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Found 6 results

  1. Hello CAG, First post, I hope you can help! I bought a used car from a local dealership back in February 2016. Its a Zafira 'B' CDTi 1.7 Elite model, 60 plate... the cooling system has been a nightmare since the day I bought it. I'll detail a full list of events. 1) Car was bought in Februrary 2016. Just prior to pick-up it was discovered to have had a coolant leak. This wasn't fixed at the time of delivery, and the car was released to my wife upon receipt of payment from her finance company (Moneybarn). 2) Car broke down the same day she collected it, the dealer recovered the car back to their branch and supposedly fixed the issue by fitting a new coolant pipe and a thermostat. 3) Car was fine for about 3 months, then broke down on motorway. Coolant bottle was dry. Recovery guy thought a stuck thermostat. Had the car recovered to my preferred garage where the thermostat was found to be faulty and subsequently replaced. The coolant cap was also replaced. 4) Car was fine for about 6 weeks, but was apparently drinking coolant and we were forever refilling. Took the car back to my local garage, where the coolant system was pressure tested (no leaks), system bled and refilled. Thermostat was tested as fine 5) Car ran fine for a week before breaking down again on motorway. Recovered back to garage who pressure-tested again (still no leak), rebled and refilled system and replaced water pump. No blockages found in any part of the system. Thermostat tested fine, and car performed as it should under garage conditions and on several road tests. 6) Car ran fine for a week on shorter journeys, but today my wife has reported that the coolant temperature light is now flashing and the coolant bottle was dry again. It'll be going back in again to be checked over yet again. The car has spent almost as much time in the garage than it has on the road... Do I have any recourse to reject the car given the amount of issues it has had with the coolant system, and given it was bought on a Hire Purchase agreement and not through a bank loan, credit card or cash? Would the fact I've had an independant garage attempt to fix the fault and not the dealer whom the car was purchased from affect any claim to reject the car? The fault was known by the dealer prior to delivery. Wife is getting reluctant to drive the car any distance given the issues she has been having, so all advice welcome.
  2. Hi, I am hoping someone can give me a bit of advice regarding a car that I purchased recently that I believe was mis-sold to me due to there being an outstanding safety recall that was not disclosed at the time of sale. Here is a more complete background to my story... I purchased a Vauxhall Zafira recently from a local dealer and a couple of weeks later discovered that the car had a safety recall issued on it due to a risk of fire. I was not informed of this when I purchased the car. I would not have bought the car had I known. I have written to the dealer to complain and he stated that basically it is not his problem and that I should have known about it. I then wrote back to explain why I believed that the car was mis-sold and have recently had contact from his lawyer stating that the car did not have an outstanding recall (which it does) and that there are no advisories on using the car as normal. Vauxhall have advised me not to use the heater or blower motor and if it is absolutely necessary only use them on settings 0 or 4. Having looked into it myself I have found guidelines from the DVSA that state that dealers should not sell cars with outstanding safety recalls on them titled "A guide to safety recalls in the used vehicle industry". Within the guidelines it states: "The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 covers the areas of product liability and consumer protection in the United Kingdom." "The distributor shall act with due care in order to help ensure compliance with the applicable safety requirements and in particular he…shall not expose or possess for supply or offer or agree to supply, or supply, a product to any person which he knows or should have presumed, on the basis of information in his possession and as a professional, is a dangerous product” DVSA considers that this identifies that a product with an outstanding safety recall should not be passed to a consumer. Producers and distributors are professionals in their field and should therefore be fully aware that safety recalls exist and that they can occur on any product. DVSA believes that this paragraph applies to the supply of used products in the automotive sector." Having spoken to his lawyer and informing him of the outstanding safety recall he is saying that he still believes that the dealer has done nothing wrong. My question to anyone more knowledgeable than me on such matters is do you believe that I have been mis-sold the vehicle and would I stand a chance by taking it to small claims. I appreciate this is a long post but any information would be greatly received and appreciated. Thank You in advance LBG
  3. Hi hope someone can advise me, we bought a Vauxhall zafira 1.6 petrol 2011 plate in sept 2014 with a 12 months network q warranty. In January we had a engine light come on, I checked under the bonnet and noticed there was hardly any coolant in the expansion tank, I topped it up and the light went out. Took it to a local Vauxhall dealer to get it checked out, after much scratching of heads they fitted a thermostat saying the thermostat had partially closed and pressurised the system to such an extent it lost coolant through the expansion bottle. We took it away but checked the coolant level a few days later as it didn't seem to be running correctly it had dropped down again, second visit to dealer resulted in a new water pump. The wife noticed after two weeks the heating had stopped working and the coolant had dropped again, we took it back for it to be checked out I suggested a head gasket issue, they acknowleged the coolant had dropped again but topped it back up and did a block test which was negative then said they had performed various checks but couldn't find a fault and asked us to keep an eye on it. We weren't happy with this, after a couple of days the coolant had dropped, we decided to take it to another Vauxhall dealership who found water in the cylinders and suspected head gasket we gave permission for them to strip it down. They found the head gasket had not failed but the engine block had warped thus water was escaping in between the block and head. An engineer was requested by the warranty company, they rejected the claim saying the head bolts had loosened over time and caused the warping and therefore not a sudden failure and not covered. What do I do now, do I go to motor codes?
