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  1. For info, Utilita is the supplier Ofgem have chosen to take on Our Power customers.
  2. True indeed, but OurPower was consistently the cheapest whenever I tried to compare; I'm under no illusion that whatever tariff and supplier I end up on by default through the Ofgem switch. Similarly, there's no guarantee that by me moving now I won't end up on a more expensive tariff than the one Ofgem arranges.
  3. That's who I am with. Never had a problem. Such a shame, Ofgem say to sit tight and they'll choose a new supplier to move me to.
  4. I've already won back £4000 via the Ombudsman for irresponsible lending by PDUK; I've never had a loan from PDE or TMS. My last loan with PDUK was in 2014, which defaulted and then was settled off from the above award when it was finally settled late 2017. I don't know why they would have been checking my file in the period mentioned on the letter, although my complaint was still active at the time and with PDUK for investigation so that may have been why. Document1.pdf Document2.pdf
  5. Received a letter this moring in the post from Dollar UK who trade under Instant Cash Loans, who in turn operate the brands Payday Express, Payday UK and The Money Shop. The letter states that during a review of customer accounts, the company discovered they had left hard searches on my credit file between August and November 2016. As a consquence, they have offered compensation of £75 as they believe the hard searches may have been to my detriment. The offer is in full and final settlement of the issue, which my husband thinks is an attempt to buy me off, and if I were to press hard
  6. I had a similar problem with a Vauxhall Zafira, but I left it too late to reject after agreeing to go down the dealership repair route to try and fix it and had to go through the Ombudsman eventually to get back almost £3000 in repairs after i had to eventually replace the engine after everything else failed. Regardless of what the dealership/garage tells you, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 you have a 30-day right to reject goods that are of unsatisfactory quality, unfit for purpose or not as described, and get a full refund. The clock starts from the date of purchase, They'll
  7. This is still ongoing, back and forth between the finance company and myself. I've even spoken to my local Citizens Advice, who say because I used my own garage after the second breakdown that I forfeited my rights under the CRA by not giving the 'dealer' Carfinance 247 the opportunity to fix. Running out of options, looks like I'll need to throw myself at the goodwill of the CEO of the finance company via FLA, and/or take it to the Ombudsman. Either way I'm left with a car I'm paying a lot of money for that I can't drive; even if I hand it back I'm still on the hook for a tidy sum.
  8. This took another turn when we got a letter from the broker who sourced the finance. Seemingly, the broker is treated as the dealership by the finance company. Anyhow, the broker/dealership essentially say the same thing as the finance company, but will reconsider the complaint if I supply an independent mechanics' report stating the fault was present at the time of sale - at my expense!. It is looking increasingly as if the head has an issue, and compression gases are leaking into and over-pressurising the cooling system, either through a duff gasket, or a crack in the block. T
  9. So, I've now heard back from the finance company and as expected they are denying any responsibility. They are basically saying the complaint is outwith the six-months window afforded by CRA. They claim that the issue is wear and tear, and that as the car has a MOT previous to us buying, the car was roadworthy as it made no mention of a coolant leak on the advisory. I'm no mechanic, but I'd be pretty certain that the coolant system isn't part of an MOT check! They argue that our 4000ish miles since purchase is sufficient to gauge the roadworthiness of the vehicle. They claim we've ha
  10. Looks like I may be too late, as looking back over the paperwork I'm about 10 days outside the six-month period given in the CRA for a complaint to be raised. Anyhow, I've chanced my arm and have written this up; your input and suggestions to put over as strong a case as possible is appreciated. I haven't put dates in, as I don't have the paperwork to hand as I'm at work and not at home. -- I am writing to you with regards my finance agreement number xxxxx. On (DATE) I bought the vehicle XXXX XXX from (DEALER) at a cost of £xxxx; I also paid via trade-in of vehicle XXXX XXX a
  11. Thanks for that advice, I'll be letting the finance company know the situation. Do you know of any template letters which I can use which will help clarify any legal position? I believe the law changed late last year away from Sale Of Goods Act?
  12. Hi, No, neither my wife or I were present. The pressure tests were done by my own trusted mechanic and not the dealer mechanic; I can't comment if they performed any pressure test. I've used the same mechanic for more than 15 years and I've absolute trust in him.
  13. Hello CAG, First post, I hope you can help! I bought a used car from a local dealership back in February 2016. Its a Zafira 'B' CDTi 1.7 Elite model, 60 plate... the cooling system has been a nightmare since the day I bought it. I'll detail a full list of events. 1) Car was bought in Februrary 2016. Just prior to pick-up it was discovered to have had a coolant leak. This wasn't fixed at the time of delivery, and the car was released to my wife upon receipt of payment from her finance company (Moneybarn). 2) Car broke down the same day she collected it, the dealer r
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