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  1. DX & FTMDAve, In your experience, if they drop the case, are we generally notified by post or will they just not send any more paperwork? i sent the letters yesterday recorded delivery just to make sure they get there, should land today! thanks gang
  2. Letters have been posted so hopefully this is the end of it! do they usually respond to snotty letters? ill check out the other posts!
  3. ok I was going to save the "i wasnt driving" ammo for any responses but do you advise to include that part in this first letter?
  4. all changes made! Thank you ill get some stamps tomorrow as well as CoP. yes correct, i was the driver and the demands are going to my wife.. Thanks!
  5. thanks and i appreciate taking out the numbers, i totally forgot so thank you! is there anything more specific i am missing?
  6. Thanks again gang for your support and the forum for providing a great amount of resources! sorting the "snotty letter" out this morning. I have taken a copy from a fellow members thread. To whom it may concern < - - Is this how you would greet them? or is another tact better? COPIED TO UKCPS I write in response to your so-called “Letter Before Claim”, received in relation to PCN Numbers GCL XXXXX and GCL XXXXX, issued by UKCPS for alleged parking breaches. I am writing to confirm that I have no intention of paying these ridiculous and made-up sums of money for allegedly breaking some imaginary contract with your client. Aside from the fact that I was not the driver of the vehicle, this whole claim is nonsense and I’m sure any Judge would agree. Should your client wish to proceed with this farcical claim, I’ll be seeking recovery of costs based on unreasonable behaviour, as well as damages for breach of the DPA 2018. I look forward to your response < - - same kind of feedback? end like this or is there a more tried and tested method? Last thing is that it is my wife on the letter before claim, of course it would be address from her as they 'presumed' it was her driving? FTMDave, great to know that they have changed their signage, great for some ammo later down the line!
  7. replying on my own thread rather than hijacking another! just to confirm, I have a "Letter before claim" is this different to a "Letter of claim"?
  8. OF course I will! I take it PAPLOC is an accronym of something, google is not that friendly! Could you help? thanks again
  9. i saw! apprecaite the heads up! short and sweet with some ammo and dont play all the cards at once. Thanks again
  10. brilliant response! Would you mind if I used this to respond to my own cases? excellent work! Graham
  11. ill do some reading later tonight and gather up some words! appreciate your guidance!
  12. Not a problem! just picking up a sentence on the other thread, you said " Use our snotty letter reply not your thoughts as above nor the reply form!! " by OUR reply, is this something you have penned for someone? or am I miss reading?
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