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  1. Yes, from July to january last year, they never removed payments from the abbey current account created for hubby, we had to organise a repayment plan with them that is still oen going today. If anyone has some useful insight into this problem then it is very much appreciated in any help given - were pretty much guaranteed a win/win situation, as the banks are at fault - not us.
  2. Hiya Yes - the clydesdale account was never closed as the switcher team took over 6 months to fully activate the account, and then did not transfer his wages over properly so that was another problem we had to deal with. When he cancelled the abbey account, we had to sign all the documents and put a formal complaint in with copies of statements, bill payment refs etc. Basically we know we are in a win/win situation as our bills are having to be paid manually over the phone, but abbey have seriously screwed up our accounts and credit files. FSA have advised us to wait till tuesday to get the paperwork through and then once we know who have closed the account, we are to press legal action against the banks. one thing i do know is that our credit record has been damaged to a point were blacklisted by abbey - so that will be esponged quickly enough in court.
  3. Hi guys, Any ideas, throughts - is this even the right section for this??????
  4. Hi everyone! Ok, im going to do a little background info for yourselves, this will help make sense of the mess the bank has landed us in. hubby banks with clydesdale for 19+ years - moves to abbey bank as he has mortgage with them and thinks it will be easier to manage etc. abbey switcher team screw up (badly) and after £1000 of charges are removed, he cancels bank account with Abbey -but obviously keeps mortgage going with them via clydesdale bank account (that was never closed etc). Since July last year, we recieved 4+ letters a month from abbey/santander, saying that we have cancelled DD, or the clydesdale have returned DD details to themselves as "account transfered to another bank". This is wrong (we have proof), and we know they have done something to the accounts to cause so much damage! We have never done anything to the account - the payments were going out fine until all of a sudden we got hit with 5 months worth of missing payments, we have tried sorting this out on both ends of the banks but to no avail - until today! santander claim we have done something and cancelled the DD, want immediate payment of the missing 5 month payments or court action. Clydesdale KNOW we havent done anything or signed to cancel DD, as the records show the ABBEY account is CLOSED???????????????? Me and hubby are at wits end, we can prove we have no dealings with closing the account, and that the banks have screwed up somewhere - but will we successfully charge them with negligence regarding out finances??? Since this has been going on for over a year, we are going to move mortgages out of abbey, but we are going to press complaints etc against them and the outsourced switcher team staff they employ. We will be looking for compensation for stress, time waste, financial history damage/credit rating damage, etc etc etc. Anyone ever had problems like our one - any advice???
  5. Hi - thank you for your help - this is whats happened so far. (had a big shot of tequila first!) Phoned them up, explained the situation first and then they demanded they want the full balance now. i explained i cant afford it so they said i would be given 7 days to pay up. Again explained too expensive and after doing a expenditure form myself, i can only pay a realistic £20 a month - and if i do come into work (unemployed 14 months now), i would be happy to pay a bit more. 2x she went off the phone to ask her supervisor (which i doubt as a time wasting technique) and she eventually came back, huffed and said £25 a month. Looking again at my forms, i agreed. took her details and removed all my contact details from them and gave them a PAYG number to try. Low and behold i was gettin about 6 calls/voicemails from them via my landline so i phoned up, demanded them to remove my contact details barr the mobile number and restricted their use of it to between 5 and 6pm mon to fri. I told them i would also hit them with a SAR to check they complied with my wishes. They agreed, apologised and hung up. SAR sent away today and awaiting info back. Bloody pain in the butts they are - glad i worked in mental health for 5 years so i was psyched for the onslaught!
  6. Hi everyone - can you help? Ok - about 2 years ago i took out a Capital 1 card out to help with a holiday extra that popped up - yeah stupid me! now - im unemployed for 14 months, capital one have never sent me the forms for help during financial difficulties and ive been related to the FCP company. Now, this debt is mine - im gonna phone them in a bit and make sure the only number they have for me is my mobile number as i dont want my house disturbed at every chance they get. As im still unemployed and recieve no benefits and still looking for work - i can, from what i worked out) afford about £10 a month. Im terrified incase they say its not enough but im not paying more than i can afford and getting myself stressed out. can anyone suggest anything about this company?? Ive not recieved the letter from them yet as i phoned up capital one to find out why they defaulted me when i made a token payment as requested. help! oh the debt is for £372.81.
  7. Hi guys need a little further help from experienced guys! I have still had no contact from CPW or any senior managment regarding this complaint and i am now feeling very ignored. I have contacted trading standards and i need to wait 14 days before they can do anything - this will be up tomorrow hopefully. i did email them back with a figure amount for compensation and now since im being ignored i was going to email them back and shake them up a bit. Anyone have any good spiel to help me out with?
