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  1. Cheers I'm now discharged - October 2010 - the DCA's have gave up - I now have to phone them to have fun (latest is the fact they have not updated my credit file - letter time) I've learnt to live on cash, save up for stuff and have no access to credit - thats a very good thing - I've never had so much money - not being glib here but I didn't appreciate just how much I was paying out - my problem was once tied into a hp contract they wouldn't discuss repayment reductions - had to skin myself to try and meet them - the car/phone went back and relieved a massive pressure Not one person
  2. It really doesn't read well - wonder why midwifery is under the BR rules equivellent of a Company Director - seems a bit harsh does that - for those who have no idea what we are on about I shall endevour to copy and paste: Midwifery Rules Disqualification from appointment as a member 5. A person is disqualified from appointment as a member of the Council if that person— (a) has at any time been convicted of an offence involving dishonesty or deception in the United Kingdom and the conviction is not a spent conviction; (b) has at any time been convicted of an offence in the Unit
  3. I'm a Tier 3 Drug Worker for the NHS - Surgery and Community based - had no problems - I think it's if you are involved in financial management (bank manager - loan consultant etc) but as silly said, just check the website - I'm Unison but not registered nurse (though thinking of doing my Psychatric Nursing Degree at end of IVA - Nurse Prescriber - next career development move - already got RCGP Part 1 Prescribing CD) I think, if I remember right, criminal convictions and incompetency are the only two areas they can hold you to account on - being sh*t with money isn't a crime (well, not a
  4. I think I stated that this was not for everyone and whilst I am happy (now) in my bankruptcy I did mention that I was unsure if I would have taken this route if I had more to lose... I don't think I was cavalier with money, 2 divorces means 2x starting again (furniture, white goods etc, deposits for flats etc) and that was my downfall - just get sorted and meet, marry and divorce another headcase -start again My ex's ended up with all my assets so when it came to the crunch and the big bad wolfs were banging on the door there was nowt left for them to take - I agree, easy for me, les
  5. Hi, been a while but thought I'd drop in and let you know how things went at mt BR hearing- Filled the SOA in wrong - woman at court helped me correct it - very helpful OR phone interview lasted about 45 minutes - very pleasant and helpful - told me after my essential living allowances would take 50% they have £230 and I have same left - result Got a new job, extra £8500 year, about £450 month extra, called OR, informed him, not bothered, told me just to keep paying £230 - better result - OR said he spends all day every day chasing people hiding assets, I didn't hide anything, w
  6. I'm sound m8 - no beneficial interest in house, get to keep my Vespa and have an IPO of £230 month, which is excellent as just one of my loans was £250 month, my other one was £175, my car was £150, and my 2 credit cards was £120 so quids in.... Add to that a new job I got on Tuesday for an extra £6500 a year and I'm buzzing - OR was really nice and helpful, interview lasted about 50 minutes or so and was nowhere as bad as I feared
  7. Cheers mate, I've cobbed it all together as suggested - I only singled out the stuff that didn't fit the combined questions (haircuts, holiday, birthday) what's the worst he can do except lower or disallow? Anyway - submitted and printing now - the £175 will need to be excess once all is done and dusted but I am led to believe it is a reflection of your outgoing at the date of the hearing (in 8 hours now) so I'll alter it once they have taken it back... I'll discuss with the OR when he grills me... Is it the £500 tomorrow or just the deposit? Cheers Gaz Walker
  8. I've been sat 'tweeking' the SOA at the moment (as you do before you head to court) and I'll list it below if it's OK... Domestic Bills - Monthly (My name is only on Council Tax and Water Rates) split 50/50 with girlfriend... (her house, cash purchase, I didn't contribute - this isn't out of greed but she was ensuring when I moved in I would NEVER be able to claim a share should we split up, I've NEVER been allowed to contribute to decorating, the extension, any work, the purchase etc, bl@@dy lucky I didn't on reflection - we had a sort of verbal trust contract to this effect so no B
  9. Can I ask a daft question? I am in dispute with Ford credit - the car mashed the gearbox a week ago (also mashed the clutch, starter, aircon, diesel injectors a year ago) basically I have told them I am not paying for a car, less than 5 years old/60000 miles that has so many mechanical faults... should I include the £175 payment I make (HP) tomorrow as (technically) it hasn't been sorted out yet.. I also pay my insurance monthly, £40 is the usual, however, I have just cancelled the policy due to the car being cream crackered but plan to get a £300 scrapper on the 27th May, should I s
  10. Bankruptcy tomorrow - Nottingham.... If I post my last attempt at my SOA will anyone give us a bit of advice? Cheers Gaz
  11. The money has been paid, I'm just worried that he might think I have been lording it up as I need to explain where £100 a week of may wages went from October 2008 to March 2009.. That's where.. Ohhh well....
  12. I am a pragmatist, I contact the police and become a social pariah, even lower down the scale than a nonce - as I said, the one thing you don't do where I live is grass - very unhealthy - better to chin him than grass him, less comeback and you can be forgiven for fighting back - as I said, the initial problem was that the debt run up by my son was, in street terms, a 'legitimate' debt and had to be paid.... You don't borrow of ****, you definately don't borrow off **** and not pay them back, legs get broken, houses burned down and you STILL owe the debt... He has learnt his lesson the ha
  13. Cheers... worried they would try and make me name the scabby b@st@rd of a loan shark, one thing you don't do where I live is grass.. regardless
  14. I was thinking of that, was on about mentioning seeing it on Watchdog a couple of months ago - as stated in letter was told was part of credit card process so never intended to ask where the charges came from but that they were sold to someone who was not eligible to claim in the first place (fixed term contract) as I was asked my employment status and told her I was not a perminant worker - she said nowt.... Gaz
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