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  1. not heard a thing for the last 4 months...i take it COVID19 is delaying anything? i am not going to thing its finished. has anyone else had anything over the past 4 months? Gee
  2. sorry had to delete link to external site, we tend not to link to external sites that might charge a fee for advice or letters BN
  3. a Quick updat eon this. new formatted letter from Zenith collection which we know are DRP in a different hat!
  4. UPDATE: so we received a letter after the last action before legal and its a reduced offer before it goes to court maybe. Is this normal? it tells me that they are showing signs of better soemthing rather than nothing approach! we also have had two claims against this as i turned around in the same spot twice in 2 weeks! will this go against me? Gee
  5. I have also read a few threads on CAG and also MSE and there is one conflic of opnions which does worry me a little which is the ignore or appeal... Ignore until they get to a stage where I have to respond or appeal and not let any claim forms come throug the post and cause unnecesarry stress as my wife is the RK of the car. I trust your judgement on here as your advice has always been clear and confident but i thoguht I would still ask at what point is ignoring these both, going to do us harm with a CCJ or something? Thanks again Gee
  6. a Quick one for the mods/expert on here. I have two cases for the same spot on this car park. I dropped two people off at different days and I am wondering if this will hinder any chances of this case being dropped? We have one letter at the Debt recovery plus tage and i dont think we are far away from a letter for the second one. Again advise would be brilliant also, has anyone seen anyone else sucessfully win their case at this car park? Thanks
  7. So we received a Debt Recovery Lteer, I presume this is a made up company.. they are claiming to be acting upon the carp park to recover the monies that are owed. Again ignoring this is making my wife a little nervous! Should I upload the file or are we all familiar with the letter? Thanks again Graham
  8. good evening CAG forum! years ago i successfully claimed back some PPI from HFC bank as it was know in 2006 (ish) I had a phone call a few weeks ago stating that I am eligeble for a refund on the tax from the initial claim that wasnt paid to me at the time of the settlement. a) had anyone else either heard of this process or successfuly received an amount? b) i presume that I could do this myself rather than instruct the creditor? c) this par tbaffled me, they said they are not able to negotiatea fee &age as its set by the rate it
  9. Mornin gang, a new letter received this morning. I have been reading up albeit a brief read but i have seen contradicting coments of send a response vs Dont respond. I have used the search and found some threads regarding the No Stopping PCN's but I am still ont he fence whether to respond or not. If there is a thread out there that I have missed that has a better explanation then I am all ears! Ill continue to troll through the threads to get as much info as i can! Thanks again! Gee Binder1.pdf
  10. Again, appreciate your replies! I feel a response to both fines in one letter would be sufficient to at least get in touch rather than ignore. I have had a brief look using the search bar for any template letters that I could use? thanks Gee
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