  8. Hi everyone I'm hoping you can shed some light on my situation here and also that i have this in the right place! Quick lowdown of issue that started and finished last year! Bought a mobile phone from CPW - had cashback and champagne included. after 5 faults or so with phones needing swapped everytime - 6months later had put in several complaints about service and also no claimback gift being recieved. Finally in july - champagne arrived and matter was closed. Due to the really bad service i cancelled my phone at 9 months through insurance and that was that - water under bridge - case closed. Just over a month ago i needed a cheap mobile for work - not even thinking about where i was going i went into the same CPW store and after a quick chat with the manager i chose my wee phone and went over to pay for it. litterly within seconds i was getting screamed at by a staff member shouting i had a cheek to be in this store - do you remember those complaints you put in about me - about the champagne and my service - its my reputation on the line etc etc etc. I was standing there gobsmacked - and to be honest pretty damn taken back and frightened as she was physically being agressive with her body language and shouting at me. The manager told her to drop it - but there was another customer and my partner who was also in the store - they knew nothing about the complaints i had put in about that staff member - i felt humiliated and distraught that my personal and private complaints were being broadcast on the shop floor and infront of strangers. When i got home and had calmed down - i emailed the cdunstone email addy and had no reply for 6 days - so another email and letter were sent out to the addresses i had previously. I was told that the store manager is off and wont be back until tuesday - so about 5 days later i had to wait again and send off another email. Finally 18 days after the whole ordeal i got an email from the high risk complaints team saying they were sorry and it had been escalated to the regional manager - who has upto 7 days (not working days) to reply. That was on the 14 november. on the 23rd of november i was really upset and emailed again saying how i was feeling very let down and felt that i was being ignored. I recieved an email on the 25th november telling me that the store manager had 'email issues' and the system hadnt sent them to his email box????? I emailed back and told them it was the regional managers duty to contact me as informed by the high risk team and i would give him until this friday to contact me and explain why i now need to get further help involved. So far this ordeal has been from 27th october until now - and NO manager of any store has contacted me personally with an update. Also another problem is that they informed me that the staff member in question no longer works for the company - surely that i dont need to know? I know she lives quite close to me and when i go to the local sainsburys i am feeling very aprehensive incase we bump into each other and she starts on me - its very emotionally battering to be worried like this. I have kept every single email that i have sent and recieved and i am waiting on an update to the last email from 25th november - they actually want me to tell them what i want as compensation - or how they put it - resolution?? How can they ask me such a question when i am the victim and i am the one who is emotionally and mentally upset and to be honest traumatised by this whole incident. Can anyone help me??
  9. Ah - oklies! Better to go into the branch then and speak to branch manager! Ok - just hit them with parking ticket for the cock-ups!
  10. Hi well the branch in question is a little out of my way and since this is a matter in BOS - i should be able to go into any branch and get this sorted. Obviously im not paying any charge - i have a hardcopy of all charges in last 10 years from them, but surely im a winner in this argument as it was obviously bank error!
  11. HI everyone OK On friday past i went into my BOS branch in town and closed my account - below is what happened. 1 - spoke to man behind counter - made him check that no DD were coming out of my account and that no money was due to be taken 2 - man agreed nothing was due out and i wasnt in debt 3 - man showed me forms to sign to close account - i read and signed my name - he showed me another form - £8.99 in cash to be returned to me. 4 - cash of £8.99 given - slip signed - account closed. 5 - me happy to be rid of them! Nope ............ Today i recieved a letter saying that i am overdrawn by £6 and i will be charged a £35 fee on 30th september. 1 - account not in arrears - account at £0.00 when closed?????? Phoned up telephone banking - they said that on tuesday i had £20 come in - i agreed. £8.99 for pizza hut £10.00 for money Now - i know HBOS takes about a year for Autopayments to come out propery but even the woman told me that on account closure i was £2.88 in credit. She basically said that the man didnt tell me everything and she would do nothing to help me!!!!!!!!! I told her about the £8.99 the man gave me - she told me i needed to speak to that person directly or his manager as its obviously a mistake but i would still be charged the £35!!!!!!!!!! Now - im going into the branch tomorrow to speak to the manager and get this sorted out as it just proves the incompetence of HBOS, but should i go in armed with anything? They obviously have all the proof on the systems and i can demand a SAR and further action - anyone had this kind of problem???? help!
