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  1. Hi peeps.heres a new update.I have now agreed payment plans with wageday and lending stream.
  2. Hey everyone I have been trying for the past two weeks to come to a repayment arrangement with WDA, but they the require a token payment to freeze the interest untill day i can make the first payment of the agreement. I do not have to money to make the token payment and i explained this to them. They replied saying that with no token payment another months interest of £100 pounds would be added and £24 defaulf fee. This would make the monthly payment rise also. I feel i am getting nowhere with WDA and wish to make a complaint with them. Does anyone have a template complaint le
  3. Thank You. I will let you know my progress with the DCA's I am currently typing out my compalints to Minicredit and Wageday Advance. Any advice of what to say or a template letter. Again i would like to thank everyones advice so far. If i had not found this website i would still have my head buried in the sand, still be paying the stupid rollevers and getting deeper into debt. I told my parents of my situation last week. It fety like a great weight of my sholders when i no longer was trying to hide it from them. They weren't very happy at first, but they were understanding and
  4. Okay heres an update I have paid Quick Quid off. I agreed a sum with them for half of the outsatnding amount. I made my first payment to Wonga today as part of my 6 month plan I have recieved a letter from moorcroft saying they are willing to agree a payment plan asking how much i am willing to pay Cougher Finance have sent me a standing order form to fill in and send back to with my offer of a monthly payment Wageday advance are still playing hardball and wont freeze the interest. I intend to complain to them. The only response i can get for Minicredit is an a
  5. After emailing them saying that the origional amount of £94.52 per is my final offer and that i feel they are being very unfair. Here is what they said. Dear XXXXX, Unfortunately the interest does stand on the basis that your loan is due on the 20th march, and you want us to hold the account a full month without payment therefore 1 months interest will be applied to your account of £100. The balance does stand at £624.00. Please advise when the repayments can commence, as a good will gesture we are happy to split this balance over 6 months, please advise you ca
  6. Thank You renegadeimp for your advise. Heres an udate on wageday advance. I was nearing an agreement of £94 per month to clear the £512 outstanding amount. They said they require a token payment of £50 to freeze the interest until the suggested date. I replied saying that i could not make a token payment as i did not have the funds and i also didnt think it was fair. Now they are saying that with no token payment the balance will be £624.00. This includes 1 months interest £100, £24 default charge and the original balance of £500.00. They are just making it more difficult for me. I
  7. That is the impression i am getting. should i stay strong and say that i will only be paying via standing order. Being that they have offered for me to pay only half the outstanding amount i want to get rid of this debt asap if i can. I still have my old bank account. My wages arnt being payed there anymore so i was thinking of just moving the amount that they require to that account and paying it. If they were to try in the future it would be empty.
  8. Hi Here is what they said. The acceptable payment methods used by Quick Quid are: Bank Account, Debit Card, PayPal/Credit Card, Bankers Cheque or Cashiers Cheque. Unfortunately, we do not accept standing orders, giro slips, or provide an account number that you can make cash payments into. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  9. Okay thank you.I emailed them asking for a standing order.they replied saying they cannot do this. They did however offer paypal. Is paypal an okay way to deal with them.
  10. Hi everyone.Just like to say a big thank you for the help i have recieved so far.Heres the latest. QuickQuid have offerred me a settlement for half the amount i owe. To be paid on 30th march. I am able to pay this and would be glad to see the back of them. My only worry is how to pay the amount. Should i ask for a standing order. I dont really want to give them my bank details.
  11. Hi everyone.Just like to say a big thank you for the help i have recieved so far.Heres the latest.
  12. I took out a loan of £140 to pay pay £180. I missed the payment on the other day. My account stands at £217 overdue. I tried to email them multiple times offerering a repayment plan and got no response. I used the send a question feature on their website and finally got a reply. Which they said they do not do repayment plans, but would consider a settlement figure. Using the send a question feature again i asked what the settlement would be. To which they reply that can only be discussed on the phone and paid immediately. I told then that i would on speak to them via email but if th
  13. Haha. Good One. I have said that after working out what i owe this is the maxiumum i can afford is £80 per month and that i do not think they are being fair charging me a fee when i am trying to settle this with them. Also explained that have payed well what i owe in rolling over the loan so the money they are now going to recieve is all profit. No luck with minicredit yet. They just keep emailing me the automated response telling me to phone them to arrage setllement
  14. Morning All After a couple of emails to Wageday Advance this is where I am upto. I told them that i would not be sending them an income and expenditure form or my bank statement, to which they replied asking how much i was prepared to offer. I have worked out that with all my other debs i can offer them £80 a month to pay of the £500 i owe. They have now replied with this: - Please be advised I can split your balance over 6 months at £94.52 per month. This includes a £36 set up fee. Details of which are on our website. If you wish to pay a lower amount than this we w
  15. Okay heres todays update. Wonga have offered me a 3 month plan Quick Quid have offerered me a 2 month plan Wageday advanced said i can set up a payment plan after i have filled in their income and expediture form and sent them my bank statement. Also authorise WagedayAdvance to collect outstanding monies from any account details I have provided to them Minicredit havent replied to the email i sent, but they have sent me an email saying they have added £25 for the loan being overdue and in 3 days they will add a further £55 if not paid. I fear minicredit are possibly ig
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