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  1. They said I had no option, they said to complete the info required otherwise judgement would go ahead. Even though I've done all they wanted and shown income/expenditure and list of huge creditors they still want to pursue. When I spoke to them last they just kept saying there's nothing you can do get legal advice, over and over!
  2. It was 16 oct but I rang the solicitor Drydens fairfax to say I was being forced to move house (landlord sold the house) and wasn't in a position to access all the info required so they told me I had until 12 nov to send form to them (not the court)
  3. Only because they said I absolutely must fill it in!! I don't deny the debt so admitted it not knowing that this would be more trouble
  4. no I haven't written about that, I tried explaining on the phone bu the office monkeys weren't in a listening mood. I will wait until the weekend has gone and send them a letter!
  5. Great thanks, I'll try National Debt people then. Didn't know they could help you to do that sort of thing although i would prefer not to have to be bankrupt BUT it's looking like the only choice now really! I will fill in the sheet you sent thank you for that, how to I get an IVA ? How long do they last for? Do all creditors have to agree to accept the installments? Sorry for so many questions
  6. Hi We have no assets, we gave our house back to northern Rock, we owe them about £123k due to shortfall after the sale. They don't come near us anymore. They did for a bit but then gave up but refused to write off the debt despite us asking them to. We rent currently and have done for over 4 years. I have a car, a grande espace which keeps breaking down. It's a 53 plate but without that i can't get the boys to school or me to work. Would they make me sell it? I wanted someone to make me bankrupt (the fees were too high for me to do it) but no-one would as they know there's nothing in i
  7. Ok well I've had a nosey round and they seem to be a horrid lot! I suspect there will be default charges etc but I've had no statements or correspondence from anyone for years. I was being harassed by Frederickson international something or other, now I know they are connected to this lot. I refused to answer all there calls as they wanted private information from me yet they phoned me?! i've had nothing from MBNA themselves in years. i have not been notified of any assignment of debt/sale of the debt to anyone let alone Arrow I've seen no default notification and not re
  8. It was a credit card with MBNA, it now stands at £6450.19. I rang drysden fairfax and said the court sheet wasn't relevant to me and my situation, they told me to do an income and expenditure sheet plus creditors list which I have done. We have little spare cash each month, if a school trip comes up or my car needs fixing, we are knackered so to speak. Christmas is something I can't even think about right now and this is stressing me out completely I got the court name and case number off the solicitors but it's in Northampton and I live in the northwest so can't attend any hearing as it's
  9. Hi i received court papers recently for a debt of over 4 years ago. (Quick history, was made redundant from a £31k a year job in mortgage co, couldn't find equivalent salary locally, voluntarily surrendered house, have debts totalling over £214,000!, already had 2 children back then, then found out was pregnant, made redundant in 2011 again, now have 1 year old twins, 8 and 11 year old boys, manage to survive on housing benefit, hubbys wage, and selling my belongings on ebay!) the solicitor Drysden Fairfax pestered me once I'd spoken to them via the phone and I filled in the court
  10. Just read this, can offer no advice but am in exactly the same boat. I gave Arrow Global income/expenditure info and a list of my creditors totalling £214,000 (yes that's how much I owe!!) and they are still asking the court to pass judgement. We have no assets, no spare cash so i am bricking it too. hopefully someone can advise us?!
  11. Hi thanks for the reply. I too believe they'll try to alter P45 although they can't say that the 9/8 was a final payment date as not had any money off them yet. Am getting abit concerned about that too as normally people who leave are paid out quite quickly. I was paid monthly and was last paid on 1 August (late believe it or not, should have been in my bank on 29/7 - due to the accountant locking the online banking site!!) Had letter confirming dismissal with my P45 and final payslip. Letter simply said my job had ceased and therefore they had made difficult decision to make me
  12. Hi all No Mat Pay showing on final payslip or P45 so they will owe it to me?! They've gone off to seek legal advice from somewhere to probably see if they can get out of it. Can they change a leving date once P45 has been submitted? If they did that it would make them look like they were trying to evade SMP payments even more so! I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Would be nice in a lump sum as I have twins on the way and 2 boys already and it would mean I can buy a car (I have a punto and a family of 6 plus twin buggy just will not go lol) so would put up with the tax bein
  13. Hi I've had my P45 today with final leaving date of 9/8/11!!!! I only got MATB1 on Monday at my 25 weeks midwife appointment and still have it as was told not to go back to work and wasn't quite sure what to do with it as of now. However as you say there are 2 separate issues. The first being my unfair dismissal which is not the issue here, the second being did I qualify for SMP to be paid by my ex boss? If my leaving date was 9/8 then I was 25 weeks plus 1 day pregnant. I was told not to go to work even though I wanted to work my 4 weeks notice so was still employed up to
  14. Hi My babies are due 21.11.11. I was 25 weeks pregnant on Monday 11.08 Am struggling with this one as keep getting conflicting advice from Acas. I am serving a one month notice period that have been told I need not go back to work for so am I therefore still technically employed until that period ends? I suspect they'll pay in lieu of notice and therefore end my contract but not had anything yet from them. I've got to call hm disputes team today to get their take on this but hope you might have some insight into how to handle this. Quite honestly I am stressed out over this, as if havin
  15. Hi I was made redundant on Friday 5/8 and at the time was 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I had no consultation just was taken into the office at 4pm told my job has been given to a lady in Singapore and I was not to work my notice. I was then ushered off the premises! Contractual notice period is 4 weeks for which they are paying me for. I am the only person being made redundant even though my job is being passed to another country and not technically a redundancy situation?!? ACAS told me that as I worked for the company for 3 years continuously before being made redundant, t
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