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  1. It doesn't? I was under the impression that Section 75 was able to refund me all my money. This is a total nightmare! Dealing with this awful person has completely ruined my Christmas and new year. Thanks for your help anyway guys and a happy new year to you all.
  2. That’s fantastic help thankyou guys! I have it all in writing. I have an email trail between the guy and myself and have also sent it as a letter recorded post. Regarding rejecting the car using my credit card, would proof of the problems from our garage not be enough to tell them to do their bit? Thanks again guys, you’ve been such a help!
  3. Thanks for the reply dx100uk but what do you think regarding us maybe giving a verbal agreement by mistake? Cheers
  4. Hi there guys, thanks for the replies, they really are massively appreciated! I have now heard back from this guy and he is saying that we agreed to giving him one go at repairing the vehicle. At the time of speaking to him we thought maybe our only option was to have the car fixed under warranty. Even if we did agree to this, we have the right to change our mind surely?
  5. The guy from citizens advice says he is reporting them to trading standards for trying to push us into using their warranty system as he says it is illegal to do so!
  6. What if they say it was fine when they had it and that the head gasket must have gone the day after I bought it from them?
  7. Hi there guys, Last Saturday 16th December I bought myself an Audi TT Mk2 TDI. I had a test drive and all seemed good so I went for it. Two days later the coolant light came on on the dashboard. I topped it up and drove home from work. The next morning the light was on again. I took the car to a local garage as I bought it around a hundred miles away from my home I thought it would be easier to fix if it was just a cracked hose. They did a test which indicated that the head gasket is on its way out and that that's where the coolant is leaking to. They also said that the fans are on all the time and the exhaust is blowing up near the manifold end at the engine. My partner phoned the dealer who didn't want to know. He spouted a load of legal mumbo jumbo at her and has left us confused, saying he isn't liable to fetch the car since he doesn't know if anything is wrong with it. We are under the assumption that we are able to reject this car and get a full refund but he seems to say otherwise. He wants us to go through the warranty system that came with the car (it goes away to a garage they deal with as they are only a showroom) which looks to only cover up to £500 of repairs. I don't want to be out of pocket at all for a car that I cannot drive after three days! We spoke to the warranty garage and the guy said that it did sound serious and that it would need picking up. That would be into January as they will be shut for Christmas. At this point I would rather just get rid of the car. The car is going into our local garage again to get these faults checked over and they will put it down on paper for us on their letterhead. We will also take photos. The car will then be sat off road doing nothing as I don't want to put any miles on it. I haven't put anything in writing to them yet so later on I shall email them with a formal complaint. At this point what can I do? I have read that I need to wait for them to have a look at fixing the car but I really don't want the hassle as all this has already put me off it. Is a failed head gasket and blowing manifold a good enough reason for a refund? Many thanks for your help guys!
  8. I really am not sure how to go about getting broadband in the home we have just moved into. I have tried several sites to sign up (Virgin, Tiscali and Talktalk) and each say I need a MAC code. The previous owner of the house was my uncle and I know his old broadband was with BT but he has since moved from the country and has thrown away all his old documents from BT so says he cant help. I phoned BT's wholesale line asking for a MAC code and they said I need to get my new ISP to ring BT's wholesale line to sort it out. That sounds like a complete nightmare since the websites are all automatic and dont go any further without the MAC code! I read that if you demand the code then they are obliged to give you it within 5 days but since the code is from a different owner I really dont know what to do... Would it be possible to write a letter to get the old broadband released from the line and for me to get a MAC code so i can just apply for broadband with a new supplier? Regards, Dan
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