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Found 2 results

  1. Hello CAG, First post, I hope you can help! I bought a used car from a local dealership back in February 2016. Its a Zafira 'B' CDTi 1.7 Elite model, 60 plate... the cooling system has been a nightmare since the day I bought it. I'll detail a full list of events. 1) Car was bought in Februrary 2016. Just prior to pick-up it was discovered to have had a coolant leak. This wasn't fixed at the time of delivery, and the car was released to my wife upon receipt of payment from her finance company (Moneybarn). 2) Car broke down the same day she collected it, the dealer recovered the car back to their branch and supposedly fixed the issue by fitting a new coolant pipe and a thermostat. 3) Car was fine for about 3 months, then broke down on motorway. Coolant bottle was dry. Recovery guy thought a stuck thermostat. Had the car recovered to my preferred garage where the thermostat was found to be faulty and subsequently replaced. The coolant cap was also replaced. 4) Car was fine for about 6 weeks, but was apparently drinking coolant and we were forever refilling. Took the car back to my local garage, where the coolant system was pressure tested (no leaks), system bled and refilled. Thermostat was tested as fine 5) Car ran fine for a week before breaking down again on motorway. Recovered back to garage who pressure-tested again (still no leak), rebled and refilled system and replaced water pump. No blockages found in any part of the system. Thermostat tested fine, and car performed as it should under garage conditions and on several road tests. 6) Car ran fine for a week on shorter journeys, but today my wife has reported that the coolant temperature light is now flashing and the coolant bottle was dry again. It'll be going back in again to be checked over yet again. The car has spent almost as much time in the garage than it has on the road... Do I have any recourse to reject the car given the amount of issues it has had with the coolant system, and given it was bought on a Hire Purchase agreement and not through a bank loan, credit card or cash? Would the fact I've had an independant garage attempt to fix the fault and not the dealer whom the car was purchased from affect any claim to reject the car? The fault was known by the dealer prior to delivery. Wife is getting reluctant to drive the car any distance given the issues she has been having, so all advice welcome.
  2. Hello, Please can anyone offer advice? 9 months ago i purchased a 60 plate Vauxhall Astra Sri 1.6 all was fine at first until recently. My brake lights started flickering and to the point where they were permantly staying on even when the ignition was off. I took my car into the garage first of all they could not find a fault then after two days and them taking my car apart they rang me to say they had sorted the problem and done a software update etc, i was not pleased to say the least. Not too long after this the flickering started to happen again intermitently so i took the car back in again to be told its fine and there is nothing wrong with it as their diagnostic machines can not find anything wrong and as this was only happening now and again it was typlical that it never happened whilst in the garage for the day. I once again took the car back and again the flickering brake light problem is still there but not all the time, car taken back again to be told no fault! I have now had my car in three times for the same thing and still not fixed. Out of frustration i rang Vauxhall direct today to be told that as the garage i took my car in has found no fault if i take my car in with the same problem again they are going to bill me and they will not cover on the warranty!!!! In addition to the brake light problem, i also have an electronic handbrake problem where it is sticking and not releasing as it should this is causing me to stall the car and i am frightened to use whilst driving as i know it takes too many attempts to release which is not ideal in traffic. I am really not sure where to go with this now, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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