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  1. i know i made a right pigs ear of this one . ah well lesson learned ive claimed back over £16,000 in bank charges ppl and the like over the last 9 years suppose it had to go wrong on one of them in retrospect they would probably taken it all to pay for loans ive defaulted on anyway:oops: ill stick to my motto written on the top of my monitor "dont let the b"£^*&rds grind u down" ill go forward with a smile still would have been nice ....... .........i might just fire off a lba you never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. hi ive just had a final decision letter from fos rejecting my claim from ll oyds for ppi i paid on a card i got in 2001. the adjudicator rejected it so it went to tthe ombudsman- same result it took them from oct 2012 to sept 2014 to come to this decision!!! question is were do i go (if anywere ) from here i thought ihad a good case,obviously not.
  3. any more news on this ? ive just had a credit card with lloyds ppi claim refused by fos , first claimed from lloyds 10/12 been with the fos since late 2012. do you think ill be able to get lloyds to look at it again and whats the best way of going about this
  4. i know what you mean brat if i had the choice again i certainly wouldnt tell them anything
  5. the consultants minion promised me a letter and ive booked a private medical
  6. just to add the hospital say they sent the report in november .why would the dvla take another 4 months to revoke my licence?I think the report was never sent and the dvla got sick ov waiting
  7. hi i need some advice: ive had parkinsons for 13 years now and have been on a 3 year renewal on my driving licence.Last july i sent off my renewal as usual and heard nothing but 3 letters over the next 8 months saying they were dealing with and i could continue driving.Then last week i got a letter saying they had revoked my licence on medical grounds. I rang the dvla and they say it was revoked because of a report they received from my consultant,i asked for a copy and they said i have t write in (ive done this).I also made an appointment to see my consultant who hasnt seen me for ten ye
  8. needles to say ive put the other four in the hands of the fos fingers crossed
  9. ive put 5 ppi claims in to them and received their final decision on 4 of them all identical letters. i responded and received another 4 identical letters one of them even had captions for the writer to put their reasons it read .we cannot uphold your claim for the following reasons (operator type reasons here), they are just blantantly just rejecting every claim. as for the fifth claim i got a letter today saying they have upheld my claim !!!! unfortunately they dont owe me anything as i cancelled the ppi within 2 weeks !!! funny that eh?
  10. hi. ineed some advice on a ppi claim i had 2 loans with lloyds bank 1. for £11959 taken out in 2006 defaulted 2009 still oustanding 2 for £7459 taken out in 2005 settled 2006 as far as i know they both had ppi lloyds havent hastled me about the 1 st loan alhough i is still outstanding what i want to know is it worth trying to claim the ppi on both or leave well enough alone and if i claim and am ssucsessfull will lloyds take any payment to settle the first loan. on the fisrt loan lloyds refused to pay the ppi insurance when i claimed as id left it longer than 1
  11. ps its very trrue what they say ,ignore an dca and face the consequences ..........they take a huff and go away
  12. hi just thought id update you all . bout two months ago i sent a letter to each creditor asking them to write off the dept to ,y supprise no response from any of them !! and its all gone quiet, no letters ,phone calls nothing i havent even had a dca contact me ! what do yu think? leave best allone or contact them ?
  13. dlc and moorcroft idiots.can youpay £11,000 by debit card today !!!!!! i said ill just get my card lol
  14. danny u want to get you head out of your ar£$ and wake up to the reality that normal people face every day. u have obviously led a sheltered life and havent a clue what its liketo live on the bare minimum ,sstruggling to pay bills, feed the children,and wonder were its all gona end or where the next pennies are comming from.never mind becoming a bank chairman why not go one better and become an mp then you can screw us all every which way and bail your m8s the banks out
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