  12. Hi everyone - can you help? We took out a loan of £35k 2yrs ago ad have paid it back with only one or two payments being a day late - no fault of our own as the payment dates landed on a frday and we werent given the after 5pm number for them. We have had 2x a lower payment help (instead of £332 we paid £135 for 4 months) and the rest of the money is added to the balance and paid as normal. Since i have been unemployed awhile now we entered an agreement last month to pay £135 in june/july/august and then back to the normal £332 in september. I phoned up on 5th of june to pay balance and could only afford £80 due to food needing bougt. i spoke to the man - he checked with supervisor and he agreed the payment plan was still in place and that i could pay the remaining £55 on the 17th when i got paid. We got a call today regarding that we were £500 in debt and the payment agreement was broken. I demanded to know how and explained the above to them and they said that the PPI had been used so we couldnt claim the £9000 in 2012...... I was like wtf? I never agreeded to use the PPI and no-one has ever told me thatgoing on a lower monthly payment plan would jepordise my PPI - i feel very very ****ed off! She said that to get the payment plan up and running i have to either agree to loose £9k in 2012 or pay £500 - the cheek since she is well aware of the situation we are in. NOONE has told us that the lower monthly payment plans would jepordise our PPI - they never even told us it would be used!!!!!!!!! Both of us are pretty tee'd off as you can imagine and im wondering if a SAR would proove this as all calls are recorded and i could look at he notes of the account Can we claim or challange them for not telling us this vital peice of information - im sure its legal requirement to let us know???? Going to speak to CAG tomorrow. Any help or ideas?
  13. Hi everyone Ok - i started college in sept 07 and was awarded a bursary of £3500 which was paid every 4 weeks to £345. In feb/march i had to leave as all our lecturers were part-time and some didnt even bother showing up or at last minute we would be told classes were cancelled and told to go home. Now obviously we had placed complaints to the student/teacher committe but nothing was happening. What annoyed us is that due to the teachers errors/classes being cancelled - we were marked down as non attendant etc - trying to prove this was pretty damn difficult as no teacher = no witness to say otherwords. Now in July 08 i was contacted via letter to state the obvious that my bursary had been cancelled due to non attendance but that i also owed about £270 of overpayment. I phoned up - paid monthly and my last payment was in december 08 where the woman i spoke to (i decided to go to the college and pay it personally) said there is no more monies outstanding and would send me out the reciept for the payment of £10 with a letter finalising the bill. Now - over 6months later i get a letter this morning saying i still owe £200 and i have 7 days to call or its debt is passed on. Im unemployed - im also starting as a student in sept at another college and i have no way of paying this. I was told (not shown as the woman i spoke too told me it was confidential files etc) that everything was cleared so its going to be my word against theirs! Is there anythig i can do - 6 months to get back to me regarding this -to what i believed and was told was closed matter!! Any ideas?
  14. Hope this help : About 3yrs ago when i lived back in Fife at home our postie who was training a newbie decided to scale the wooden fence in our backgarden to get round to the neighbours in the next street behind us. The fence was recently new and our neighbours (who were proffesional builders) had erected it for us and made it secure so no accidents. The newbie caught his leg on a splinter and went flying into the car parked on the road and broke his front teeth and a wrist. Since we were out we came home to see a letter though our door asking us to come down to the police station as an allegation of injury had been brought up by the royal mail. We headed down with no idea what had happened and headed down to be confronted with royal mail lawyers and a poor postie who was bruised and bashed. We heard his side of the story and then after speaking to the police we headed up to our house where the postie could show us what happened etc About 10 minutes later we were shown what had happened and we looked dumbfounded as our garden had been trampled upon and wrecked - not to mention the damaged fence and the irrate neighbour with a dent in the car. The postie and his lawyers were wanting to sue us for bodily harm, loss of income and as they put it 'boobytrapping' a fence. Our own legal aid had appeared with a crowd of neighbours and my dad pipped in and said this : 'So your telling me that because you couldnt be bothered to walk about 60 yards up a clearly marked public road/pavement and deliver your mail safetly - you took upon yourself to open a secure gate, trample through my garden, destroy a new planting bed and damage a brand new fence?' The postie tried to weasle out of it but the police agreed that no fault of our own had occured and the postie actually had 'invaded' our privacy and caused property damage. The RM lawyers were informed that action we were takin would be forthcoming - which it was! Posties have a duty of care to themselves not to put themselves in danger and also to use public/private access to homes without damage to property or themselves. In the OP case - the postie was at fault and should have used the footpath provided. Its just my opinion but as you can read - we had a similar problem which was easily proven.
  15. Hi hope this helps The agency i work for does this : We acru our holiday hours at a percentage per working day and normally something like an hours wage + 50P deducted from wages. So if i worked for 5 weeks straight - i would acru around 4 days holiday. 4 x 7.5hrs @ £6.50ph = 30 x £195 holday pay. Since 46p an hour gets deducted for our holiday entitlement it adds up to about an exrta £60. Sorry if this doesnt make sense but its how our agency works it. Best thing is to ask ACAS or the HR department as everywhere is diffrent.
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