  4. I was changing the original radio to a after market when the fuse blew. It was a 5 amp and was a yellow one. I replaced this last time and the redio came back on. While putting a ariel adapter on the fuse tripped again. This time it took the same fuse out and also it took the power steering/speedo with it. I have replaced the fuse but there is no radio and no power steering. Under the steering colum i have changed a green and black block. The green block keeps on getting very hot. It drives etc no probs but no power steering/speedo.
  5. Hello, Around 3 mths ago i paid a very reputable hight street dealership £5,000 for 56 reg Vauxhall Zafira. Last week i let my mechanic give it a full service and he noticed that the car had the wrong sized alloys on it. They were actually 15 inch alloys from a much earlier Vauxhall, he went on to say that the Zafira Life should have 16 inch alloys or rims as the suspension is set up for the former and now that he,s pointed it out, the wheels look like they are being swallowed up by the car and there seems a lot of body roll around corners. He,s told me to ask the dealership to put bigger rims on my Zafira. Can i do this, anyone help please? THANKS IN ADVANCE PAUL
  6. I bought an 06 Vauxhall Zafira CDTi SRi at the beginning of May on Finance and also part exchanging my old car. Before I picked up the car, it had a full service and MOT done by the dealership. The car was also RAC inspected, but this would of been when they had the car. (February 2010) The 1st month of owning the car, it was fine. The 2nd month is when the trouble started. A light on the dashboard appeared (picture of car with spanner) on my way to work one morning, but went off again after a few minutes. The same happened on the way home. The next few days saw the same light appear, but got more intermittent as the days went ahead. At the end of the week, the light had stayed on and I was due to travel to Cornwall on holiday the next day, so I called up the dealership from where I bought the car from and explained what was happening. They advised me that the car only comes with a 1 month warranty. I was not aware of this, and I wasn't offered any extended at the time of sale. The dealership advised I take it a garage across the road which they use for their repairs. I had been doing research online in the week as to what the problem may be, and the EGR valve was tops. I took car to the garage and they cleaned out the EGR valve for as they agreed, this is a common problem with the Zafra. This cost me £45 and no receipt given as it was just 'cleaning'. Anyway, went home and dashboard light appeared again. I assumed that as the valve had just been cleaned, it may not have registered properly, so proceeded on my way to Cornwall with family in tow... Got about 50 miles into the journey and the car started hissing from underneath! I had to pull over as unsure how safe it was! Called breakdown services and the Air intake Intercooler pipe (?) had ruptured. This was replaced, about 5 mins driving again it had popped off. Put back on and a pipe further up the engine came off. It was decided that it would be best to tow me to the nearest garage. Got to a garage and they agreed to take a look at the car and it appears to be the Diesel Particulate Filter that is blocked. I was advised that this can cost around £750+ VAT to get replaced! I then got towed home. I spoke with Trading Standards and they have agreed that the garage I bought the car from is in breach of the Sales of Goods Act as the car it not fit for purpose and not of satisfactory quality. I would expect a 4 year old car to last longer than a month! The service book, it states what oil is to be used and the garage who did the service put in a different one! Unsure if that would make a difference though. I took my car to a diesel specialist for a diagnostics check. There were 4 fault codes which all relate to the DPF. As I took the car out on finance, I contacted the finance company with the faults. They had attempted to contact the dealership I bought from, to no avail. This then resulted in them sending out an independant engineer to inspect the car. Engineer came out. It was a man with a clipboard. About 10-15 mins, he looked at the car, jotted down a few things and that was it. I was expecting a man with a van with some tools/diagnostics kit at least! He came back the next day to take some pictures tho... Engineers report came back, confirming the fault and they said that the DPF was a serviceable item? They offered me £200 towards repair costs. Not good enough as it will cost me considerably more! I decided I would take the car to Vauxhall themselves for a proper inspection. They plugged in diagnostics and done a physical inspection. They have confirmed the DPF is blocked. Cost to fix: £2020 Also, an intake manifold has come adrift. Cost to fix: £909 I contacted the finance company back with the report and have replied saying they have given their final word on it and no further correspondance will be sent unless I accept the £200 goodwill gesture. My car has now been sat in the garage for nearly 4 months as it cannot be driven. My questions: The wrong oil was put in when serviced. It is stated on the service book which oil they used, and bottom of page specifies which oil to use. The DPF is a serviceable item. If this is the case, why was it not picked up when the dealership serviced the car? The car has a full VX service history. Where do I stand? What rights do I have? I really like the car, but its no good to me.
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