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  1. RIP Martin - look out for the shysters, the loan sharks and the LIARS, you will be missed x
  2. I would suggest that the ones you haven't yet defaulted on that you go into your account details with them and change your work phone numbers so they cannot contact you there. if you haven't changed bank account then change your card details to a card (can be credit card) that you no longer use on a diferent bank account.
  3. So where is the money that was earmarked for the mortgage? is it still floating around Abbey somewhere?
  4. Are you actually 5 months in mortgage arrears?
  5. Lots of info here Dealing with a deceased person's money and property : Directgov - Government, citizens and rights
  6. Yes definetly - The referal was not made on medical grounds but on the basis that your wife has previous history where she was injured during a fit and the way that she presented following the medication. The person referring from the hospital and the social worker would need to be satisfied that your baby could be left alone with your wife without being in danger if your wife had a fit. I don't see what your complaint is here.
  7. Impossible to say, but generally speaking the OR will go through all your accounts with a fine toothcomb - I've known relatively small transactions of less than £50 be questioned, and large ones for holidays of £3K to be ignored. Luck of the draw of the OR really.
  8. It would all depend on the size, age and nature of the transfer - £5K on what was probably a joint household debt 2 years ago, would be treated very differently to £10K, a few days or weeks before you went BR.
  9. They won't dispute the figure but can still look through the accounts to see if your spending has been reckless and possibly the cause of your current situation, Is it something specific you are being investigated on?
  10. I meant the names of the people trying ot get you into a IVA. A search should throw up some charities.
  11. Any debt will be included in the BR -exceptions are CSA, certain court fines and student loans (not bank related, cards and overdrafts etc but actual student loans from govt). Not sure where your statement is coming from about the IR. Please post any questions on your thread and they will be answered so all can see and advise further.
  12. name and shame these people - you are on benefits and there is no way you can afford let alone even suggest a huge commitment like a IVA that is only suitable for the minority of people in debt. Your car should be safe but you need to declare it on yourSOA - you will only need to pay £345ish not the full £500 and there are charities that can help with the fees.
  13. gizmo111

    Graduate loans

    Your best bet would be, if you can get it a MBNA or Egg 0% card , both of these you can transfer funds into your bank account and spend as you wish with no interest to pay for 15 months, just the minimum payments. Both these give generous credit limits. In 15 months you will have an income and be able to get a loan to transfer the balance. The difficulty will be that at present you have no income, and the process is automated. Have you thought about leasing a car for a while, or HP which is expensive, you could also put your insurance on a monthly DD. Does your new employer offer assisted purchase vehicle loans, although to be eligible you will most likely need to be out of your probationary period. Barclays I beleive are one of the easiset graduate accounts to get. Good Luck and congrats on the new job.
  14. It doesn't really matter what the amount is, that is the OR's concern not Tilly's, and it won't really matter as she has no assets to contribute towatds the debt, so the whole amount will be included in the BR and she will have no liability for it. She doesn't need to worry about the interest calculations etc unless she feels that challenging them would reduce the debt to a level she could afford without going BR.
  15. No there is no comeback unless she was to go BR and the whole amount was wrong - for £3k out of £65K its not even worth worrying about, it makes no difference whatsoever.
  16. Get your wages and any other monies paid into a seperate bank account so you have full control of your finances.
  17. Your credit rating is likely to be trashed because of the DMP, so no one is going ot give you a loan and much less a mortgage. Any mortgage will take into account your current debts and this will reduce the amount you can borrow. You will need at least a 15% deposit so on your figures of 100K you will need to borrow around 20K unsecured - unlikely. I suggest you pay off your unsecured debt, then save up for a decent deposit as well as the fees, this will give your credit file a chance to recover slightly as well.
  18. Why do you think you have a right to do this? CAG is not and never has been about debt avoidance. What are the full circumstances? I doubt very much if your gran made a completly new purchase at age 83.
  19. It is your responsibility to check that payments were being made - you would have received a statement annually which would have shown that your payments were still interest only and that your balance was not reducing.
  20. I think you'll be fine - but what are your plans for the £175 car payments? Also don't seperate your food - groceries and lunch should be added together to make one monthly figure, You have £45 (@ £3 per day) do you only work 3 weeks?
  21. Regards the car - tell the OR you want it included in the BR and give the car back to Ford - any future liability will then be included in the BR. The telephones etc may not be allowed on your SOA, but that doesn't mean you ahve to give them up, you just pay for them out of your surplus. The OR will t ake roughly 60% of your surplus if it is over £100. Have you included a line for emergencies, holidays and entertainment as well as a samll amount for xmas and birthdays? Some may get crossed but then again they may not and they all reduce your surplus.
  22. You would have signed the offer before exchnage and ceretainly before they released the funds. A 5 year period can be up to 5 yrs 11 months.
  23. I don't think the contract actually comes into force until the money is released - the offer is just the offer of a binding contract. I could be totally on the wrong lines but thats my thoughts.
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