CCA" but if we say we have asked for it from Cahoot that should keep you quiet. WRONG!! 12 days + 2 remind them they are in default, you will probably receive a letter stating that as far as they are concerned the matter is closed and you will not hear from them again. They WILL however, place ( more than likely already have ) place a default on your Credit file, a battle I'm in the process of fighting but thats another story. Keep your chin up, we are all behind you ;-)
  10. What is the meaning of 'without prejudice'? Where negotiations are said to be 'without prejudice', it means that nothing that is said or done is normally admissible in evidence in any subsequent trial should the negotiations fail. The object of the exercise is to encourage parties to make genuine attempts to settle disputes, without fear of their discussions - and in particular their potential concessions - being subsequently disclosed in court. There are two circumstances in which 'without prejudice' statements may be admissible in later court proceedings: where protection is
  11. I would drop the " without prejudice" and replace it with " I DO NOT AKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY" Should it go to court ( which is highly unlikely ) you can then produce a copy of this letter to the judge to show you requested the documentation for which they didnt supply. Using the phrase "Without prejudice" could mean you might not be able to produce this letter in court should there be any furter escalation and action by Clownells Which I doubt very much IMO, once they receive the CCA request they will probally drop it like the proverbial hot stone.
  12. Hi, DCA's never learn from their previous mistakes, they prey on people who dont know their rights where debt is concerned, they normally buy debts in bulk and hardly ever have the relevant paperwork required. I would do as Ida suggested, CCA them, also asking for a copy of the deed of assignment which gives them the authority to collect this alleged debt. Lowells never seem to produce these documents and you will probably receive another letter stating that they need to contact Cahoot to have these documents sent to them, inveriably the documents do not materialize. After 12 days + 2 they w
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